Not My Lover, But My Mate

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Victoria is bullied, insulted and she has been tortured her whole life just because of her looks, body and height.
When she finally changes her appearance, boys find her attractive know, and she finds out more about her life that she never knew of.
But when she finds out who her mate is will she reject him or will she accept him?


13. Chapter 13

"So what is it mom," i say breaking the silence between both my parents and I. It has been like this, mom staring into the blank covers of the bed and my dad looking at the white wall avoiding eye contact with me. Something was wrong with them telling me the "surprising news" for some reason.

"Hello mom, dad anything," i say waving my hands in commotion in front of their faces. They finally look up and look at me directly in the eye, warning me about something, but i just ignore the fact.

"W-well..." my mom says after a big pause. I wait for her to finish her sentence, she takes in a deep breath.

"Honey-" she says but i inturrupt her when i start to gasp in shock, the smell, his smell, is close, really close.

I look at the closed door, i can sense him and smell his presence, his wonderful smell makes me shiver and pleasure," Snap out of it Victoria," i say to myself while metally slapping myself." Tori everything alright?" my mom ask looking at me with a concerned look on her face.

"M-mom, he is close... i can smell him," i say while freaking out inside."What," my mom says shocked as well, my dad eyes widen, i have always been his baby girl and i know all his looks, i knew he didnt want to loose me because of that jerk of a mate that i have.

"Mom... he is coming... what do we do?" i ask in the edge of tears, my voice cracked as i talk," Dad?" i ask looking at him, his eyes sparkle with the tears he is trying to hold in.

"Come on.. follow me," my mom says grabing my hand and dragging me to the near by window, we were only one story high from the ground, i look at my mom, she just nods her head at me and turns to my dad to give him a look, he only nods and comes foward to me, i am then picked up in his arms bridal style, i snuggle into my fathers chest smelling his colon that he has been using seens i was a little girl, the scent of the colon brings back memories, The memories when Nathan bullied me in pre-schook all the way to middle school, i will always snuggle into my dads chest to cry to him about everything. I feel anger rise up, i tighten my grip around my dads neck,' mate' 'bully' 'jerk' 'tears', is all i could think, but thne there is,' save' 'mate' 'love', i shake my head trying to get rid off all the thoughts about that jerk.

I let loose my grip on my dads neck, i look up and see that my dad is all red from i belive me chocking him," Sorry daddy," i mumble hugging him.

"Lets go," my mom says while taking a deep breath, she then jups out landing perfectly in the ground," ready pumpkin," my dad says giving me a kiss on my forehead, i smile slightly yes," i say and close my eyes, i then feel the cold air hit my face, i hear the 'thump' noise which i believe is us landing.

I slowly open my eyes and see that we are outside of the hospital know, i sigh in relief, but then the smell got stronger and stronger, my mom looks at me sensing him coming as well," Run Harrold!" my mom screams my dads name out, we then start runing with my mom already in wolf form running behind us for protection.

We run and enter into the woods, the smell fading away but at the same time get stronger, as we run i feel someone watching us and burning holes in the back of my head.

I suddenly feel the arms of my dad no more around me and feel the rough ground hitting me.

I groan and stay in place while the pain surrounds my body. When i finally have the strength to lift my head up i lift it up and see my dad and mom back on wolf form lying on the ground unconsious," M-mom... Dad," i say, i mouth trembeling.

"Mom... Dad!!" i scream, i feel tears sting my cheeks, i slightly move around, i turn around and look up, i scream at the sight in front of me.



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