I'm wanted by Two (BxB)

16 year old Kyle is a gay high school student. With only 2 close friends, Sophie and Bryan , Kyle has to deal with Nathan and his friends bulling him. Nathan Is a popular kid that everyone knows and loves, that's including Kyle. That's right, even Kyle has a crush in him.
One day, Kyle couldn't take anymore of the stress and ran away from home to his secret place in the woods and finds a new friend there.
Later in this story, his new friend wants more from him, but someone else wanted the same from Kyle. Slowly, Kyle falls in love with both.

(Sorry, I'm not good with descriptions)

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7. Chapter 7

    I looked over at my clock and it read 2:05 a.m. Im just too stressed to sleep. So I got up and stumbled to the kitchen for some milk. It was dark, but I still know how to get around the house. It just hit me that my birthday is in two days.

    I walked back to my room, rubbing my head. I sat down on my bed before laying down.


    I jumped out of my bed and landed on the floor. You the hell was that?! I looked up and Nathan was sitting on my window.

    "Nathan?! Why are you here? How did you get here? Just... Go home," I told him not knowing what to say. I got up to rub my sore butt and sat back on my bed.

    "Please just listen," he walked into my room and sat on my bed next to me.

    "I just want to explain the kiss..." He began. My heart began to speed.

    "I want to claim that you are mine. I didn't want to be your bully, but it was one way of getting close to you and-"

    "What do you mean 'I want to claim that you are mine'? What is that supposed to mean? I don't 'belong' to anyone," I said wanting to punch his face.

    "That's the thing. You just don't get it!" He raised his voice. I shushed him and he sighed to calm down.

    "Then make me understand," I told him. I don't know why I have been such a softy to Nathan. I hate him... I really do, but I also want to love him for some reason.

    "Remember that on day that I was over at your house... This house with your brother? And you ran out? I chased you down and... I.. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you need to know that... I'm.. A.. Werewolf and so is our teacher. He is an Alfa in my packs enemy side and he wants to claim you, but I'm going to be Alpha in mine soon and we both want you because of your sent that you have," he explained.

    "Do you really think I'm that stupid. Werewolf? Really?!" I told him.

    "Please believe me! The reason why I kissed you is to avoid risk of that man to take advantage of you!" He responded. I can't believe he really thinks I'm going to buy this.

    "Okay, thanks for the so-called explanation, now please show yourself out the window," I got up and walked to the window.

    He walked up to me and pinned me on the wall.

    "You have to believe me! Please, come with me so I can make you mine!" He pleaded. Wow, he is so stupid. Thinking I'm going to fall for this act.

    "Go home, Nathan, I'm tired of games. Tomorrow is Friday, and I want good sleep for school," I pushed him off. He sighed and climbed out.

    "Fine, consider this a warning then," he said as he ran off. I rolled my eyes and closed my window. I also decided to keep the lock on my window on.



    I'm so glad that its Friday and I have a four day weekend.

    I haven't seen Nathan all day today, which is weird.

    "Hey," Brian said to me as I snapped out of my thoughts.

    "Hey, dude, sorry... I was just thinking too hard," I told him.

    "Okay, but if you don't have any plans, you should come over today to have a sleepover ALL weekend! How does that sound? Movies, video games, staying up all night..." Brain went on.

    "Calm down," I chuckled, "that sounds great."
    "Great! I can meet you at your house after you're all packed okay?" He confirmed. He kinda sounds like a girl when he talks about sleepovers. Now that I think about it, I can be a girl about it too. We finished making plans for the long weekend sleepover and went to our last classes for today.
    I walked into the classroom and noticed that there was a substitute. Nathan and Mr.Howell were gone. That to me is a little weird.

    At the end of the day, I walked out of the classroom and saw Brian and Sophie waiting for me.

    "Sophie!" I smiled.

    "My nerd!" She gave my a tight long hug, "I wish we could hangout this weekend, but I'm going out of town."

    Bryan came around and put his arm around me, "its okay, this guy is mine all weekend!"

    I love it when friends claims you, it makes me feel very special. We exchanged our weekend plans and left each other with a group hug.

    I went to my house and packed some snacks and some clothing for the weekend of fun with my best friend Bryan. Sometimes I think he is gay too, but I know he isn’t. We are just close friends and nothing more or less.
    I walked down the street to his house thinking of what are we going to do for the four days that we are together. I knocked on his door. A minute later, his mother answered.
    “Oh, hello! I’m so glad you are able to come over,” She smiled, “Please come in. Bryan is in his room.” I smiled and walked down the hallway to Bryan’s room.
    I knocked on his door. Bryan quickly opened his door and smiled.
    “Yay, you’re here!”he screamed while hugging me, “please come in! Quickly!” He then pulled me into his room and shut his door and waited for a second.
    “New plan,” he began,” this weekend my mom is going to her parents house and I know this great party that is being hosted, what do ya’ say?” That’s kind of scary, but it does sound like a lot of fun. We agreed that after an hour when his mother leaves, we will take our exit as well. We have a game plan and everything! It was so exciting sneaking out of the house like this and doing something we are not supposed to do. I never done anything like this before, but i can feel the adrenalin rushing through my veins.
    His mother soon left and we waited for an hour to go by so just in case his mother returns, we won’t be in trouble. The sun was setting and the moon was starting to raise as our ambition did as well.
    “Are you ready?” Bryan asked with a smirk on his face. I took a deep breath and nodded. We turned off all the lights and snuck out the door to his car.
    We were both getting pumped up for the party. This is my first real party that i have ever been to.
    This place is very far away, but there isn’t a lot of houses and people living near their, so it was an “Ultimate party house” Bryan put it. He goes to a lot of parties, so i’m sure he knows what he is talking about.
    We pulled up to a gate with a number pad on it. He pushed some numbers and the gate opened. We pulled up there, on top of the hill, was a very beautiful white and black mansion like the ones you see in movies. I looked around to see cars and butlers. What kind of party is this?

    As we pulled up, a man in a uniform walked up. Bryan stopped the car and we both got out and gave him the keys. I took a deep breath as Bryan put his arm around me.
    “This is what a great party looks like,” he smiled. He smelled the air and looked around.
    “Do you smell that?” he asked, “that's the smell of hot girls waiting! Lets go!” He pushed me along as we entered the double doors. Music rushing to my ears, people dancing and socializing. It’s a lot to take in. Someone with a red cup in his hand walked up to Bryan.
    “Hey, he is upstairs,” he said. Bryan nodded and both of them looked at me.
    “So, this is the one? dang he has really good taste,” he said to him as if I couldn’t hear him. That’s very flattering and all, but I want to know what they are talking about. Bryan took my arm and dragged me upstairs and led me to a room.
    “Okay, I have to talk to some people and I’ll be right back,” he told me. I didn’t think much about it, but I nodded and he walked out.
    Five minutes have passed and a man in a mask entered the room.
    “I can’t believe you actually came,” he mumbled.
    “I’m sorry, I don’t understand,” I told him backing away from the man.
    “Today is the day when we become mates” he said as he took off his mask.
    “Mr. Howell?”

To be continued...


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