Fractions // styles

I couldn't let Harry find out. He'd kill me. I had to run away, far away. I left my family and my best friend Harry behind. He was my 1/2.


1. F r a c t i o n s // s t y l e s



F r a c t i o n s // s t y l e s




"Where have you been?" He asked with nervousness. I could see the  warmth escape his body as he talked. The cold weather being the cause. His nose was a red tint, a cute tint. One I found attractive. 


"I can't tell you." I shook my head looking at the snow that has soaked into my boots. 


"I'm your best friend Caradine." He sighed, clearly stating that he wanted a better and more efficient answer. 


"You were my best friend." I eye him before turning on my heels before walking away, listening as the I concentrated at the crunch of the snow.


I can't believe he found me.







Lily Collins as Caradine Peak

Harry Styles as Himself



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