Good Girl?

My family thinks I'm good, I thought I was good but then I met Luke... "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" He changed me... (Sequel to The Payne Family... Aubrey's P.o.v)


5. Chapter 4


***3 weeks later***

Luke and I have been dating for a month and a half, Noah leaves for school in 2 weeks and I have to find a room-mate. Maybe Emma could be my new room-mate? I should text her, No one knows I'm pregnant except Luke..Today Emma and I are going to the water park....

I changed into my navy blue bikini my baby bump wasn't really noticeable.. then tied my hair up in a messy bun, I applied water proof mascara then slipped on my sandals. I grabbed a bag then put a towel, Sunscreen, and a brush. My phone vibrated and it was a text from Em:

Can I bring a friend with us?-Emma

Yea I guess who?

Um Ashton, Calum, and Michael?-Emma

Where's Luke?

He's hanging out with a friend-Emma


Great I'm here now!-Emma

I walked out side and sure enough the guys and Emma were waiting for me in the car. I got into the passenger seat and then we started driving ."You look nice",Calum said. Thanks I smiled. We pulled up to the water park and everyone got out. I noticed Luke's car but just brushed it off, We paid for our admission then we found a nice spot to set our towels and bags. It was under a tree so we didn't get burned. I set my towel down then I took my shorts off. I looked around and I swear I saw Luke with another girl. "Hey Michael come with me to go buy ice cream?" I ask eagerly. "Okay?" He said getting up. I speed walked to the ice cream stand and I saw Luke buying some girl ice cream, she smiled then kissed his lips. I looked at Mikey and his eyes where wide.."Come on lets go" he said taking my arm.  But I wouldn't budge, Instead I walked over to him and his eyes got wide. I slapped him then he started yelling, "Aubrey wait!" I ran past Michael then I could feel the tears slipping. I grabbed my stuff then ran out of the water park. I kept running until I got home. I ran into my room and slammed the door. I sat on my bed and started bawling, he promised he would never hurt me! I heard Michael's voice coming  closer, he burst into my room and then I heard Emma ,Ashton , and Calum telling Luke not to come up here. Mikey closed my door then sat next to me. He pulled me into a hug then I started crying into his shoulder."Michael I have to tell you something..." I say quietly with muffled tears. "What?" he asks worriedly. "I'm pregnant with Luke's baby...5 weeks" I say super quietly more tears filling my eye's. He snapped, He stood up then ran downstairs, I followed him, but he's too fast. I hear Luke yelling "What the Fuck?!" I run downstairs and everyone is just staring while Mikey is on top of Luke punching him, "She's fucking PREGNANT!!!" Mikey yells. Everyone Looks at me, Tears fill up my eyes once again. I run back upstairs and quickly change into shorts and a t shirt saying "Dope" with a fuzzy kitten on it. I grabbed my sunglasses and then slipped on toms. I grabbed my backpack and put a few clothes in there, I put my wallet and charger then ran to my car. I drove away as fast as I could. I was still crying. I decided on driving to my grams. After a 20 minute drive of ignoring Luke and Michael's calls I finally made it to my grams. I got out of my car then knocked on the door. Mckenzie opened the door, "Aubrey!" She said pulling me into a hug. I walked in and Braylee was on the couch. I walked into the kitchen and saw Grams. "Aubrey?! It hasn't been three months..." she questioned. "Some things went down and I don't want to be at home right now.. Can I stay here?" I ask. "I'm sorry Aubrey we don't have enough room, I can't let you stay here.." She said sadly. I walked out of the kitchen then stormed back into my car. I grabbed my phone then dialed my dads number...


I sat on the couch next to my dad, "Are you going to tell me why your here?" He asks... "I can't be at home because I was dating this guy named Luke and 5 weeks ago we went to the beach at three am.... two weeks later I found out I was pregnant..." Tears filled my eyes.."I thought he was supportive but then today I went to the water park with Emma and the guys and  I saw Luke there with another girl kissing her. I ran home and Michael followed me, I told him I was 5 weeks pregnant and  he got into a fight with Luke... I grabbed some stuff and drove to Grams.. She told me I couldn't stay with her.. and that's when I called you.."My throat was dry and my voice cracked. My dad pulled me into a hug then said "Everything is going to be okay.Oh what happened to my little good girl?." Your good girl grew up and became a teenager, I said wiping my tears... How are you going to be sure?" I sniffle. "Your mom was pregnant with you at eighteen, she had Noah at 15 , and the twins at 20. She had four kids by the time she was 20. I wasn't the greatest dad but thats because we weren't meant to be together. I love my children and now I have 5 counting Tate. You can stay with us for how ever long I will get Clara to make up the guest room and you can stay there. I will pay for all the expenses of the baby and then you can find a room mate when Noah leaves and you can live in the apartment. Or if you want I can buy you a small house with three bedrooms and you can still have the room mate. I love you Aubrey and I always have and I will be there for you and your baby. But with that Luke guy if you want you can give him another chance or you can find another guy..." he said lovingly. I smiled "Thanks daddy" I gave him a hug then text Noah explaining everything.; 


My room was set up, I had a huge bed , a desk, a bathroom, and a closet. I didn't pack enough clothes because I don't plan on staying too long. Emma was really sorry and she slapped Luke, Michael won't stop texting me, and I don't even know if Calum has my number. Ashton is at Luke's and Luke is really upset. But I can't speak to him right now he hurt me, plus my dad lives 30 minutes away from where Noah and I live.  Right now I was just scrolling through when I got a question... It was from Luke saying Call me. I replied saying "No..." , A few minutes later I got another question from him"Pleaseeee??? I love you baby?"  Tears welled up in my eyes I replied "No you fucking don't! I fucking hate you and btw we are over bc I'm done with your shit!" After a few minutes I got 2 questions:

1.-Why the fuck did you say you fucking hated him?! He loves you so much!

reply: He fucking broke my heart so stay out of my business!

2.You don't fucking hate me , you love me ,I want to be in our baby's life!

reply-You have the balls to say that over ?! Half of my family doesn't even know yet but now 66 people who follow me on do?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Never speak to me again! I'm better off without you...

My phone vibrated and Michael was calling me...

Where are you? he asks

I'm at my dads...I sniffled

I'm coming whats the address? he said quickly

138 Circle Crescent.. 

I'm on my way!


Michael and I where sitting on my "bed" , "I need to tell you something..." He said looking worried. "I think I'm in Love with you, and before you say anything I know how your feeling but I can't stop thinking about you, What Luke did to you pissed me off. The moment I met you I thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world and I would love to help raise a baby.." He said very confidently. I didn't say anything, instead I leaned in and kissed his lips. It felt right, it felt perfect. "My dad bought me a beach house and I'm living in it alone.. Do you maybe want to live with me? I know I just told you my feelings but I don't want to live alone..?" He asks nervously. "I'd love too" I said biting my lip. He kissed me then we went to bed.....

(So it wasn't the best chapter but there was a lot of drama! I hope you liked it.. Comment, like, favorite and tell me if you ship Mikey and Bree or Luke and Bree (Aubrey) ? Cooommmeentt haha and wow 1 month 1 week pregnant!!)  


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