Dumb FanFic Moments

this is a pretty pointless movella with alot of reads.Thanks..

Just realized I slept "a lot" wrong..oops

Just realized I spelt "spelt" wrong. I'm an idiot.



Hey guys I just wanna say thank you for everything and I love you all equally no matter what!

Anyways I just wanna say,Y'know you commeted Penguins if you're a Luke Girl and you also commented Twerk for Niall,well then you're in a squad.

The Squad is called Twerking Penguins and if you are apart of it then you Love Niall and Luke and the other boys😂

I dunno if I am apart of the Twerking Penguins or nah because I'm a Michael & Louis girl😏

(Michael & Louis Girl's are called the Superman Loves Pizza squad😂)

Anyways I'll update in a few minutes,Love ya guys!! :-)

Song suggestion:Snow in California by Ariana Grande :)

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