A Magical Exchange

Generation- Harry, Hermione, Ron, etc. are in their 3rd year
☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎A girl named Maddi and her best friend, Brianna, are both 13 and go to Trenton Junior High in New Jersey, when their grade gets accepted into an exchange program.... At Hogwarts, will everything between them change?


18. Since When Has She Been Safe? (17)


Authors Note- I edited the very end of chapter 13, just so Dean never asks Maddi to the ball because I have another plan for later in the story :) nothing else is changed.

Harrys POV


"You guys are so mean!" I fake scold.

"Stop bickering, we have to get to History of Magic!" Hermione exclaims.

She grabs her books and runs out of the room with Ron following her, but with much less enthusiasm. I start to follow, but notice that Maddi doesn't move.

"You coming?" I ask.

"Yeah be there in a second." Maddi walks over to where Fred and George have their heads over a piece of paper (Authors Note- I have no clue when the idea for WWW started, so just go with it) and whispers something in Fred's ear.

Fred grins and whispers something back before going back to the paper. Smirking, Maddi  grabs her books and joins me.

"What was that about?" I ask while we are walking down the corridors.

"I just asked for a way to sneak out of the castle." Maddi tells me.

"Maddi, i hate to burst your bubble, but thats not so safe." I inform her.

"Since when have I been into doing anything 'safe'?" She asks, and then she smirks, knowing that she got her point across.

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