I'm wanted by Two (BxB)

16 year old Kyle is a gay high school student. With only 2 close friends, Sophie and Bryan , Kyle has to deal with Nathan and his friends bulling him. Nathan Is a popular kid that everyone knows and loves, that's including Kyle. That's right, even Kyle has a crush in him.
One day, Kyle couldn't take anymore of the stress and ran away from home to his secret place in the woods and finds a new friend there.
Later in this story, his new friend wants more from him, but someone else wanted the same from Kyle. Slowly, Kyle falls in love with both.

(Sorry, I'm not good with descriptions)

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1. Chapter 1

Author note: This is my first werewolf-gay romance, so please send me feed back! Please don't be too mean to me tho~


And if you don't like gay romances, you can go back to your normal reading :)

'Mkay! Byeee~<3



They pushed me into the Empty men's restroom.

    "Are you gonna be a good boy and give what we ask for?" One said in a low-toned voice with our noses barely touching.

    "I don't have it," my nose flared. Nathan looked at me in the eye and pointed to my bag. Instantly, two guys held both of my arms as he took my bag. I struggled to get free, but the guys were too strong. Nathan dug through my bag until he had a satisfied look on his face. He pulled out my English folder and flipped through it. He pulled out a piece of paper labeled 'Homework' and held it in front of my face.

    "You don't have it? Then, what is this?" He coked his head in sarcastic questioning. I Shook my head and shrugged not knowing what to do. He threw my bag to the ground and started to head out. The two guys then did the same but to me and they left the restroom. I sighed and picked up my stuff that fell out of my bag and walked out.

    When I came out, I saw my friends Sophie and Bryan  talking to each other. They waved and started walking toward me.

    "Man, what did you roll in?" Bryan  asked as he held his nose.

    "You know who... In the..." I pointing to the restroom. Understandingly, they shook their head.

    "What is wrong with those jackasses," Bryan  growled as we walked. I shrugged my shoulders.

    "Easy, two words," Sophie paused, "Fuckin jealously." I couldn't help but to laugh. Bryan  and Sophie has always been there for me and they always make me happy. They are not my only friends, but they are my closest friends and they know I am gay.

    Despite the morning trouble and the quiet lunch, the day flew by pretty quick. my last class was English. I love writing and reading, but just as happy thoughts filled my head, I just realized that I didn't 't have my homework. My heart just fell through my stomach.

    I stepped into the classroom and saw the group of guys and girls surrounding Nathan. Despite him bulling me, I do have a slight crush on him, but does he really deserve all that attention?

    As the bell rung, everyone took their seats and the teacher,Mr. Howell walked inside.

    "I trust that everyone turned their homework in the homework bins In The back," he said pointing to the cardboard Bins that has 'HW Bin' written in front of it, "so let's begin."

    Halfway through class, we had some work time and the teacher decided to grade some work. Before I knew it, the bell rung and it was finally time to go home.

    "Kyle, can we talk in private before you leave?" Mr. Howell asked. I nodded and waited for everyone to leave, which didn't take long. I pulled out a chair and sat near his desk.

    "I don't like being blunt, but are you getting bullied?" He asked.

To be continued...


Author note: Sorry its kinda short, but i didn't want to make it too long... i will try to make the 2nd chapter longer :)

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