Hannah (5sos Fanfic)

Calum loses his best friend Hannah at an age of 9, but what will happen when he sees someone who looks like Hannah, 10 years after the accident? (The boys aren't famous)


1. flashback

"Hi" Hannah stod outside my door, "hi" i smiled.

"Can you play?" She smiled widely.

Hannah and I have been friends since kindergarten, and she were so pretty, I really loved her.

"Of course!" We started playing with a pink and green ball from my garden, we kicked it back and forth to each other, laughing and running.

"Hey! Let's draw it!" She laughed taking the ball, "yes! I'm getting a pen!" I got the ballpoint pen and gave it to her.

She then started drawing flowers and hearts, "hey, what about something more boy-ish" I crossed my arms

"Fine" she laughed, starting to draw a dragon and a football. And at last she drew something that surprised me, a boy and girl holding hands.

"That's us" she pointed

"Really" I smiled widely, she nodded

"It's pretty" she then laughed, "thanks" she smiled

"Hannah, Calum, dinners ready" my mom called from our back door

"Fine" we said in choir

After dinner we began playing with the ball again, just in our front yard, then the ball rolled out on the middle of the street, "I'll get it" Hannah said as she was the one closest to the street, "okay" I smiled.

I looked at her while she was picking up the ball "I got it" she yelled, still on the street. I then saw something coming really quick "Hannah get away!!" I yelled, she gave me a weird facial expression, and then she looked at the car coming fast towards her, she threw the ball at me. and, and she didn't make it, the car hit her.

"MOM" I yelled running into the kitchen where my mom was icing a cake for my birthday party tomorrow "what is it hun?" she asked looking worried, I then started crying "where is Hannah" she hugged me, "come mom!" I showed her the street where Hannah was laying with blood running from her mouth and bruises on her arms and her legs, exposed because of the denim skirt with frills she was wearing.

The next weekend, I layed flowers on her grave, tears filling my eyes. everything was blurry. I then sat down starting to talk to her, whispering "I miss you" I then stood up and took my moms hand and walked away, not really wanting to leave. She died at an age of 9.

6 months later we were moving to another country, America, just to make me forget her a bit. It was horrible and till this day I still miss her like hell, we gave her family the ball that she had painted as another memory of her. Even though it's 10 years ago, I can still hear her scream and the sound the car was making, and how it just casually didn't stop, at all.

I miss her.

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