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this is a pretty pointless movella with alot of reads.Thanks..

Just realized I slept "a lot" wrong..oops

Just realized I spelt "spelt" wrong. I'm an idiot.


244. The Bite of '87

Hey guys! So this is a short story based off of Five nights at Freddy's because I'm basically just OBSESSED with this game! I love all the theories and animations on YouTube and on Google! Two of my favorites is The Bite of '87 which is where one of the animatronics ( possibly Foxy or Freddy,) bit off the frontal lobe of some kid. My second favorite is where people believe Foxy is actually a good animatronic. People believe this because he gets worried for you and runs down the hall to check on you, because he knows his fellow animations are insane in the membrane (or lack of one). He screams for you so you know he's is cool but has a dis-functioning voice box so it comes out as a scream then Mike dies of a heart attack. Guys Foxy is so nice and everyone hates him. :( But the point of this was not to bore you with all this knowledge of Five nights at Freddy's. I wrote a short story as I said in the beginning so I hope you enjoy this!

The Bite of '87

It was my brother's birthday, and he wanted to go to Freddy Fazbear's. I was okay with that. I had my birthday there a while back. The only thing I didn't like were the animatronics, and the dirty bathrooms. On the stage were the animatronics. They were playing instruments and singing. My brother screamed and squealed every time Freddy started singing. "Hey, Amy, Foxy's microphone is going to slip out of his hand!" My brother squeaked. Before I could respond he ran up to the ginger robot. "Damien, come back here!" I shouted. I looked back at my parents, who were complaining about the foul taste of the pizza. They weren't going to be any help. I trotted up to my brother and I tried to pull him away. "Leave me alone!" Damien squealed. He tore himself from my grip and re-adjusted Foxy's microphone. I frowned and crossed my arms, defeated. "You aren't supposed to touch them you nincompoop." I scoffed. "You're mean!" Damien whined. Foxy suddenly dropped his microphone and wrapped his free hand around Damien's neck. "Damien! Come back here now!" I hissed, tugging on his shirt. Suddenly, Foxy lifted up his hand and Damien was lifted off the ground. "Mom! Help me!" Damien chocked, struggling to breath. I pulled him by his shoes, but they only slipped off, revealing his kiddy socks. Foxy brought Damien up to his mouth and suddenly he snapped his mouth close. "Damien!" A woman shrieked. I was frozen. My feet were bolted to the floor. Foxy was gnawing on my brother's head. I felt two people push past me. I fell to my knees, helpless. I could hear Foxy's gears acting up. Foxy tried to pull Damien out of his mouth, but as Foxy kept tugging, he ripped out Damien's frontal lobe. People rushed over to the scene, I hadn't noticed my mother was screaming. I looked up at Foxy's eyes, and he looked down at me. He...looked at me. Blood dripped from his now broken jaw. He had killed my brother.

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