Good Girl?

My family thinks I'm good, I thought I was good but then I met Luke... "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" He changed me... (Sequel to The Payne Family... Aubrey's P.o.v)


4. Chapter 3

Song of the ch.-Wrapped around your finger-5Sos







3 weeks later:* at about 3 am:

I was lying on my bed writing a history paper about World War two. My phone buzzed and it was Luke. 

I know you're writing a paper but take a break and come out for a walk with your boyfriend? -Luke

I can't I have to finish! I wish sorry babe :*

I won't take no as an answer! Either I break in and kidnap you or you meet me outside?-Luke

I smiled then bit my lip, I got out of bed then changed into black leggings, and a baggy sweater. I put my hair in a messy bun then snuck past my brothers room. I went outside and Luke was standing right there. "Ah I see you picked the easy choice" Luke laughed taking my hand. "Where are we going? I can't be out too late my brother will kill me!" I say worried that I might get caught, my brother didn't seem to happy that I found a boyfriend. "Don't worry, You'll be home before he realizes you were even gone then I will pick you up in the morning and we will go to school together. "He soothingly states. "Okay, I guess "I say"That's my girl!" Luke says kissing my lips. He keeps walking still holding my hand, Sooner or later we arrive at a cute little beach. "Come on" Luke says taking his shirt off. Soon enough he is only in his boxers. I feel odd but I strip down into my bra and underwear. He picks me up and throws me in the water. I scream, the water is freezing, Luke comes running in and  I splash him. Luke comes closer to me and strokes my cheeks, his arms go lower and lower soon enough we're both naked making love.....   

I sneak back into the apartment. I turn the shower on and take  a long hot shower. I change into Pajama's then go to bed...

The next few days have been rough, I feel gross and I can barely sleep. Luke keeps checking on me but nothing helps.

7 am.. 2 weeks later

I wake up to Noah waking me up, "Bree get up" he coos... I open my eyes and then say "I think... I think.. I'm going to be sick" I say running into my bathroom spewing. Noah brings me a hot cloth and I wipe my mouth. "Bree you've been sick for six days now, and your teacher called and said you should take the next two weeks off. I nod my head then get back into bed... A few hours later I wake up to Luke stroking my head. "Babe, I think you need to take this..." He say's passing me a small box. I read the label and it says "Pregnancy Test", My eyes water up, "babe I will wait right here and support you no matter what! I nod my head and go into the bathroom. I take the test then wait five minutes... After the five minutes I looked at the test and it came up Positive... I felt so sick and scared... I showed Luke the test and he looked very scared. I couldn't be pregnant I'm only 17.. I'm too young.. Oh god I'm going to be a mother....

(Sorry for the short chapter :( I have a lot on my mind... Boys of course haha, Family, friends, and so much more. I won't be able to update tomorrow because I'm going to the Exhibition which is like a cool fair where I live.. (Canada eh?) Comment, Like, and Favorite and share with others... I hope you liked this small chapter and until next time.., Toodles my Lovelies.;. I'm going to go watch Sons Of Anarchy :)   +++++) 


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