Us against them

Mia use to be the Innocent, sweet, caring girl. She ran away from her terrible past and changed. She was the towns bad girl. She'd steal and was addicted to drugs. She'd live carefree and live each day like it was her last. She would have one night stands and make sure she doesn't catch feelings. She wouldn't listen to anybody and do what she wanted.

Harry was the player. Would go from one girl to another. He wouldn't let himself get feelings for them. He would be at party's almost every night. He wouldn't care what people say about him or listen to what they say to him.

What happens when they meet at the same party? there friends tell them to stay away from each other. Will they listen? Or go against there rules?


3. chapter three


Soooooo we were now in a somewhat circle on the floor and I have my hand on Luke's lap, my other had a bottle of vodka. "let's play... Spin the bottle!" I yelled. "Mia... Where already playing that." Lola laughed. Mostly everyone left except Lola's friends.

Ashton, calum, luke, Michael, the curly haired boy, Louis, Liam, ema, Zayn and perrie, Niall, tyler and sadly Megan.

I finished the bottle which was in my hand and started to rub luke.

He moaned which caused me to giggle.

I put the bottle in the middle and ran to the kitchen.


She came back with another bottle in her hand. She stumbled a bit but fell onto Luke's lap. Her friend, ema? I think was her name. Grabbed the bottle that was empty and she started to spin it. It landed on Louis and the had a make out session until I cleared my throat.

Luke lazily spun the bottle and it landed on Meg. He glanced at Mia but she was too drunk to care.

****many, MANY spins later***

Mia spun the bottle and it was about to land on Niall, who was next to me, but it landed on me. She got up and sat on my lap.



An Alley? What am I doing here? I looked ahead and darkness filled the air. I saw the curly headed boy walking towards me. His green eyes pierced through me as he made his way. He pushed past me "hey! Watch it!" I yelled after him. He turned around and marched towards me and I pushed him back but he grabbed my wrist and pushed me hard against the brick wall and-

I jumped up sweating "it's just a bad dream... Nothing more..." I mumbled as I looked around. My eyes landed on a blond haired head and a bare chest. My eyes widened as I realized who that was. I smacked the back of his head. "Huh?!" He yelled as he looked over at me. "What the fuck tyler?! We had a one thing. One thing only!" I snapped at him. "Why the hell am I I'm bed with you when I was making out with what's his face"

"Harry? Oh you guys were snoging each other but then you said you were hungry and left. You came back and dragged me up here." He said holding up his hands in defense. "Ugh my head hurts." I whined as I through the cover over my head. He chuckled "you had like 4 bottles of vodka and you kept taking peoples cups last night."

I got up and ran a hand threw my hair. I grabbed Tyler's shirt and threw it over me. It fit me big but eh. I walked out and saw luke he had no shirt on and some sweats. "Luke? Hey!" I chirped. "Huh... Hey." He said turning towards me. "Did you stay sober last night?" I asked. He hummed a light 'mhm' as yes. "erm... What happened?" I asked "I remembered we played spin the bottle. You kissed Megan and I kissed Harry but that's all I remember." I said honestly. "You got up and ate some cookies I had in my fridge" he said playfully glaring at me. I giggled but stayed silent after.

"You found another bottle of vodka, chugged it down and you were dragging me to the bathroom I asked you why and you said you needed to pee. Lola saw us and dragged me away. I didn't see you after that. I think Harry told me tyler dragged you to a room?" Harry? he saw us? Damn tyler lied he said I dragged him.

"Oh... Thanks." I said as I walked back to a room. I opened the door "Tyler I'm going to-" I stopped as I saw Harry shirtless in the same bed with Megan's hideous self. "Mia?" Harry asked. I scoffed and slammed the door shut.

Fucking Megan has to be a slut and sleep with every fucking person. It's like see-and-fuck to her. I sleep with guys too but it's one night stands not cheating. She has a fucking boyfriend yet she sleeps with numerous guys. "YOU SLUT!" I yelled out in anger.


"YOU SLUT!" I heard Mia yell. I honestly don't remember fucking meg. I got up and slid my boxers on with my shirt. I walked towards where I heard Mia yell. She was still there. Pacing around. "Mia?" I asked getting her attention. "Fuck off." She spat. "What's wrong?" I asked as I walked closer towards her. "You fucking slept with a slut! You could have STD's if all I care. She has a fucking boyfriend who doesn't deserve that! You fucked a slut-" I cut her off "why do you care?! Your a slut too! The whole town says so! You don't know me and I don't know you so why do you care?!" I snapped at her.

"Do you even know what the definition of 'slut' is?" She said calmer and stared at the wall.

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