Definition Of Love

Nobody knows what the definition of love is. I've tried finding it every day in my life. But I've never been lucky enough to find out. But what I think it is, is when you look at the girl and just feel a knot inside because she isn't yours. When you can't think of anything else than her. When you blush every time she is talking to you. When you just want her to be yours. Nobody else's just yours. When you write songs for her. When she is the only one you see. When you want to give her the world.


12. "More like a cold"

I went to the kitchen/living room and saw Sophie and my mom talk. They hadn't seen me yet so I decided to listen and watch.

"And on that picture he was 3 years old and just got his first pair of drumsticks... I remember he would sit on the floor and just drum on the floor..." Okay not watch and listen. Maybe interrupt and talk.

"Hey what are you guys talking about?" smiling I sat down beside Sophie. "Just looking at old pictures" she giggling. Sighing I looked at the pictures, "I remember this clearly... My mom just bought a new eyeliner and I just thought it was a colored pencil... Then I-" "Drew a big circle on the wall..." my mom exclaimed. Sophie laughed. "I was just a kid" I defended. Sighing my mom found a new picture, "oh this one is good.. Remember this?" Nodding I grabbed it, "it's my grandpa and me playing with soap bubbles... It was at my grandma's birthday I think.."

When we had looked at pictures for 15 minutes it was time for me and Sophie to get going. "It was nice meeting you Pattie" Sophie smiled while hugging my mom, who was smiling. "You too sweetie.. You're a very sweet girl Sophie.." "You too Pattie.." "I'll see ya later mom" I pecked my her cheek and hugged her. "Is it okay if I stop by and get this later?" Sophie asked looking at me. "Of cause princess.." I grabbed my breakfast and my skateboard.

"Don't you ever eat your breakfast at home?" I shook my head, "not really... I've never done that before... Like I've never talked to my mom like that in the mornings.. It was nice.. Thanks.." "You're welcome" she smiled, "it was nice... Your mother is very sweet and friendly.." I was on my skateboard and Sophie was walking beside me. It was a habit to be on my skateboard on my way to school. "Yeah she is... She's trying to... As a mom she's actually kinda strict.. But she is doing her best so" I smiled, "it was nice to have you stay the night by the way.." "It was nice staying the night.."

"Hi lovebirds" I heard someone from behind. It was Bruce. "What are ya doing in this neighborhood again bro?" I smiled. I got off my skateboard and grabbed it. Then I grabbed Sophie's hand. Just to make sure that she knew I wasn't forgetting about her just because I was talking to Bruce. To make her feel she was a part of this conversation.

"Alexandra" Bruce smiled. "But where is she?" "She doesn't feel too good so I'm there to comfort her you know" he smiled a sad smile. I patted his back, "tell her to get well soon okay?" "Who's Alexandra?" Sophie suddenly asked. I turned my head, "the girl Bruce is dating.." She nodded in understanding. "Speaking of dating are you like girlfriend, boyfriend now?" Bruce winked. Sophie and I nodded, "yeah.."

"Finally" he exclaimed, "you've been flirting for like 6 months aka forever.." I chuckled, "calm down bro.. It's not like we're getting married..." Sophie giggled, "how are you and Alexandra then?" Bruce thought for a moment, "good.. It's getting better.. How about you and Justin?" "Couldn't be better" she smiled. "I'm glad to hear that.."

"You look unbelievably happy bro... Got any yesterday?" Toby smirked. I looked at the ground, "no I didn't.." "Yeah right" he laughed, "so where?" "What?" I raised an eyebrow, "I didn't sleep with anyone.." He looked at me like, 'seriously?!' "I'm very serious" I smiled. He couldn't know that I slept with Sophie. Or I made love to her. We had done it three times. Three wonderful times. I had done it three times in my life. Actually. And they were all with her.

"Okay bro.. Why not? She's your girl. And you've been flirting for like a long time... I figured" Toby exclaimed. "Sorry I'm not the kinda guy that sleeps with a girl as the first thing" I chuckled as I found a cigarette and fire. "I guess not.." he laughed.

"Justin" I heard Sophie's voice. I turned my head to see Sophie, she didn't look well, "what's wrong beautiful?" I stubbed out my cigarette and went over to her. "I'm going home.. I'll see you later" she smiled. It was even hard for her to smile. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked, "or are you sick?" "You didn't... I just don't feel that well..." "Are your parents home?" She shook her head, "no... But I'll be fine.. Don't worry..." "Look if you go home... I'll talk to the principal and tell him that I'll do my homework at home because I have to take care of you... I'm sure he'll understand... I can't let you be alone" I said sternly. "You don't have-" "I want to.. Now go, I'll be there soon okay... Love you.." I stroked her cheek. Smiling she looked into my eyes, "love you too.. See you soon.." Then she went to her locker and I outside.

"What's wrong?" Bruce asked. I shrugged, "she's sick I guess.." "You probably got her pregnant" Liam chuckled. I looked at him my eyes wide open, "no way.. I didn't... I couldn't... We haven't even slept together yet... Remember.." "Yeah if you say so" he winked. "Okay look.. She can't be pregnant... Then I'm screwed.." "So you did do It?" exclaiming he pointed at me. Groaning I sat down, "yeah..." "You better get going bro" Bruce said pushing me on my legs. "Right" I looked at them, "see ya later.."

Quickly I went to the principal and told him that I had to go, because my girlfriend was not feeling too good and I had to go check on her. "Oh yeah Sophie just left.. It's okay.. She really didn't look well.. Well just go... See you tomorrow Justin... And you're not staying home tomorrow because of her... Or any other day... Just today Bieber.." he said sternly pointing at me. I nodded, "yes sir can I please leave now?" "Go ahead good luck" he smiled. I went to my locker and grabbed my bag and skateboard then went to her place.

I knocked on the door. She couldn't be pregnant. I used protection every single time. Okay not the first time. But she would've been pregnant by now. Not just finding out now. And prom's in a couple of weeks. She can't. Then the door opened and I saw Sophie stand there not looking too good. "Hi baby girl how are you doing?" I stroked her cheek and got inside with all my stuff. She shrugged, "I'm not good and I'm not really bad... I think I'm somewhere in between.." "Do you have a cold? Or is it more like throwing up?" I asked. I knew exactly what to make if she had a cold or if she was throwing up.

"More like a cold" she sniffled. I took off my jacket and shoes and looked up at her, "I know exactly what to do then... Go and get comfortable... Do you have a tv up stairs in your room?" She shook her head. "Then take some comfortable clothes on and remove your make up or whatever.. Just promise me you'll get comfortable.. Then grab a your blanket and come down stairs to the living room and we'll watch movies all day... How does that sound?" I smiled. "Great" she beamed, "I'll get comfortable.." Then she went up stairs. I made some camomile tea, which should be helping, when you have a cold. Then I went to the living room and sat down.

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