Roses and Video Games

Meet Natalie Barisca. Your regular 16 year old teenager. When Natalie and her best friend, Ivory decide to make their own YouTube channel, will they make their subscribers happy? Will they meet new people? Or most importantly, will they survive high school ?


2. 1st Video

After school, Ivory invited me over to her house.

"Why are we doing this?" I ask.

"It'll be fun!" She screeches. 

She leads me to her basement then turned on the webcams on the two computers. 

"Hey guys it's MissNotSoPerfect here and I'm with MrPoppersPigs and today we are playing Hunger Games Survival!" Ivory introduces. 

I start to loosen up and start speaking.

"If you like this video  please like and subscribe to both our channels!" 

"Ready to get smashed Nat?" 

I nod at her and I start the countdown. 

"In a world where I totally ripped of Captain Spark-" 



I was interrupted by a scarring screech. 

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