The Outbreak

Ally Hernandez is 14 years old when she lands an acting part on her favorite show, The Walking Dead. She gets the part of 'Carl Grimes' love interest, little did she know her and Chandler Riggs would be fighting real walkers together.


2. Chapter 1

~~~ Ally's point of view ~

I wake up at 5 am and hop in the shower. I have to be on set at 9 and at the studio at 7.

I get out of the shower and wrap a towel around my body. I grab some jeans, a random shirt, and a pair of black converse and get dressed. I brush my hair out and walk down stairs to get breakfast. I grab my new phone from the table, Frank (producer) knew about my moms money problems and he bought me an iPhone to keep up to date with the show. "Ally you're awake! Go grab a bowl of ceral, we need to go." My mom says. I run into the kitchen and get a bowl and get my ceral and milk. I grab a spoon and sit down at the table. "Ally, I'm going to get my purse and keys and if you're not done by then you are walking." I shove all the ceral in my mouth and wash the bowl quickly. "Ready?" "Yeah mom." I say grabbing my phone and slipping it in my pocket. We walk out the door and lock it. The old man that lives on the streets is up limping around. Why is he moaning? Thats so weird, hes probably in pain or something. I get in the car and buckle up. My mom starts the car and drives me to the set.

"Okay mom, I'll see you later." "Bye Ally." I walk in the doors and start talking to Emily   (Beth). "So since they are bringing in more people, they are making people share trailers." Beth informs me. "I know, I'm sharing with Chandler,  you are sharing with Melissa (Carol) right?" "Yeah, Lauren (Maggie) and Steven (Glenn) are sharing. Then Norman (Daryl) and Andrew (Rick) are sharing." "You don't know the rest?" I ask. "No, but Scott (Hershal) came today because there is going to be a flashback. You should go introduce yourself." Emily tells me.

I nod and walk towards Scott. "Hi I'm Ally." I say introducing myself. "Scott, I've heard so much about you Ally." Scott says. "I've heard a lot about you,  I'm a huge fan." "Thank you, I have to go get ready, maybe I can talk to you later." Scott tells me. "Okay, bye Scott." I walk to me and Chandler's trailer and sit down. "Hey Ally!" Chandler says sitting next to me. "We aren't really gonna be in todays episode." Chandler says. "Yeah, its mainly flashbacks." All the sudden theres a scream and I jump up. "Its probably them filming." Chandler says. "Ally let us in!" someone screams knocking on the door. I open the door and Andrew, Scott, Emily, and Lauren run in. Lauren closes the door and locks it. "Guys what's wrong?" I ask.  "This isn't a prank we swear! Theres actual zombies!" Andrew says. "I saw Chad (Tyresse) and Frank go down!" Lauren says. "Norman and Steven went into Normans trailer." Emily says. "I knew you came in here, I saw after we were done talking." Scott says. Emily hugs me and starts crying. "Did anyone see Mingus?" Chandler asks. "No Chan I didn't see him, he might be with Norman."  "Melissa what about her?" "She was running late." "We have to warn her! Someone call her!" I say. Andrew gets his phone out and dials her number. "Shes not answering!" Andrew says. I dial my mom and she answers. "Ally! Oh my god! Are you alright?" "I'm fine mom." "I'm at home, after I dropped you off I saw someone go down and I sped home. I'm in my room and I baracated the door." "Mom, I'm scared." I say. "Don't be honey, if you find any adults stay with them, if you can come find me." "I'm with Andrew,  Chandler, Scott, Emily, and Lauren." "Okay good sweetie, I love you." "I love you too." I say and hang up. "What do you mean you're bit Mom?!?!" Chandler screams. Something bangs on the door and I look out the window to see Norman and Steven. I quickly let them in and everyone looks around. "Mingus? Is he in here?" Norman asks. "We thought he was with you, maybe hes in one of the other trailers." I say. Norman slides on the ground and puts his head in his hands.  "Hey Norman its okay." I say sitting next to him. "Try calling him." Emily suggests. "I saw Alanna (Tara) go down." Steven says.

Right now Norman is calling Mingus, Chandler is crying, Emily is crying, Steven and Lauren are hugging each other while crying. I'm crying, Andrew is freaking out, and Scott's trying to calm us down.

All the sudden theres a scream and we look out the window and see Danai (Michonne) on the ground and Mingus is on top eating her. "Oh my god." I say. "What is it?" Chandler ask looking out. Chandler starts crying and hugs me. "MINGUS!" Norman shouts falling on the ground. Mingus looks over and climbs off Danai and comes and bangs on the door. "Someone drive away! We need to get out of here!" Scott screams. Steven runs to the front and starts driving away. "My mom, we need to get her, shes at my house." "Okay, I know how to get there, I've dropped you off before." "Grayson, we need to get him." Chandler says. "Okay, we will go to Chan's house first, then Ally's, anyone else need to go anywhere?" Steven asks. "No ones answering their damn phones." Lauren says. "I'm scared." Emily says hugging Scott. "Guys you just all need to calm down. We live this world on our show, what would our characters do?" Scott says. "Our characters would get as far away from Alanta and we are going further into Alanta." Andrew says. "Yeah they would but we need to get my mom and Chandler's brother." I say. "Stop it all of you! We need to find her mom and Grayson and get weapons!" Chandler says.

"We're here." Steven says. "There are 5 walkers." Chandler says. "I have a pocket knife in my purse!" I say running to the back of the trailer. I grab my purse and grab the pocket knife. "We have a baseball bat, 2 kitchen knives, and 3 pocket knives" "We have some guns and kitchen knives in my house." Chandler says. "Okay, Ally, Chandler, Andrew, and I are going in you guys stay here and text us if we can't come out." Steven says. "Baseball bat?" Steven says and Andrew takes it. I grab a kitchen knife and so does Chandler.

We walk out and me and Chandler get one walker each and Andrew and Steven get two each. Chandler opens the front door and his mom is on the ground with a bullet in the head. I gag but keep it in and Chandler cries when he sees her. "Grayson are you here!?!?" I scream. "In here." He says, I walk towards the voice and hes in his room crying. "Hey, are you okay?" "No, I had to shoot her." He says, I go up to him and hug him. "Why don't you go pack you a bag and come to the front." I say walking out of his room. I walk past another room and hear sniffling. "Chan?" I ask opening the door. "Yeah?" "You okay?" I say sitting next to him. He collapses in my arms. I rub his back and he cries harder. "Its okay." I say. "Sorry, you probably don't want me crying on you." Chandler says. "Its fine." I say and he smiles at me. "Thank you, I'm going to pack a bag and then get the weapons." "Okay, if you need anything I'm here to help." I say.

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