I'm wanted by Two (BxB)

16 year old Kyle is a gay high school student. With only 2 close friends, Sophie and Bryan , Kyle has to deal with Nathan and his friends bulling him. Nathan Is a popular kid that everyone knows and loves, that's including Kyle. That's right, even Kyle has a crush in him.
One day, Kyle couldn't take anymore of the stress and ran away from home to his secret place in the woods and finds a new friend there.
Later in this story, his new friend wants more from him, but someone else wanted the same from Kyle. Slowly, Kyle falls in love with both.

(Sorry, I'm not good with descriptions)

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6. Chapter 6

“What are you doing?” I asked.
    “Don’t go inside. Its dangerous,” he replied.
    “What is so dangerous about my house? Its my house, you can’t tell me what to do,” I rolled my eyes at him and continued walking. He ran in front of me so i couldn't move.
    “Get out of my w-”
    “Please listen to me! You are in danger and you have to come with me!” he warned me again.
    “Is this one of your stupid little pranks? I thought you were done being a child Nathan! Its time to grow up,” I tempted to push him aside, but he picked me up and put me over his shoulder and began to run the other way from my house. IS HE FUCKING KIDNAPPING ME?!
    “Put me down!” I screamed. I started hitting his back and tried to kick him, but he continued running to the woods. When we got far from the neighborhood, he put me down.
    “What the hell was that for!” I yelled at him. He shushed me and looked around.
    “What are you do-” he put his hand over my mouth so I would be quiet and looked straight into my eyes.
    “Mr. Howell was at your house looking for you,” Nathan said, “I just thought you didn’t want to see him.”
    “I don’t know why he is there, but I’m sure he wouldn’t be the one to hurt me!” I said quietly. Seconds later, a wolf howled. Nathan got up and looked around with wide eyes.
    “Close your eyes,” Nathan demanded. I looked at him with one eyebrow up.
    “Why would I do that?” I asked. He sighed deeply and walked frustratedly to me.
    “What are you doing?” I frantically asked, walking backwards from him. He grabbed my head and shoved his lips onto mine. I tried to squirm away, he held me so tightly I couldn’t move. I can feel his tongue brushing against my bottom lip. I could help but to let it in.
    “Kyle? Nathan? Is that you?” Someone yelled as I finally pushed him off. Nathan and I looked and it was Mr. Howell with a flashlight.
    “Your mother called me, she thought you were with me and got concerned. Nathan, what the hell are you doing?” he said.
    “Thats not the only thing you're here for, is it?” Nathan said in a low voice.
    “What are you talking about Nathan? Go home,” he replied. I walked to Mr. Howell and Nathan followed behind me. When I got to his car, he shut the door and Nathan stayed away from the car.
    “Is Nathan not riding with us?” I asked as Mr. Howell go into the car.
    “No, he said that he lives close by so he will walk home.” He drove off leaving Nathan behind. I watched him from the rearview mirror until I couldn’t see him anymore.
    On the way back to my house, I couldn’t stop thinking about Nathan. I kept imagining him kissing me over and over again. I buried my face within my hands trying to calm down.
    “Did… Nathan… do anything to you?” Mr. Howell suddenly asked, "because you smell funny."
    “N-no. He didn’t do anything,” I shook my head. I looked down until I felt the car slowing down next to my house. I opened the door as soon as the car came to a complete stop. Mr. Howell grabbed my arm before I could get out.
    “Be careful. Once a bully, always a bully. You can’t trust Nathan no matter what nice things he might say,” he said as he let go. I nodded my head and left his car. I ran inside and went straight to my room. I laid on my bed and held my heart as it beated through my chest. I thought about Nathan kissing me again. I felt my face flushed with red and covered it with my hands.
    I changed to my loose pajamas and went to the restroom that was across my room to brush my teeth.
    “Where have you been?” someone asked me suddenly. I looked over to see my brother rubbing his eyes in only boxers.
    “Just out with Bryan and didn’t realize the time… Just go to bed,”I replied as I rinsed off my toothbrush. He walked back into his room as I walked into mine, Something just occured to me. Mr. Howell said that my mother was worried, but I she isn’t home yet. why would she be concerned about me now? she has never showed worry for me ever since I came out and told her that I was gay. I sighed and crawled onto my bed. I’m tired, but I don’t think I can sleep tonight.


To be continued...



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