Good Girl?

My family thinks I'm good, I thought I was good but then I met Luke... "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" He changed me... (Sequel to The Payne Family... Aubrey's P.o.v)


12. Epilogue

Aubrey's P.O.V


"Danika Rose Hemmings! Get your ass over here!" Luke yelled. 

"What?!? I'm busy hanging out with Kaylee!" She snapped as she ran down stairs to greet her angry father.

I rolled my eyes, these two always fought. I picked baby Brooklyn up and cooed her. The yelling bothered her. Brooklyn was 6 months old, she was mummy's girl. Danika being her normal bratty 14 year old self, doesn't like Brooke very well. I'm sure she'll warm up to her soon... 

Kaylee is Michael and Emma's 13 year old daughter. Her and Danika get along great. Basically Mike got over me within two months then got the balls to ask Em out and they have been going strong since. They got married 1 year after dating, just in time for Kaylee to be born.  Braylee and Mckenzie are now 30 years old. Braylee got married to a nice guy named Liam and Mckenzie married a guy named Vince. They both gave birth to a baby boy. Mckenzie named her boy Kian and Braylee named her son Daniel. So thats our life our complicated life but it ended in a happy ending and I wouldn't change a thing..


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