Definition Of Love

Nobody knows what the definition of love is. I've tried finding it every day in my life. But I've never been lucky enough to find out. But what I think it is, is when you look at the girl and just feel a knot inside because she isn't yours. When you can't think of anything else than her. When you blush every time she is talking to you. When you just want her to be yours. Nobody else's just yours. When you write songs for her. When she is the only one you see. When you want to give her the world.


4. "I haven't done this before"

After school I looked around and I saw Sophie. She was looking around. I man-hugged my gang and when they were gone I ran over to Sophie, "hi there.." "Hi" she smiled the sweet smile of hers.

As we were walking she suddenly asked, "why are you always walking me all the way home when your house is in the other side of the city?" I thought for a moment, "because I like talking to you.. And I don't want anything to hurt you.." She nodded looking down, maybe blushing, "well I like talking to you too.. And it is the best part of the day.. It is when you are walking here with me.." "It's the best part of the day for me too" I smiled.

"Thank you again Justin" she smiled looking into my eyes. Her beautiful eyes. They made me go all weak. I leaned over and pecked her cheek gently, "see ya tomorrow.." Then I walked away. Damn I should had kissed her. I thought for a moment then turned around and ran back to her, "wait Sophie before you go inside I have to do something.." "What is it?" "Um.. Would you please come down here?" I asked. Nodding she walked back to me. I placed my hands on her neck holding her head and leaned in. I smiled through the kiss when I felt her kissing back. God she had the softest and most wonderful lips ever. I pulled away, "wow.." She blushed giggling, "wow to you too.." I pecked her lips once before removing my hands, "see you tomorrow.." Then I walked away. I looked back once to see her stand there speechless. With a smile that couldn't disappear, I went home.

"You seem happy today bro.. Got any yesterday?" Toby smirked. "No I didn't" I said dragging on my cigarette. "Why are you so happy then?" he asked. I shrugged, "I don't know.." "Oh here comes the geek" Liam sighed. "Where?" I asked trying not to sound too excited. "She is right there bro" he chuckled nodding to the left. I looked and saw beautiful, beautiful Sophie. "Damn she's got an ass.. Why does she have to wear skinny jeans all the time" Toby complained sighing. I chuckled, "it's not that- holy fuck.." She bended down her ass in sight. And I gotta say wow. Bruce chuckled, "it's the best ass in school.." "Differently" we all nodded in agreement. "But she's a geek.. And she is too like everything has to be perfect.. And she is always sucking up to the teacher" Liam said. "No have you talked to her?.. I mean she is sweet, caring, pretty and-" "Man stop yourself" Toby hit my arm. "What I meant was that she is different when you talk to her" I cleared my throat. They all chuckled, "thought you were loosing it.." I let out a small laugh, "yeah.." Sighing I let my eyes follow Sophie as she was walking past us. The others stared at her ass. I gotta admit it was the best ass I'd ever seen. But it was the inside that counted.

"It's lunch do you want anything today bro?" Bruce asked me. I shook my head, "no.. I gotta do something.." "Okay see ya.. C'mon you two" he said as they walked inside. I made sure they were gone before I ran after Sophie. She was sitting at the tree again just like yesterday, with her notebook and white headphones. I looked down at her smiling. She took off her headphones looking up at me. I sat down, "so.. I guess I'll be walking you home today also?" Nodding she looked into my eyes, "yes... But my parents are not home until tomorrow evening so if you like you can come inside.." I smiled, "I'd love to.." I looked around, then stood up, "c'mon I gotta show you something.." "What is it?" she asked. "Something just c'mon" I smiled and helped her to get up, then I ran behind a bush, with her hand in mine, making me melt inside. I moved my hands to her neck holding her head, then leaning in. As her lips met mine there were fireworks. The bell rang and we quickly pulled away. "See you soon" she pecked my cheek and ran to class.

My gang left in different directions and then I ran over to Sophie smiling, "hi." "Hi" she smiled. 

She opened the front door and got inside. Everything was so clean and so perfectionistic. "I'm afraid I'll ruin something" I chuckled. "Don't worry you won't ruin anything" she smiled and closed the door behind me. The walls were white. The floor was covered with white tiles. The white colors were perfectly broken with some paintings in many different colors. "It's so white" I said. "Yeah" she giggled, "thirsty?" I shook my head, "not really.." "Well I am" she smiled and found something to drink.

"You have really pretty eyes" I smiled looking down in her eyes. We were laying in her bed, me on top, just kissing. I'd never done anything else. She blushed big time, "really?" I nodded pecking her beautiful lips, "yeah.. Like the ocean.." She hid her face in her hands. "Awe.." I giggled. "Well you too" she poked my nose. I smiled and kissed her again. But this time it turned into a hot passionated kiss. We sat up and she got up on my lap with her legs around my stomach as we continued kissing. I began taking off her shirt and her mine. I laid her down and continued kissing her, as my hands moved to her pants, unlocking them. "Justin" she pulled away, "I haven't done this before.." "Me neither.." I smiled. "I don't believe you" she said. "Then don't... I'm a virgin.. I've been waiting for the right girl.. My mom has always told me not to sleep with someone just to sleep with someone.. But because you really care about the person or love the person.. And I've been keeping that promise and I am keeping that promise" I explained. She blushed, "okay.. I believe you." "Then are you ready.. I'll try my best.. I won't hurt you.. I think.. I don't know how it is.." She nodded, "yeah I am ready.." "Okay" I pecked her beautiful lips, "I promise I'll be gentle." She smiled.

I pulled her into a kiss and as it turned into a really passionated and really hot kiss, I took of her pants and mine too not breaking the kiss. I took off her bra and hipsters, then my boxers. "I don't have a condom because I wasn't expecting this.. But it'll be fine" I smiled, "ready?" She nodded, "ready." I slowly slid inside of her as I moaned, "holy shit.." I looked down at Sophie, she was in pain, "want me to stop?" "No no.. Just keep going I think it will be better" she said. And she was right. As I kept going in and out. She began moaning pretty much and me too. It felt wonderful. Like really indescribable. "Oh god Justin" she moaned drilling her nails into my skin. Our heads into each other's necks moaning each other's names, as I was going in and out faster and faster. I released, while moaning. "Don't worry I'll continue" I whispered making her smile.

After an hour I collapsed on top of her then rolled down beside her looking at her. "Wow" I stroked her cheek out of breath. Her chest was moving up and down. She smiled, "that was amazing Justin.." "It was" I pecked her lips, "can I take a bath?" She nodded, "sure it is right there.." She pointed at a door. "Okay.. Do you wanna come with me?" I asked as I got up. "What?" she asked. "Do you wanna take a bath with me?" "C'mon it'll be fun." She sighed, "fine.."

"Well I'd better get going now it's 10.40" I said as I got up from the white couch. "Yeah" she nodded and got up as well. "Thank you for today" I stroked her cheek then kissed her. "Thank you too" she smiled as we pulled away. "See you tomorrow beautiful" I smiled and opened the door, "no wait what if anything happens to you.." "I will be fine Justin" she giggled stroking my cheek. "You sure? Because I can stay here" I asked. "It's fine Justin.. We can't walk to school together anyway" she looked down. "Well I'll see you later beautiful" I pecked her lips and watched as she closed the front door. I sighed smiling. I wasn't a virgin anymore and I think I was in love. I couldn't feel better. I was so happy.

"Justin where have you been... And why do you smell like perfume?" my mom exclaimed when I opened the front door. "I've been at Sophie's place" I smiled. The smile couldn't disappear. "So what happened? Did you kiss again?" she asked. I had told my mom everything about Sophie. "Yeah we did.. I think I love her mom" I sighed, "and she is leaving after prom.." "Awe my little boy" she pulled me into a hug. "Did you take a bath at her place?" "Um.." I scratched my neck, "kinda.. But that was only because we um.." "You went to bath together?" she raised an eyebrow. "I love her mom.. And yeah but we only did that because we... Um" I said, "I know you won't like this.. But you know I'm a boy.. And I did it today for the first time ever.." "Really?" she asked, "you slept with her?"

I nodded, "yeah.. But I love her.. And I've waited for the right girl.. And she is... She is the perfect girl for me mom." She sighed, "it's fine Justin.. But why don't you just tell your so-called friends that you love her.." "Because I can't mom... You know how I am.. I'm a pussy when it comes to go against the most popular guys in school.. Or I am the most popular boy... But I only am because I have that facade on.." I exclaimed. "I'll help you through this my boy" she smiled stroking my hair. "But mom I love her even more after today.. And people will bully her even more... If I tell them.. They'll leave me.. Especially because she is the bottom and I'm the top.. But she is so freaking wonderful... I've never met a girl like her before.. I just talked to her once and I was in love.."

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