Good Girl?

My family thinks I'm good, I thought I was good but then I met Luke...
"Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught"
He changed me...
(Sequel to The Payne Family... Aubrey's P.o.v)


2. Chapter 1

Song for the chapter: 18-5Sos



Aubrey's P.o.v

I live with my brother Noah, my mom died when I was 13 years old, Noah was 16, The twins were 11. It really impacted our life. The twins moved in with my Grandma Joan but Noah bought a small apartment. I had a choice Noah or Grams. I chose to live with Noah. My gram sends us money for groceries and clothes. We get $1500 a month. In August she gives us $600 extra for school. Our dad Liam sends Noah and I extra money and he pays our school fee's and our mortgage. He is married to a girl named Clara and they have a 2 year old son named Tate. We don't really see my dad unless it's our birthday he makes a small effort. That's how I got my Iphone 5S Champagne color with a few cases and headphones. That was for my 17 birthday, he also paid for our apartment and the furniture. I'd say my dad is very wealthy so is my gram but she has the twins to take care of. We visit the twins and Gram every 3 months or holiday's. When Noah goes to college with his girlfriend Megan, I plan on finding a roommate so I'm not alone. My mum was my best friend. Us three (Noah, Mum, and I) were very close. I'm not so close with the twins. 

Noah remembers when it was just him and mum for the three years until she let Liam come in and I was born. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 2  bathrooms , a kitchen , laundry room, and living room.  My room has a queen sized water bed, a small dresser, small closet, small bathroom, a small TV, a small key bored and that's about it. Our apartment isn't the biggest but I rather live here than with Liam or my gram. Tomorrow was the first day of school! First day of grade 12! That means new kids in the school and the teacher usually pairs me up with the newbies. Noah doesn't start school until November. The twins go to a different school than me so like I said I only see them every three months so basically four times a year. We went school shopping two weeks ago so I had everything figured out. I got a cool  hipster backpack and a ton of cute outfits. Today my best friend Emma was coming over to go shopping! When school starts at the end of the week the school throws a dance for all the seniors , it's kind of like it's your last year so lets have a dance to celebrate it. We also have prom in May, and Graduation on June 25th. I'm excited, Em and I are going to go shopping for a dress. Our budget is $150 each. Today I was wearing:

My hair was curled and left down and I was wearing black converse. I added a bit of eyeliner and some mascara but that was about it. I grabbed my car keys (16th b-day present from dad Black Ford Mustang!) and walked  outside. I got in my car then drove to Emma's. I pulled into her drive way then text her. She ran outside and got into my car, "Hey!" Em said as she buckled in her seat belt. "Ready to go shopping?" I ask. Yup , she says as we drive to the mall. We find a parking spot then get out. I lock the door then put my keys in my bag. We walk into the mall and go to this nice dress shop. I search through the racks and find a few dresses to try on. Em is still searching. I walk to the change rooms, then try on a few dresses. Finally I think I found the right one but I needed Em's opinion. I stepped out of the change room then called for Em, She didn't answer, I groaned. I need your opinion Em and you aren't coming! I practically shout, "You look beautiful" a boy with blonde hair states. I think you should buy the dress. "Thanks? Do you work here?" I ask, "No My younger sister needs a dress for her boyfriends birthday or something" He smiles. "What's your name?" he asks... "My name is Aubrey but just call me Bree" I say as I bite my lip. "Oh my name is Luke" he smiles. "I got to go bye Luke" I say going back into the change room. I take the dress off and put on my normal clothes. I carry the dress out of the change room and find a pair of shoes to match. I walk over and I see Em talking to some guy. "Ooh Bree come here meet my friend Ashton.." Hey I smile, Em I'm going to go pay for these I say pointing to the dress and shoes. Okay, Bye she says. I walk over to the cash register and pay. I walk over to Em. "Ready to go?" I ask "Yup " She says hugging Ashton gooodbye. She pays for her items and then we go home....

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Bree's dress:

 Em's dress


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