Not My Lover, But My Mate

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Victoria is bullied, insulted and she has been tortured her whole life just because of her looks, body and height.
When she finally changes her appearance, boys find her attractive know, and she finds out more about her life that she never knew of.
But when she finds out who her mate is will she reject him or will she accept him?


1. Chapter 1

~~I wake up with the sunshine hitting my face, I wake up with bruises and cuts that are almost gone, This bruises and cuts came from the people that have bullied me, tortured me, and have insulted me, thats why my parents got me off school, never in my life have i hated people this much.

14 years People have laughed at me, bullied me, tortured me and insulted me just because i am ugly, fat, and im a midget, this kingdom only cares about the looks and how the body looks, well no one cares about me, but my parents do, they aren't my real parents but i consider them to be, my real real parents didnt want me so they left me to be adopted, until my other parents came. I adore them for what they do, they try to help me, but i dont let them. All i do is eat and eat and eat and then i throw up every afternoon, letting all the pain out.

I throw my legs over the bed and i slip on my fluffy pink bunny slippers, i try to stand up, but with all this body weight its to hard, i finally manage to stand up, i start walking towards the hall and down the stairs, the stairs start creaking while i go down. I sniff the air around me, not smelling no pancakes for breakfast like every Saturday, I wonder why my mom didnt make pancakes today, i walk towards the medium kitchen to find my mom in the table eating eggs, sausage and bacon. I walk towards her, and try to get a bacon strip, but the only the thing i get is a slap in my hand," Ow" i say she looks at me with her beautiful teal eyes, and her hazel brown hair flowing while she turns and looks at me, she just shakes her head.

"Your breakfast is over there sweetheart," the only thing she says while she points to a container full of fruits, i look at her then i start walking towards the counter where the container is, i pick it up and i walk towards the table and i take a seat in my purple fabric chair, i place down the container and i open it, i see pineapples, red and green apples, peaches, melons, strawberries and purple grapes stacked on each other, i take a fork and start eating the pineapple, i then start stuffing all the fruit in my mouth all at the same time.

When i finish i sigh, i look up to see an empty chair in front of me, i didnt even notice my mom was gone until now, i get up and place the container in the sink, i then turn around to see my mom holding out her hand with clothes on it, she hands me a black tank top and yoga leggings, i look at my mom," Mom you know that these wont fit on me, it will rip the minute i put it on," i say, trying to keep the tears in, and handing her the yoga leggings," Honey, im so sorry, i forgot," she said, and i knew she wasnt lying, she then pushes me into my room, forcing me to change, I shrug and throw on the black tank top, i see my mom come in with a pair of gray and pink shorts that will fit me, i quickly put them on and i put on converse, when i turn around i see my mom in a sports bra and yoga leggings, she looked beautiful nothing like me.

I quickly put my amber brown hair into a messy ponytail leaving my bangs covering my hazel brown eyes, i walk towards my mom and she grabs my hand, dragging me outside, we start walking and walking until we reach a field next to a forest, and no we are not farmers, but just that my parents decided to move over here since the whole bullying situation, away form the kingdom of wolfs.

"What are we doing here mom?" i ask a little nervous of what she is going to answer," We are going to run five times around the field honey, i want you in shape, i dont like you throwing up," she says, her smile leaving her face and a worried face forming on her face," Mom i know but i think its better if i throw up and die instead of being here, i have no use of living," i say regretting what i just say, i turn around to see my mom trying so hard not to let the tears drop, she fails,"Mommy im so sorry i didnt mean to say that," i tell her quietly," I know you didnt pumpkin, just never say that again, okay?" she asked me, her tears washing away and a small smile coming her way.

"Wait mom you know i cant run and i hate it to," i say, imagining what will happen if i run, I shudder at the thought," Yes i know honey, but what about your wolf," she said in a question, i nod, my wolf hasnt been talking to me for a long time just because i dont go outdoors, I start turning into an amber brown wolf, and my mom turns into a beautiful majestic hazel brown wolf.

'WOOOHOO lets go,'

'Oh finally you talk to me'

'Its your fault okay'


'Okay, Ready... Set... Go'

I take off, i feel the green grass touching my paws, i see my mom right beside me, wait, Woah! I cant believe im running that fast, because i remember my mom told me she was the fastest wolf girl in her school, and i cant believe im running that fast over all this weight i have.

After i finish running my fifth laps my mom beats me i was just a little far away form her, she is still fast," Oh my gawd honey, did you see how fast you were, i cant believe it!!" she screamed out happily with a huge smile on her face, i smile back at her," I cant believe it either mom," i say happily.

"Do you want to go inside, sweetheart?" My mom asked me all of a sudden, I shake my head," No I think I'm going to stay here for a while," I said to her, she only nods her head and she starts heading home, I turn around and I look up at the blue sky with white clouds, I start to close my eyes when all of a sudden I hear a," hi," I turn around to find a handsome guy looking at me, not in disgust, but in a comforting way, he has light brown hair and dark blue eyes, I smiled at him," hi," I responded back, he gave me a charming smile.

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