I'm wanted by Two (BxB)

16 year old Kyle is a gay high school student. With only 2 close friends, Sophie and Bryan , Kyle has to deal with Nathan and his friends bulling him. Nathan Is a popular kid that everyone knows and loves, that's including Kyle. That's right, even Kyle has a crush in him.
One day, Kyle couldn't take anymore of the stress and ran away from home to his secret place in the woods and finds a new friend there.
Later in this story, his new friend wants more from him, but someone else wanted the same from Kyle. Slowly, Kyle falls in love with both.

(Sorry, I'm not good with descriptions)

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3. Chapter 3

    I couldn't believe my eyes. Did I do this to Nathan?

    "Look at you finally growing a pair!" Sophie slapped my chest. I rubbed the area she hit and chuckled a little, but no smile appeared on my face.

    "You don't look happy, why?" She expressed a concerned look on her face.

    "Its... Nothing," I smiled.

    Without anyone ganging up on me, the day just seemed to drag on. I keep hearing girls complaining about their "poor Nathan" and how he didn't do anything to anyone. I usually just try to ignore them, but its hard to get away from girl's whispers.

    When I went to English, the class was very quiet. Mr.Howell occasionally looks at me and smiles. Everytime when i look up, I catch his eyes glaring at me.

    As the bell rang, I quickly got up, but Mr.Howell called me to his desk. Again, we waited for everyone to Leave, but this time I was standing up.

    "So, was there any trouble today?" He asked.

    "No, but I did hear that those guys were in the ISS room," I said. He just nodded his head and looked at the back of the room.

    "Well, with your help, and the help from some others, we were able to stop this from getting too serious," he said. I didn't know what to say. I began to nod and walk away, but Mr.Howell grabbed a hold of my wrist. I quickly turned around to find his eyes staring straight into mine.

    "We were just trying to protect you," he said while letting go of me, "its part of my job to make sure my students are okay."

    "I know. Thanks," I smiled and left the room.

    When I got outside, I took a deep breath of fresh air and continued walking to my mothers car, which i drove this morning..  Got in, but decided to sit for a while. Before I knew it, someone tapped the car window, causing me to tense up. I looked over and it was my English teacher, so I rolled down my window.

    "Are you alright?" He asked.

    "Yeah, sorry. I just kinda drifted off," I said. He nodded and got out a piece of paper. He wrote something and gave it to me.

    "If you ever need anything, here is my phone number and address. Drive carefully," he smiled and walked to his car. I Looked down at the information he gave me, and put it in my pocket.

    When I got home, I didn't see my fathers car. It then hit me that my parents are eating dinner with some friends and won't be home until 10. I decided to park the car in the garage. I walked inside, and didn't see any of my brothers stuff. I walked to my room, shut the door, and drifted off to sleep on my bed.

    When I woke up, it was only 7, but I was really hungry. I opened my door and heard someone talking downstairs. I slowly walked to the stairs and saw my brother and kissing someone, they both walked to the dining area. I smiled and began going down the stairs to the kitchen.

"I didn't know you were home!" Someone whispers. I looked back and it was my brother.

    "Why are you whispering?" I asked.

    "It doesn't matter, you need to get out of here! Right now!" He said with an angry expression.

    "Hey, what's taking so long?" A man yelled from the dining area. He swung the door open and immediately stopped as soon as he saw me. I squinted my eyes and In Shock, i dropped my glass of water like in some cheesy drama movie.

    "Nathan, what are you doing here?" I asked.


To be continued...




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