Good Girl?

My family thinks I'm good, I thought I was good but then I met Luke... "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" He changed me... (Sequel to The Payne Family... Aubrey's P.o.v)


10. chapter 9








"Are you ready?!" Emma asks, "Yea just help me zip up this dress is a bit tight on the stomach Dani Grew" I hummed. She zipped me up then I slipped my shoes on. My hair was done a beautiful curled bun and my makeup was finished. "You look stunning" My dad stated. That's when I heard the music. "It's time" Clara smiled, I took a deep breath then the doors opened. The sound of "Marry you" Played, The bridesmaids walked down and so did the flower girl. Tate was the ring bear. My dad took my arm and we started walking, We made it to the end, My dad kissed my cheek then I went and stood next to Luke. He wouldn't stop staring at me. "We are here to wed this beautiful couple who are expecting their precious baby girl Danika Rose Hemmings in two months. Please say your vows, "Aubrey Aaliyah Payne, the moment I met you, I knew I was in love, from sneaking out at three am to go swimming to staying in and watching movies all night, I knew you would be the one I'd want to marry, We have been through so much, Loosing our precious baby to expecting another baby, and now all I want to do is call you Aubrey Hemmings... I love you..." He slipped the ring on my finger, by now we were both crying. "Luke Robert Hemming's the minute I met you I knew I was in love, I knew it wasn't a small school girl crush because I couldn't stop thinking about you, You always made me laugh and I just love your hair. Yes your hair, It's so perfect! I hope that when we are say 70 years old , you'd be holding my hand and we'd be watching 22 Jump Street together because that's our favorite movie... Baby I love you" I slipped the ring on his finger. "I know grant this couple Marriage Luke you may kiss the bride!" Luke leaned in and our lips met, the kiss felt so magical.... 

~2 months later..hehe sorry~

The soft noise of her cry made me feel like the happiest woman on the world, I was finally a mum. Danika Rose Hemming's was born at 2:27 am on October 13th, weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces. She has brown hair and bright blue eyes, and is so beautiful.

~ Next dayy~

Today we get to take our precious baby home. Her nursery was pink , She had a chocolate brown crib, a dresser, book shelf, and a changing table. Her crib padding was a bright pink, her bedroom floor was oak so she had a fuzzy hot pink mat, She had a few stuffed animals in her crib and some on her changing table. Her room was perfect, The house is amazing and we can live here until the house gets too small. We had three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. I know everything had happened so fast but that's the joy of love and being pregnant, we had to have everything prepared before the baby came. Luke hasn't stopped smiling since Danika was born, he says he is the happiest man in the world. I put Danika in her car seat then gave carried her to the car, Luke had my bag. I made sure she was secure in the car then I got into the passenger seat. Luke got into the drivers seat then we drove home. He pulled into the drive way then parked the car, I got out then grabbed Danika's carrier. I walked into the house and all of our family and friends where here. "SURPRISE!" They all yell, "You guys" I say happily, "I want to see the baby" Clara whines, I laugh then tell her "I have to change her first then you can." Oh I will do that silly, go relax". I nodded my head as Clara took Danika, I sat on the couch and Luke came over and sat with me. "I love you" He whispered into my ear, He kissed my lips then I rested my head on his shoulder...

~3 days later~
Danika has been home for 3 days and has slept through all three nights, I'm super proud of her because it usually takes up to 4-7 months or longer for them to be able to do that. Tonight Luke decided I get to go out and hang with some friends at the bar for a while, because he wants me to be able to have fun. I decided on wearing a simple short black dress, I curled my hair then added a shimmering gold eye shadow, deep black mascara, very black eye  liner, and red lip stick. I put on my black stilettos with gold chains then grabbed my phone. We all decided to get a cab, Luke said not to get too drunk so I'm making sure not too. I got into the cab which Emma, Michael, Calum, and Ashton were already in.  We decided to go clubbing, We get to the club and the first thing we do is order drinks, I take a few shots of tequila and I can already feel the buzz. We found a booth with not so many people, the music was really loud and I loved it. I sat down in between Michael and Calum, The waitress came back and we all ordered a few more shots plus a main drink, I got coke and rye. We all took the shots then I slowly took a sip of my drink, I could tell I was already drunk and then I felt Michael put his hand on my leg, I kind of liked it..

**Michael's P.o.v***

I wasn't that drunk, but I knew what I wanted, I wanted Aubrey back, the only reason she went back to Luke is because he kissed her at the right moment. If it were me kissing her at that moment , we would of been married right now and I would of been the father of her child. It's so fucking unfair. I put my hand on her leg and I saw her smile, I bit my lip then I put my hand on her waist sneaking in to her pants, I knew she liked it cause she didn't tell me to stop. I put my hand under her panties then I stuck two fingers inside of her. I could feel her tense up, She bit her lip and I was surprised no one noticed us doing this. I swirled it around slowly and I felt her arch her back, I felt her release then I took my fingers out, "Oops I dropped my phone" I said bending down wiping my fingers on the  carpet. "I need to use the bathroom" She said, "Yea I do too I'll go with you" I said as we both stood up, We walked where they wouldn't find us then I pressed her against the wall, I pressed my lips against hers then my I pushed my tongue against her teeth. She pushed me away "I am married and I don't like you anymore, we're just friends!" She said walking back to the table. I felt sad, I thought that she liked it... I sort of felt bad.

~Aubrey's P.O.V~

I felt so bad yelling at Mikey but he had no right to kiss or finger me. I admit at first I kind of liked it but then I felt this guilt the fact I kind of just cheated on my husband who is at home with my 3 day old baby. He just caught me at a difficult moment. I went back to Mikey then said "If you tell anyone about this I will rip your guts out! You understand me?" He nodded his head then grabbed his wallet and left. I got back to the table and everyone is wasted. "Guy's I'm leaving" I say slightly annoyed, "What no! We just got here!"Emma yelled, "I need to go home!" I snapped. I grabbed my purse then went outside, I decided to take a cab, on the ride home I tried to come up with an explanation to tell Luke why I came home at 11 pm. The cab stopped, I paid the driver the $8  owed then got out. I walked inside and Luke was not in the living room. I went into the nursery and he was asleep in the rocking chair holding  a sleeping Danika. I picked her up then placed her in her crib. I tapped Luke on the shoulder than he fluttered his eyes open "Do you want to come to bed? I'm going to take a shower first but... then I will come to bed." I whisper, "Can I join you" he whispers back. I nod my head then I take his hand, We go into the bathroom and I turn the shower on. I take my dress off then strip down. I get into the shower and the hot water gives me goose bumps, Luke comes in and grabs the bottle of soap. He puts some in his hand then rubs my back, I take some soap then rub his chest. "I love you" he whispers, "I love you more" Luke says kissing my lips. He washes my body then I wash his then we get out. I put a towel around me then go into the bedroom, Luke follows. He comes behind me and kisses my neck. He takes my towel off of me then picks me up. My legs wrap around his torso and he gently puts me on the bed, He thrusts inside of me and I arch my back. "Don't move honey", the sound of his voice makes me bite my lip. He picks me up then thrusts into me still holding me, We lean against the wall and he continues to thrust harder and harder, Soon after we both give out and I can hardly breath, I laid on the bed trying to catch my breath... "I missed you" he whispers... I sat up "What do you mean , I've seen you every day for over 9 months.." I questioned, "I mean I miss you like the sex part" he stated. "Ouch" I said getting up, "I'm going to go sleep in the guest room" I grab my pajamas and put them on then I walked to the guest room which was a single bed. I got under the covers and closed my eyes... A few minutes later Luke came into the room and picked me up. "LET GO OF ME" I snapped. "Fine" he said dropping me, "Prick" I gritted my teeth, "You told me to put you down" he laughed, just then Danika started crying, "Great you woke the baby up!" I grumbled, I walked into her nursery and Luke followed me. I picked her up then sat on the rocking chair. "Can you like leave the room?" I asked, he rolled his eyes then walked into the bedroom slamming the door. I snuggled Danika then I lifted my shirt up and breast fed her. "Fall asleep baby girl" I cooed, soon after she was asleep in my arms. I put her in her crib then got into the guest room bed and fell asleep...

I feel as if I might of overreacted but I'm stressed, Plus he could be less of an ass hole...

HIIII I AM BACK! I hope you liked this chapter! I will be updating more often now! I Pinky promise!!




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