Vampire Fight

I'm a Vampire. Don't worry I'm a "good" Vampire. Though I do have one enemy. And his goal in life is to kill me...


2. Hunting

         Anyway back to reality. I hear my "dad's" footsteps coming down the hall. I shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep. He opens my door, kisses me on the forehead then leaves the my room. I wait until I hear my parents room door shut then walkout of my room. I peek under their door and see no light. I then softly try the door handle to make sure it's locked. I walk quietly back to my room and close the door. I creep to my window and as quietly as possible I open the window and slip out.


     I take a deep breath and look at the stars. The crisp, night, air smells so lovely. I walk away from the house and to the mountain, that's only a few yards away. I start jogging up the mountain and once the house is out of sight, I run full speed. I stop and close my eyes. My long blond hair gets swept into my face by the wind. I push it aside and take a deep whiff and smell moss, dirt, a herd of deer and wait. I smell deer!. I follow the smell and see a small herd of deer. I stop and pounce. I'm on the deer so fast and crushed his windpipe so he couldn't make a single sound. I could feel the heat coming off his body as lowered my self down for a drink. The warm, salty blood cooled the slight burn in my throat. Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me.

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