Put On A Show || H.S.

Juliette Birkin, a normal college student, randomly bumped into a employee from Modest!, but little did she know that they would want her to hook up with the worlds hottest guy, Harry Styles, just for the fame and attention. They end up doing things, but not just for the camera. What if they hook up for real? Would Juliette get fired? Does Harry convince her to drop out of college to run away from Modest! with him?


So, I'm back with a epic tale! Hope you enjoy.


5. "What the hell did I just do?"

I woke up, looking around. Where the hell am I? I looked at my surroundings for a bit, seeing this wasn't my usual room. That left me with only one explanation.

"Harry," I muttered under my breath, aimlessly walking around the bedroom. I look down at my clothes, they have to be Harry's.

I put on one of his boxers for shorts and walk out to see the boys talking and laughing, all but Harry, who's missing from the group.

"Hey Juliette." Liam smiles at me. I smile politely back and look around.

"Where's Harry..?" I ask. Liam looks at Louis, giving him the 'you-tell-her-mate' look.

"Probably taking a wee. And I'd like to apologize about my behavior yesterday. Once Harry told me about the whole Modest! thing, I flipped out. I was really pissed off at them, not you. It was just all aggravation yesterday." Louis explains. I nod.

"It's alright. Sorry for calling Harry your lover." I mumble.

"And I'm sorry for calling him an ass kisser towards you." Louis tries to say seriously, but ends up laughing.

We all laugh until Harry walks down the stairs, and I couldn't take my eyes off him, even if the world depended on it.

He wasn't wearing a shirt, which showed his toned, fit chest. His green emerald orbs locked onto mine and he showed a sly smirk. His hair was wet, which I assumed he took a shower.

How attractive can one man be?

"Um, Juliette, you're practically drooling." Niall points out. I blush and cover my face with my hands.

"Shut up," I said, but was muffled and Zayn chuckled.

"What was that, love?" Zayn asked. I blushed harder at the fact he called me love.

I put my hands down and finally responded, "I said, shut up."

Niall chuckled. "Whatever you say."

"You can tell she's hooked." Louis jokes, smirking and taking a sip of his tea as my jaw hung low.

"But that's none of my business." Louis said again and I acted shocked.

"Louis!" I yelled before tackling him playfully.

"Get this wild woman off me!" Louis screamed and Liam and Zayn pulled me back, the room full of laughs.

"Alright, enough shenanigans. We've got to record today, boys." Harry finally speaks as they all nod.

"Juliette, I guess you could stay here..? I mean, it's totally up to you." He stutters. He's so adorable.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go play the 1DreamBoy2 game on your computer." I say and harry stares at me blankly.

"The what?"

I run up the stairs to grab his laptop and run back down, handing him the laptop for the password.

"The password is harryisawesome15." Harry tells me and o crack up.

He types it in and I turn it so the screen is facing me. I type in the website and watch the game load up.

"This is it." I show him. What your supposed to do is make one of the boys fall in love with you in 80 days. It's pretty fun. (Yes, it's an actual game lol)

"The Harry in the game is such an ass to you." I shake my head, smiling as Harry's mouth was in a 'o' shape.

"But.. I'm such a nice guy!" Harry says, pretending to be hurt.

"I mean like when you first meet him, you ask his name and he either says 'I don't talk to strangers' or 'Why should I tell you?'."

"He does seem like an arse then." Harry mumbles and I laugh.

"But then your relationship builds up and you get to decide which boy is gonna marry you." I inform him and he perks his lips.

"I wanna play this now and marry Niall." Harry jokes and Niall pretends to flip his hair.

I laugh, "You guys are awkward.. But I love you all so.."

The boys 'awwww' at me and pull me in for a group hug. I was in the middle so I couldn't breathe.

"Guys.. I n-need air..!" I exclaim.

They all back away and I laugh, while breathing.

"What's this, Harold?" Louis asks, holding a notebook that says 'Personal Songs'.

Louis flips to the first page, and on the top it says 'Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart' with some beautifully written lyrics.

I stare at Harry as he looks down, rubbing his neck.

"Alright, you caught me. I write songs for certain people to sing, or songs for our album. This one is too "lovey-dovey" so I was gonna have Ariana Grande sing it." Harry confesses.

"That's nice." I smile. I hope that's the only song Harry will make Ariana sing.

"Well, we gotta go." Niall points to his watch and Harry nods, throwing a red shirt on.

"Bye babe." Harry quickly sneaks a kiss on my cheek.

"Bye, baby." I blush. He walks out with the others, except Zayn.

"Zayn? The lads are leaving." I call out to him. No response.

I hear the door close, and I finally hear a voice say, "I know they are."

"What's up Mr. Malik?" I ask him, following the trail of the voice. It leads to Harrys room.

"Juliette.." Zayn mutters. I tilt my head, seeing he was crying.

"Oh my god, what's wrong Zayn?" I gasp at his appearance. He probably just started crying because his eyes are bloodshot red, and his hair is not all neat as it usually is.

He looks pretty fucked up.

"Perrie and I got into a fight and I know she's gonna break up with me." Zayn says, sniffling.

"You know what? I think I can help you with that little problem." I smile, texting a very obvious choice.




Gabby's P.O.V

I haven't seen Juliette for about 2 days. Or has it been only 1..? Well, I can't survive without her.

I hear my phone go off, thank god it's Friday and classes haven't started yet.

It was from Juliette. I got excited and looked at the text.


Gabby, could you come by the boys house? I know it's Friday and classes start soon, just call in sick or say something happened. I could really need you here. Here's the address. 7246 Vine St. Love you. xx.

I nearly screamed. I'm gonna meet the boys?! I guess I could just skip a day.

I hurriedly grab a set of clothes and get in the shower. After my shower, I threw on my favorite leggings that look like jeans, black shirt, and curled my hair. I don't look that bad.

I practically run to the car, repeating "I'm gonna meet the boys." Over and over on my head. I quickly start up the car and follow the address.





"3487.." I whisper to myself, looking for the numbers on their door. "Aha!"

I turn my car off, and walk out of it to the door. I knock on the door and wait patiently.

Hope this is the right one-

My thoughts were cut off by seeing my gorgeous best friend stand at the door. Behind her, I take a glance at Zayn. His hair was messy and tear stains were left on his cheeks.

1. What happened to him is beyond me. 2. He still finds a way to make my heart beat fast even though he looks a mess.

"Gabby!" Juliette exclaims as I smile and hug her tightly.

During the hug, I look at Zayn again and he caught my glance, making me look down and blush.

I look back up to see him smiling at me. I smile back.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like this is a sort of 'love at first sight' thing.

"I'm so glad you're here, Gabby. I missed youu," Juliette smiles.

"I missed you too. But... What was the reason I came here?" I ask, her smile dropping.

"Well, Zayn and Perrie had a 'break up', if that's what you wanna call it," she looks back at Zayn and he nods, sighing.

"So.. I need help 'cheering him up'." She looks at me and Zayn after she said that last sentence.

Oh, I see now. I nod and smirk at her.

"Um.. When do the others get back?" Juliette asks Zayn.

"Maybe in about an hour and a half from now." I look at the time. It's only 1:00 p.m.

"Well.. What should we do until then?" I ask. We all look at each other, seeing if any of us had any ideas.

Juliette smirks. "Ever wanted to be five again?"





"Noo!" I scream and laugh. So, we're playing tag. Don't ask how it started, but we are playing tag.

Zayn was it. We were currently running in every direction possible. I looked behind me, he wasn't there. I smiled and looked forward to see him there.

I screamed loudly as I fell on my butt. He laughed and I pouted like a kid.

"Guess what?" He whispers in my ear. I get flustered as he pokes me hard in my shoulder.

"You're it!" Zayn giggles, running away. I roll my eyes and look for Juliette.

"Juliette?" I call out. I hear her laughing.

"Ohh Juliettee." I sing. She laughs harder. I follow the trail of her laugh to a closet.

I open it to see her covering her face. "This isn't hide and seek cheater!" I pout again.

"Does tag say that we can't hide?" Damn her and her logic.

"No.." I mumble. Then I tag her. "But you're it!"

Her jaw hung low as I giggled. I kept running, seeing she couldn't catch up. I felt an arm pull my back and cover my mouth.

I screamed into the hand, until I realized it was only Zayn.

"Jesus, love. Do you want her to find us?" He whispers into my ear. I shake my head. I look and see he pulled me into a closet.

"Okay.. Let's pass the time by. I wanna know more about you."




"No way." I laugh silently. He nods.

"Yeah. It's true, I used to sing Barbie Girl when I was little." Zayn admits, laughing himself.

"How long have we been in here? 10 minutes? 15 minutes?" I ask, until I see Zayn's face not far from mine.

"It doesn't matter as long as you're here." Zayn says. Before I could say something his lips pressed to mine. My eyes were wide, but I kissed back.

I hear the door open. I look up to see Juliette, standing with the other boys and... Perrie?!

"Zayn?" Perrie asks. My eyes went wide.

What the hell did I just do?

Juliette's P.O.V (before they got caught)

I lost Gabby. I had to catch my breath for a minute or two. I was panting. Then I heard the door knock. I opened it to see they boys and Perrie. Oh crap.

"Perrie told us she wanted to apologize to Zayn." Niall said. He could see I had fear written all over my face.

"Oh. She wants to see Zayn? Well, I invited my best friend to play tag with us and um.. I don't know where he went." I confess.

They walk in, calling Zayn's name. I walked over to my closet, hearing shuffling. What happened to no hiding in tag.

I opened the closet, feeling the boys and Perrie's presence around me as I see Zayn and Gabby kissing.

I was happy, and scared for both of them. I looked back at Harry, and he pulls me back towards him, saying this could get ugly.

"Zayn?" Perrie asks, her voice cracking. Gabby looked terrified as Zayn looked angry.

What the hell did Ganby just do?


Hay. lol long chapter and a late one. I know. But leave me feedback.

Also, can you believe Zayn and Gabby hooked up? Ahhhh!

But Perrie caught them.. How will Zayn patch this up?

I can't wait to post the next chapter and I can't wait for you to read it.

Thanks for the inspiration to write, and I'll post the next chapter later.

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