Good Girl?

My family thinks I'm good, I thought I was good but then I met Luke... "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" He changed me... (Sequel to The Payne Family... Aubrey's P.o.v)


8. Chapter 7



Today was graduation! It's the end of May, I had a beautiful blue dress and Luke had a matching blue tie:

Tomorrow Luke and I are moving into our new two bedroom house, I got a new job at the local bar as a bartender, Luke got a job there for performing with Michael, Calum, and Ashton. They made a band called 5 Seconds of Summer, so basically they perform at the bar while I bar tend with Emma. Luke's mom and dad , My dad, Clara, Tate, Gram, The twins, Noah, and his girlfriend Megan are all coming to our graduation. My birthday is in three days, I'm turning 19. --

My dress was on, My blue stilettos where on, My hair was curled and I had a matching blue bow in my hair, I had gel nails and toes, and my make up was done. I was all ready for graduation. I walked down stairs, Luke was already in the car. His parents were driving us to the school. We got there then we both put our caps and gowns on. I met Emma by our old locker, She was wearing a stunning purple dress. Ashton was her graduation date, They started dating about a month ago. 

___ Diplomas___

"Aubrey Aaliyah Payne" They called my name, I stood up then walked up onto the stage. I took my diploma then I got my picture taken. I went where all the others went. Soon after all the people where called. We were finally done high school! I fucking hated it there. I took my gown off and cap then placed it in a box, We got to keep it. We took pictures of us in our dresses, then I changed into my dinner and drinks outfit:

I was planning on getting pretty drunk tonight. Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael, Emma, Noah, Megan, and I were all going to the bar after dinner with the family. I kept my hair curled but ditched the bow. I changed my make up instead of simple make up I was wearing , Bright gold eye shadow, Black eyeliner, Mascara, Red lipstick , blush, and a bit of foundation. We all rented a limo for the night :* So tonight was going to be fun. The whole family got into the limo, then we drove to "Bread sticks" We had a reservation for 14 people, We got to our table and everyone ordered. I got a Shirley temple and baked spaghetti. After we finished eating us graduates plus Noah and Megan all got to the bar. Luke took my hand and we found a booth. Everyone sat together. Luke pecked my lips, "I'm going to go see when karaoke starts. "  I sat up, Emma came with me. We walked over to the bartender and then Emma asked when Karaoke was. I looked over and I saw someone I promised myself I'd never have to see again... he was this guy named Daniel from my old school. I was about fourteen when he would torment me and made my life a living hell. He photo shopped my head on a naked girls body. Rumor has it that it was his ex girlfriend Katherine's body. He apparently took it when they were having sex. Any way, I remember waking up like any other day, I got ready for school. I think I was in grade 8 or 9 and I went to school thinking that I would just do my thing, Attend class, eat lunch with my friends , Etc. But that didn't happen. I remember having a pep rally in the morning, When I walked into the gym everyone was laughing at me. The photo shopped picture was printed every where and it was also projected on a big screen. The teachers tried to get rid of the pictures but there were so many. I lost all of my respect , my friends, and dignity that day. I ran home after a horrible day at school and I went straight into my bathroom. When my mum had died , I became very depressed at cut a lot. But I had stopped, I remember grabbing the blade and cutting into my skin, so deep. I failed at attempting to kill myself. My brother came running in and saw me lying on the floor. I was admitted to the hospital and I stayed there for a week. After that we moved, I switched schools, I never had to deal with that again. That was four years ago..... Four years of recovering and making new friends, becoming engaged, having a miscarriage , and so much more. I really hope he doesn't notice me. I quickly turn around and go back to our table. I sit next to Luke and he takes my hand. I see Daniel walking over, "Hello Aubrey" , I give him a little wave. I squeeze Luke's hand. "So haven't seen you for a while , still taking nudes?" He grins, "Fuck off Daniel , you fucking photo shopped that," I grit my teeth."Daniel I think you should leave us alone" Noah stood up. "Easy tiger I just came to say hello" He laughed. "Get the fuck away from us other wise your face will be fucked up!" Noah yelled. Daniel walked away and I suddenly felt relieved but sad. I stood up then grabbed my bag. "I'm going home" I say to the table. Luke grabs my hand and follows me. He waves goodbye and we take a cab home. I walk into our "bedroom" then I go into my side of the closet. I grab some random pajamas then change into them not caring if anyone see's ,I walk into the bathroom then take off my make up and put my hair into a messy bun. I feel a little anger in me and start to cry. I grab my make up bag and throw it at the wall. I fucking hate him. I walk out of the bathroom and Luke comes over to me. He stops me then gives me a hug, I cry into his shoulder then he pecks my lips. "Are you going to tell me what that was?" He asks simply. I nod my head then sit on the bed. Luke sits next to me and I explain everything. "He is such a prick" Luke's fists clench. "I know" I laugh, "Sorry for ruining our night, but can we go to bed?" I ask, "Of course baby" He takes my hand and we both crawl in and fall asleep....

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