Good Girl?

My family thinks I'm good, I thought I was good but then I met Luke... "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" He changed me... (Sequel to The Payne Family... Aubrey's P.o.v)


3. Chapter 2

***Playlist for this ch. - Kiss me Kiss me***


Chapter 2**

I woke up and got out of bed. Today was the first day of school. I took a quick shower then dried off and changed into (not the bag tho)

I curled my hair into loose curls then applied some light pink lip gloss, eye liner, mascara, and a bit of beige eye shadow. I grabbed my backpack then walked into the kitchen. I decided to grab a bagel and some starbz on the way to school. I hugged Noah goodbye then got into my car. I drove to Starbucks then ordered a caramel frape and a plain bagel with cream cheese. I turned my radio on and started listening to Bohemian Rhapsody by queen. I pulled into the student parking then went inside. I found my class list and my locker number then went to my home room.  I got inside and I didn't see Emma, I frowned she must be in a different class. I looked around and saw no one I liked. I took a seat then a few minutes later the guy from the store came into the classroom. He noticed me then sat next to me. "Thank god someone I know" I said at the same time as him. We both started laughing. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a black muscle shirt with a picture of a very mad Doberman Pinscher, he was wearing black converse, and a black lip ring. His blonde hair was styled up and it looked cool. I took out my binder and wrote all my classes down. I noticed Luke was just staring at me and not doing anything. I decided to write out his classes for him too. I guess we were in all the same classes. The teacher Mr.Parks started giving us notes for our first class. I hate notes but Luke was still staring at me. So I decided to write notes for him to. By the end of that class , I packed my stuff up then headed to my home Ec. Class, but first I put my binder in my locker I grabbed my bag ,a notebook , and a pen then headed to class. I got into the classroom which was basically a huge ass kitchen. I sat down at a table and then we started.... "Okay boys and girls I will be pairing you up in groups of 2 that person will be your partner for the rest of the year... She read the list:

Marly and Jake

Santana and Britney 

Blaine and Tina

Aubrey and Luke

and so on...

Luke came walking over to me and then sat next to me. He didn't say anything. "Okay so your first project is to make chocolate chip cookies. " Let's begin she said. "Luke can you pre heat the oven to 325*?" I ask, he still say's nothing then starts the oven. I mix the ingredients then both of us spread them out on a pan. The oven beeps and we put the cookie dough in the oven. I left some extra cookie dough so me and Luke could have some. After 20 minutes the timer beeps and I take it out of the oven. I let the cookies cool then there ready to serve. Mrs.baker comes over and takes a cookie. She takes a bite then says "Full marks! Good Job!" The bell rings and it is soon lunch, I put my stuff in my locker but keep my backpack because it has my money. I text Em and then I meet her at her locker. We walk to the cafeteria and I get some fries and a Cesar salad with extra croutons. I grab an orange juice then I find a spot to sit. Em follows me with almost the same thing but with Greek salad. We sit down and I look at her food. "How can you eat blue cheese?! Especially from the cafeteria!?" I say confused. "I don't know I like it" She laughs digging right in. I finish my salad when I see Luke looking around finding a place to sit. Three guys sitting the table next to us call him over. He sits next to them but won't stop staring at me. "Who's that?" Em asks... ":That's Luke , I met him at the store when we went dress shopping, he gave me an opinion about the dress and now he is in all my classes." I say laughing. "He's cute" She says winking at me, "Yea he is" I laugh, "Do you have a crush on that guy Ashton?" I ask, her cheeks turn red"Yea" she laughs. "Well he is sitting with Luke , Calum, and Michael." I laugh , We finish lunch then sooner than later schools over. I walk out of class then walk to my locker. Luke was standing there waiting for me. "Do you think I could get your number so we can text? I mean we are friends?" He asks so simply. "Sure it's 232-3343" I say typing it in his phone. I put my name as Bree :) and then took a quick selfie for my contact picture. He takes my phone and does the same thing 639-2274, He gave me my phone and the contact name said Luke xD and a selfie. I smile then say "I got to go " He waves then I walk out to my car.

**Later that night**

I was sitting on my bed listening to music, My phone buzzed and it was a text from Luke:

Heyy I was wondering the school dance on Friday is coming up and I wanted to know if you would like to go with me and the guys, You can bring Emma Ashton really likes her... Um so yea I was hoping you could be my date?-Luke

Sure that sounds like so much fun! I'll tell Emma she really likes Ashton too! haha um so like what are you wearing haha?

Um I'm wearing black skinny jeans , my black converse , a black dress shirt and a tie.. What color is your dress? I want to have a matching tie....-Luke

My dress is black and Pink so a pink tie would work If thats okay?

Yea that sounds great! I'm looking forward to this! I'll pick you up at seven on Friday?-Luke

Sounds great!
Bye , See you tomorrow :)-Luke


I felt so nervous, Luke just asked me to the dance!

I pulled my phone out and texted Em:

Me , You , Ashton , Luke, Calum, and Mikey are all going to the dance together! Luke asked me if I would go as his date and he told me to invite you because Ashton likes you!!!

Omfg I'm so excited! Gtg byeeee-Emma

I put my phone on my doc then played my playlist mixed up with Cold play , Blink 182, Hedley , and some glee songs! I changed into my pajamas then went to bed....


Today was the dance, it started in 2 hours, The guys were picking us up in 1 and 1/2. Emma came over after school to get ready. My hair was styled super cute!


My dress was on and my makeup was done! Mascara, Eye liner, a light pink eye shadow, and pink lip stick. 

I put my black heels on and my anchor necklace on too! I put a few bracelets on. I had a small tattoo on my wrist that was a small heart with initials L.R. It is my mom's initials. Emma was ready too she had the same makeup but blue and she was wearing black heels and her hair was the same as mine but with a dark blue smaller bow and a diamond necklace. "Are you excited for tonight?" Em asks.. "Yea I am I can't believe I'm going as Luke's date!" I squeal. Noah comes walking in my room and says "The guys are here" I give Noah a hug then me and Em go with the boys to the car. Luke opens the passenger door for me while everyone else gets in the back. Luke gets into the drivers side and we drive to the dance. We get out of the car and enter the school. Luke takes my hand and I smile, After a bit of dancing Ash and Em go with Mikey and Calum to get punch. Luke and I are still dancing while talking. "You seem like a good girl?" Luke whispers. "Well I am , I don't like getting in trouble I have great grades and I follow my brothers rules." I say, "I like good girls" Luke whispers again. I bite my lip, Luke leans closer then presses his lips against mine. Our lips move in sync then the kiss is over. "I really like you and I have a bad past but I want you to be my girlfriend and make my future a good future not a bad future." He pecks my lips. "I think I can make that work but you have to promise me something?" I say, "What?" he asks..."You can't hurt me, cheat on me , or betray me. I've been through a lot and I don't need that" I say. "I promise" He says kissing me passionately.... 

Not the best chapter but how do you feel about the little romances starting up? What do you think will happen? How did you like this chapter??? Comment! Like ? Favorite? Leave me your opinion and I will respond! If you have any ideas comment. I like socializing with all of you! Next update most likely tomorrow I kind of did a double update today haha toodles :*


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