Definition Of Love

Nobody knows what the definition of love is. I've tried finding it every day in my life. But I've never been lucky enough to find out. But what I think it is, is when you look at the girl and just feel a knot inside because she isn't yours. When you can't think of anything else than her. When you blush every time she is talking to you. When you just want her to be yours. Nobody else's just yours. When you write songs for her. When she is the only one you see. When you want to give her the world.


9. "They already like you"

"You ready?" Sophie smiled looking at me. I shook my head, "nope.. They seem like hating me already.." "They don't hate you... I told them that you were coming... And I have told them about you before... But not about when you actually kind of broke my heart.." "I'm sorry about that" I looked down at my shoes. I didn't have designer clothes at all. It was old. But it looked like it was made this way. "Hey Justin it's okay" she shyly stroked my cheek. I slowly looked up in her eyes, then grabbed her waist and kissed her.

"Mother this is Justin... Justin this is my mother" Sophie introduced me. I shook her hand, "a pleasure to meet you mrs. Moone..." Her mom smiled at her, "you too Justin.." "And farther this is Justin" Sophie smiled at a sophisticated looking man. Damn how was I gonna impress that man. "It's a pleasure to meet you mr. Moone..." I smiled while shaking his hand. "It's good to finally meet you" he smiled back. They weren't not that bad actually. "You too sir.." "Well please sit down... Supper's ready" Mrs. Moone said smiling, while guiding us to the diner table. "Supper?" I looked questioningly at Sophie, "I thought we were gonna have dinner.." They all laughed, while I looked at them confused. "It is dinner, we just use another word" Sophie explained.

Chuckling I looked at the diner table, "I'm not used to such decent conditions.." Her dad smiled, "we will help you.." "That would be great sir" I said and then looked at Sophie. She was smiling. I slightly pecked her cheek making her smile even more. "They already like you" she whispered. I shrugged, "I don't know about that though.." "But I do" she sat down at the table with me following.

When I saw all the knives, forks and spoons, I couldn't help but stare confused as hell. "I've no idea of how this stuff works" I whispered in Sophie's ear. Giggling she explained it for me. This family is really sophisticated. "So Justin do you have a job? Something you are doing in your spare time" her dad asked me during dinner or supper, as they called it. Weird word btw. "No sir.. I'm using it all on homework" I said and took some water. "Then where do you live?" "Um.. I live with my mom in the other side of the city.. The poorest place in town" I explained. He cleared his throat, "how come you live there?" I shrugged, "I guess it's because my dad left my mom when I was born and she was pretty young so she didn't really have time to get an education.." "I'm sorry to hear that" her mom smiled a sad smile. "It's okay I've never met him... So" I looked at her. "Well Justin... How old is your mother then?" I thought for a moment, "37 I think.." "She's really young" her dad said not quite believing me, "if you need any help you just tell us.." "Thanks sir... But I don't think that'll be necessary" I smiled.

"They hated me... Did you see your dad?" I exclaimed. She sat down beside me, "they don't hate you Jus... My farther liked you and my mother loved you... And don't worry, my farther will come around..." "You don't know how much I love you.." She blushed, "I guess not.. And you don't know how much I love you.." "I do beautiful" I took some hair behind her ear. "I love you quite a lot" she giggled. "And you have no idea of how weak my knees get every time you open your mouth and that cute accent comes out" I chuckled. "Stop it" she hid her face in her hands. Shaking my head I removed her hands, "I won't stop telling how beautiful and wonderful you are just because you tell me to..." "Why? It's not necessary" giggling she was about to stand up but I pulled her onto my lap, pecking her neck gently. "I love calling you beautiful. And I would love to tell you how wonderful you are... And I love seeing you smile every time I tell you that I love you.." Blushing and smiling she looked away. "See. I love that... And I love seeing you blush because of me..." I probably smiled like an idiot. But I didn't care. I loved her with all my heart. She was perfect.

"I don't remember seeing you blush?" she looked at me smiling. Chuckling I pecked her cheek, "well I have... You may not have seen it.. But when I talk about you with my friends I do blush a little bit..." "Why did I just admit that?" She laughed, "you're adorable.." "I know right" I winked, "so are you.." She took her arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around her waist smiling. "So they are your friends now?" Shrugging I looked her in the eye, "I guess so... They changed.. Actually... After I've been opening up, they have too... We're not just talking about shit anymore.. Now it's kinda deep stuff.. You know.." "I'm glad to hear that Jus.." "What about you? Ain't you gonna get some friends if you aren't moving" I asked. "I don't know... I guess I don't want any... I just love being alone sometimes.. Or with you.. I don't like this chatting, gossip, fake rumors or anything.."

"I understand.. I just thought it'd be nice to have someone to talk about this girl stuff you're dealing with... Like being a teenager... You ain't gonna share that kinda girl stuff with me... Only when you're on your period then I'm gonna bring you chocolate, ice cream and movies" I explained. Smiling she pecked my cheek, "don't worry Jus.. I'll be fine.." "I'll try not to beautiful" I smiled and then pressing our lips together, making the butterflies join the food in my stomach.

"Could you give me massage please?" she asked when we pulled away. "Sure sit down then.." When her back was facing me I started massaging her. She quietly moaned. "Does it feel good?" I chuckled, "you're a little tense..." She slowly nodded, "it feels wonderful.. Thank you..." I slowly let my hand slide under her top and up her back. "Justin?" "Shhh beautiful I'm massaging you" I smiled as I let my hands stroke her back. Then I decided to tease her a little bit, by planting small wet kisses up her back, making her moan to herself. I smirked and before I could even think she had turned around and started kissing me. My hands were under her shirt massaging her breasts as her hands were making their way up under my shirt caressing my abs. I quietly moaned through the kiss.

Then I heard footsteps on the hallway and I quickly got off her and pulled down my shirt. "What's wrong?" Sophie asked. "Someone is coming" I whispered. She pulled down her shirt and put some hair behind her ear. Then her door got opened, "we're going go for a walk... Do you want to come?" "Sure why not?" I smiled at her mom and then looked at Sophie. She nodded smiling and grabbed my hand on her way up.

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