Good Girl?

My family thinks I'm good, I thought I was good but then I met Luke... "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" He changed me... (Sequel to The Payne Family... Aubrey's P.o.v)


7. Chapter 6





February 14th : 8 am

Today is Valentines day! There's no school because February break has started! We graduate in two months! Today Luke and I are going ice skating, and then we are going to come home and watch a movie. Luke still is sleeping and I woke up an hour ago and already took a shower and got dressed. I was wearing charcoal grey thick leggings, a navy blue long sleeve shirt that says "Love may last 4Ever" , Black combat boots, and a grey beanie. My hair was straight and down and I was wearing mascara, eye liner, and a bit of gold eye shadow. I decided to order pizza for breakfast. By the time the pizza arrived Luke was still asleep. I paid the guy, then brought the pepperoni pizza to the counter. Luke's mom was out on vacation with Luke's dad. I grabbed two plates and put two pieces on a plate for me and four for Luke. I put the rest in the oven then poured two glasses of eggnog. I brought the food to our room and woke Luke up. He saw the food and smiled. "Morning baby" I said pecking his lips. I sat next to him and we both ate. "Thank's princess" He smiled kissing my forehead. After we finished I did the dishes while he got ready. He came out wearing black skinny jeans, a black Nirvana sweater, and black converse. He took my hand then we got into the car. He drove to the ice rink then he told me to go get my skates. I got my size "7" then put them on. He got his then he took my hand. We started skating all of a sudden the music for Bruno Mars " Marry you" started but Luke was singing. He handed me a rose, then we skated around together. Everyone was cheering. My eyes started watering. After the song Luke went down on one knee..."Aubrey Aaliyah  Payne will you take the honor and marry me?He asks, "Yes" I say kissing him, He took my glove off then slipped the ring on. He hugged me then we continued skating...After a few hours of talking, skating, and kissing. Luke and I went home to watch a movie.We got into the house then he kissed my lips. "Do you want to skip the movie?" I ask biting my lip. He laughed then picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist then he took the layers of clothes off of me. I ripped his clothes off of me then he set me on the bed. He thrusted into me and I let a little moan out, "Harder baby harder!?" I panted, he thrust harder then soon enough we both gave out, he laid on top of me and panted breathlessly. "Do you think I could maybe give You a little treat?"He asked, I nodded... He opened up my bare legs then stuck two fingers inside of me. I let out a few moans, he then took his fingers out and licked my insides. I could barely handle it, I arched my back and panted, "Do you like that?" he cooed in my ear, I nodded then he stuck two fingers again. I could barely take it. I let out a loud moan, he grinned, "Do you want more?" I nodded my head and he stuck three fingers in moving them around slowly. It felt so good. I sat up then I said, "My turn" He grinned, I got on my knees then moved my finger across his penis. I felt him get hard, I wrapped my mouth around him then moved back and forth, I felt him cum in my mouth. I swallowed it then I said, "I want a second dose" He nodded his head then I laid on the bed, he got on top of me and then he thrusted into me , I moaned, he thrust harder then yelled " you like that?" YES" i moaned , He fucked me harder and harder until we were both done and lying breathless on each other once again..




Short chapter <3 sorrrrry but how did you like it? Engaged?! WHAT?! YAY #Aubuke

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