Draconis Occidentalis

Draconis Occidentalis

A glorified title really. It's what scientists say when they don't want to actually say the real word.

Because it's too impossible.


8. Pack Mentality- Part 1

Pack Mentality- Part 1


’Why? Why would he do it? I don’t understand...’ Maddie couldn’t stop thinking about Laura and Derek Hale as she lay in her bed that night. She just couldn’t understand why a person would do such a… terrible thing to their family. Especially after they’d already lost so much. She looked into the Hale House fire and what she found out wasn’t pretty. Apparently the entire family burned to death and the only people left surviving were Derek, his sister Cora and his uncle Peter. She groaned, looking at her clock. It was 6:59. her alarm clock was going to sound in one minute. Rather than letting it blare throughout the house she clicked the off button and got out of bed, groggily. She didn’t get any sleep at night, thinking about all that was happening with them. And it had only been a week. She walked into her closet picking out a cute yet simple outfit. She didn’t feel like getting yelled at by Lydia today so she tried her best not to look like she’d just walked out of the woods.


She grabbed a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a plain black shirt. She slipped on a red and black flannel and a pair of red converse. She looked at herself in the mirror, content, grabbed her phone and started to walk out of her room. She saw one of her old avengers snapbacks on the way out and decided that it would be a nice touch to her outfit. She made it downstairs and went into the kitchen looking for Jenny. Instead, she was greeted by a big note in neon letters on the fridge.




Maddie, grabbed her backpack and walked out of the house ignoring her sister’s warning to have breakfast. She decided that since she had so much extra time she would just walk to school. She walked through the dreaded doors of the school, immediately just wanting to leave and get some sleep. She heard Scott’s faint voice and followed it into the main hall of the school.


“A. I meant I’ve never had a dream that felt that real and B. never give me that much detail about you in bed again.”


“Noted.” She immediately joined into the conversation.


“Ew. Stilinski in bed. I feel bad for that chic.” She said with a smirk. Stiles gives her an annoyed look while Scott just let out a small giggle.

“You know what Maddie, any girl that got to be in a bed with me would be lucky.” He said, confidently. Maddie just wrinkled her nose and gave a disgusted look. Stiles just scoffed and looked away. Finally Scott decided to interject.


“Maddie, I feel that i should fill you in on what we were talking about.” She nodded and signaled for him to go on. “Well, last night I had this dream… about me and Allison. we were on one of the school buses and we were...uh.. kissing and when things started to get  heated I… um… I killed her…”


“Huh…” That was all she said. She had no other words for that.


“Let me take a guess here.” Stiles said before he was interrupted by Scott.


“No, I know you think it has something to do with me going out with Allison tomorrow. Like I’m gonna lose control and rip her throat out.”


“Makes sense.” Maddie said to herself. Stiles and scott both glared at her. She put her hands up in defense. “Just sayin’.” Stiles looked at scott.


“No of course not.” He said. Both Maddie and Scott looked at him skeptically. He sighed, “Yeah, that’s totally it.” Scott looked at the ground, slightly discouraged. “Hey, look, it’s gonna be fine, all right? Personally I think you’re handling this pretty freaking amazingly.” Maddie nods.


“He’s right you know. I mean when I first found out about what I was, I nearly burned down half of Ireland. I hurt people I never thought I could and I don’t know what I could've ended up doing if I hadn’t had my sister there to stop me. But you… you’ve done nothing even remotely terrible. In fact, you’ve been basically the poster boy for the perfect beta werewolf.” She said, a serious expression on her face.


“Yeah, It’s not like there’s a “Lycanthropy for Beginners” class.” Stiles said, giving Maddie a thankful look.


“Yeah, not a class, but maybe a teacher…” Scott said. Maddie's eyes widened.


“Who Derek!” Stiles yelled. Maddie quickly looked around to make sure no one heard him. He hit’s Scott over the back of the head. “Are you forgetting the part where we got him tossed in jail?” Again, he spoke quite loudly.


“Hey, you think you can lower your voice a bit?’ Maddie asked him. She shrugged.


“yeah, I know, but chasing her,,, dragging her to the back of the bus, it felt so real.” He said.


“How real?” Asked both Maddie and Stiles. They gave each other a look and Stiles let out a small ‘Jinx’ before looking back at Scott.


He rolled his eyes and said “Like it actually happened…” They walked outside to the back of the school and the sight before them causes them all to gasp. There’s a bus covered in blood with the back door ripped off. It is surrounded by police tape and cops.


“I think it did…”



It’d been about twenty minutes. Allison still hadn’t shown up for school and they were all freaking out. “She’s probably fine!” Stiles said in a lame attempt to reassure them all.


“She’s not answering my texts, Stiles!” Maddie shakes her head.


“Mine too. I tried calling her but it keeps going to voicemail.” She said.


“You know, it could just be a coincidence, alright?” He said. Maddie shook her head. They were frantically walking around the school.


“You’re new to this world so I’m gonna give you a really important piece of info… There is no such thing a coincidence.”


“A seriously amazing coincidence…?” Maddie rolled her eyes. Scott looked back at him.


“Look, just help me find her ok?” And so they did. They kept looking but no one could see her anywhere. Maddie was starting to breathe really heavily. She hadn’t known Allison for long but she cared about her and she didn’t need to lose anyone she cared about right now. Stiles noticed her starting to hyperventilate and quickly grabbed her hand.


“Hey, you’ll be alright okay? And so will Allison. I’m sure she’s fine.” He said looking into her eyes. She blinked once before nodding slowly and going back to looking for her friend. She made sure not to let go of Stiles’s hand because she was too afraid she would lose control without it. Suddenly, Scott started to freak out, breathing heavily and stumbling through the halls. She gave Stiles a look before running after him. They made just in time to see him punch a locker and destroy it. Maddie found it ironic because it was Jackson’s locker. The two of them were about to go check on him when he bumped into Allison. Maddie let out a sigh of relief before looking at Stiles.


“We should let him talk to her.” She said. He nodded and let go of her hand, getting ready to head to class but Maddie just grabbed it once more. He looked at her surprised and she gave him a small smile. “We have first period together.” He smiled back and the two of them walk off. She looked back once to see Allison and Scott speaking to each other. Allison looked up and saw her, smirking at her and Stiles intertwined hands. Maddie blushed and looked away walking off to class with her friend, Stiles Stilinski.


I'm really sorry. I know that this chapter is really short but I just wanted to update for you guys. I tried to make it up by adding some Maddie/Stiles action but I'm pretty sure I just made it cheesy... I promise that the next chapter will be much better and longer. Oh and comment telling me what you think their ship name should be!

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