Vampire Fight

I'm a Vampire. Don't worry I'm a "good" Vampire. Though I do have one enemy. And his goal in life is to kill me...


1. Dreams, That are Real

      " What are you" he says in a iraited voice.

"Myself" I say. He slaps me across the face hard.

"What are you" He shouts angrily.

Smirking slightly " Myself" I say

" Fine be like that, what world are you from." He snarls

" My world" I say

"What's your world" He asks

" My world" I reply

 I hear the slap before I feel it. I stop the flashback. Whenever we dream, we dream of things that have already happened. That "he" turned out to be John, my now greatest enemy and the father of my vampire children, Alex, Sarah, and Nikki. Yes the greatest enemy of my life is the father of my children and once my greatest lover. And yes I'm a vampire. But I'm good I swear. It's him that's bad, he tries to feast on every human he possibly can. I feast on animals (Twilight wasn't lying about that part) which he does not approve of. I'm Rose, a vampire and he is John also a vampire. Greatest enemies. On the same but on a different side.



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