Definition Of Love

Nobody knows what the definition of love is. I've tried finding it every day in my life. But I've never been lucky enough to find out. But what I think it is, is when you look at the girl and just feel a knot inside because she isn't yours. When you can't think of anything else than her. When you blush every time she is talking to you. When you just want her to be yours. Nobody else's just yours. When you write songs for her. When she is the only one you see. When you want to give her the world.


17. "But it'll be tough right"

"You're gonna have to do that some other time" she breathed out. "I would love to princess" I pecked her lips, "I just found out that a cold is airborne so I'll get sick anyway.." "Oh that's why.." I nodded, "and I also just wanted to make you feel good.." "That certainly worked" giggled she put on her clothes, "wow.." "I'm glad it did" I smiled. I was turned on but I didn't have to make love to her. "I love you Sophie.." "Love you more Justin.." "Love you most" I pecked her forehead. "So I'll just warm the pizza because it's probably cold now.. And then we can get something to eat" I smiled as I got up and went to the kitchen. "I'll find something to drink" I heard her wonderful voice call. I put the pizza in the oven and waited. ---- I woke up by my phone was ringing. I answered it. It was Bruce. "Hey man.." I said tiredly. Sophie and I must had fell asleep while watching TV. "Can we like go for a walk? Like now? I really need someone to talk to" he sounded desperate. I looked at the clock. 10pm. "Sure um.. I'll just get ready" I rubbed my face with the other hand. ---- "Go on" I looked at him. "Um.. Look... You know we're gonna keep the baby.. But it'll be tough right.. And maybe I'll have to drop out of school" he explained, "and I-" "no way bro.. I ain't gonna let that happen... You can't let a baby be the reason why you can't graduate.. You can get a baby later... You don't have to do everything right now... I ain't gonna see your life fall apart, because of a baby... I know it's you and Alexandra's baby and you just can't wait and all that.. But if that's the only thing that is keeping you together.. Maybe it ain't the right thing to do then... Just don't drop out of high school... My mom had me when she was 18... She couldn't go partying and be with her friends.. She couldn't effort anything.. We were poor and still are.. She had to do two jobs.. I understand if you're mad after I've told you this and I'm not forcing you to anything... And I sure will help if I've got time.. But think about it just one more time.. Think about all the bad stuff and the good stuff.. Just think about it." "Okay bro... I'll think about it" he said as he walked away. "Bruce" I called. He didn't turn around, he just kept walking. Damn. "What have I done?.." I sighed as I felt the tears coming. I went back to Sophie's house but didn't go inside. I didn't want her to see me cry. "Where's Bruce?" I heard Sophie's voice. I slowly looked up at her, tears in my eyes and rolling down my cheeks, "he left.." "Are you crying?" she wiped away my tears looking into my eyes. "No.. I mean yes... I don't know" I sighed, "I screwed up... I told him that I would support him but I also told him that they should break up if the reason why they're together, is the baby.." "You didn't screw up.. You told him the right thing.. Real friends tell the truth no matter how unbearable it is.. Then you're gonna hate your friend for being honest.. And then you're gonna realize that your friend was just trying to help," she grabbed my hand and made me stand up. Then she pulled me into a hug full of love. "We-" "Shh Jus.. You always talk... Now just enjoy the silence.." I pulled away and looked at her, "take my hand.." "Are you gonna sing high school musical now?" she giggled. "No way" I exclaimed, "but I'm gonna sing for you.. Now take my hand.." She took my hand and I placed my other hand on her waist. She put her other hand on my shoulder. I held her hand as I began singing Just The Way You Are. As I did that we slowly began dancing. And when I was done singing I pulled her into a hug pecking her hair gently, "I love you Sophie.." "Love you more.." "Love you most" I smiled as I pulled away. "Great song Justin.." I heard someone shout. I turned my head, "Alexandra?" "Have you seen Bruce?" "No why?" I asked kinda worried. "He didn't come home so I'll just check the park or his parents house" she smiled as she walked away. --- I woke up with the biggest boner of all time in the middle of the night. I turned my head to see Sophie awake looking at me. "What did you dream?" she laughed. "I don't know... But I woke up with this freaking thing" I exclaimed, pointing at it. "You were moaning my name" she giggled as she sat down on top of me. I quietly moaned, "don't do this to me.. I'll survive. It's normal." "What time is it?" "3am why?" she asked. I thought for a moment, "now I'm gonna make you feel good by making love to you..." Giggling she kissed me.

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