Put On A Show || H.S.

Juliette Birkin, a normal college student, randomly bumped into a employee from Modest!, but little did she know that they would want her to hook up with the worlds hottest guy, Harry Styles, just for the fame and attention. They end up doing things, but not just for the camera. What if they hook up for real? Would Juliette get fired? Does Harry convince her to drop out of college to run away from Modest! with him?


So, I'm back with a epic tale! Hope you enjoy.


3. "Amazing Show"

"Harry! Please, I promise I won't disobey you ever again.." I plea, but that only causes Harry to laugh harder.

"Nice try, Juliette."

I wake up screaming.. It was only a dream. I couldn't help myself, I had to read one more chapter last night.

"Are you ok, Juliette?" Gabby asks me and I nod, trying to catch my breath

"I had one crazy dream, but it's over." I sigh and Gabby rests her hand in my shoulder.

"It's ok, Juliette. It's over." She comforts me and I nod slowly.

"Well, I guess I gotta get ready for class-"

I was cut off by someone knocking on the door.

I walk slowly towards it, and open it. "Ms. Wellingburg?" I ask, confused.

"Yes, hi, Ms. Birkin. I came to inform you that... You're grades have improved."

"I haven't done anything?-"

"That's ok. I mean, now that your stories are coming to life." She winks and I blush hard.

"You know about-"

"Harry? Yes, very nice lad. Oh, before I get off topic, you're excused for the rest of this semester." She smiles sweetly and I squint.

"That's a whole 3 months." I inform her.

"I know, that'll at least get your brain to function, and you and Harry will spend a lot of time together." She laughs, cooing and I groan, sinking my head down into my hands.

"Uh huh. Well, thanks." I rush and she politely says her goodbyes as I shut the door.

"That was odd. A whole three months." Gabby repeats. I nod.

"Lucky you." She giggles as I do a little random jig.

"I'm hungry." I whine and Gabby gets up to make me food.

"Thanks babe." I chuckle as she flips me off, laughing out, "Yeah, whatever."

"Don't you have to go to school?" I tease and she playfully glares at me.

"Don't you have a date?" She smirks and I mumble, "Touché."

After a couple of minutes laughing our asses off, I get up to take a shower.

After I hop out, I put on a pink tank top, ripped skinny jeans, my favorite black combat boots and a leopard belt. I curl my long brown hair and put on eyeliner and mascara. My green eyes are actually beaming.

I feel pretty, to be honest. As I walk out, I do model poses and flip my hair and Gabby gasps.

"You can be ugly now." She laughs and I flip my hair again, saying, "Not on your life."

"Ewww you sounded like Beyoncé, and that's a little creepy." I giggle at her and decide to go on a walk.

"I'm gonna go on a walk to pass the time." I say and she waves.

"Bye bitch." She laughs and I flip her off.

"Stay in school, kid." I wink and she nods, smiling.

I grab my keys and walk out the door. A couple people stared at me, and it was snooty rich girls.

After a few more stares, I finally asked, "Staring problems, sweetheart?"

"N-no, um, sorry. We just seen you with someone yesterday and, well, you're quite pretty." She states and I raise and eyebrow.

"Someone meaning..?" I ask as if it was obvious.

"Harry Styles, the one and only." She says and I groan inside my head.

"Oh." Was all I could say before walking out.

If they saw me, who knows how many others saw too.

I feel my phone vibrate and I pull it out to see a message from a unknown number.


Hey love, it's Harry. Just letting you know I'll pick you up in 30 minutes.

I instantly reply.


Oh ok. I'll be at Nandos because I'm hungry.

I hurriedly change Harry's name.

HarryStyles(; :

Ok. I'm hungry too so I'll just meet you up there for a chat.

I laugh and put my phone back in my pocket, walking to Nandos.


Harry's P.O.V

Ugh, why is she so adorable?! I'm falling for her, I don't care what Kaylee says.

Juliette<3 :

Heyy. Just letting you know I made it ok. What do you want?


Just get me a Veggie Burger. I'll pay anyway.

Juliette<3 :

Oh no you don't, Styles. I got this.

I smile at her childish behavior and I drive to Nandos.


I quickly run in and see her ordering. As she pulls money out of her wallet, I run to the cashier and just throw a $20.

"2.80 is your change.." The cashier stares at me in awe as I roll my eyes and politely thank her, taking the change.

I see Juliette's mouth in agape as I laugh and we sit down with our food.

"So.." Juliette awkwardly says and a smirk plasters on my face.

"Juliette.. Can we talk about the "business"?" I blurt and he stares hard at me before nodding.

"Listen, I don't know if you're just doing this for money and fame-"

"You honestly think I'm that kind of person? God, Harry, I don't give a fuck about fame and money." She fumes and her nostrils flare, signaling I fucked up.

"I'm sorry, Juliette, I'm a idiot, ok?" I admit and her eyebrows raise.

"Harry.. Do- do you like me? I mean, you wouldn't care if I was in it for money-"

I nearly choke on my burger as she asks that, and she panics, patting my back and repeatedly saying, "Sorry."

After I calm down, I finally answer, my heart racing.

Juliette's P.O.V

How much of an idiot can I be? I nearly killed the guy I love.

"Ok.. Ok." He says and he blushes.

"I guess it's because you're beautiful and so down to earth, I might have developed a crush- and I'm not even supposed to! But, yeah.." He rushes and I couldn't almost make out any word.

I laugh, and shake my head. "Next time, slow down. I almost couldn't understand. I'd sit there nodding like, "Uh huh."." I say, imitating what I would've done and he chuckles.

"Now your turn, Ms. Birkin." Harry smirks as my eyes grow wide.

"How do you feel about lil' old Hazza."

Those words make me loose it and I finally tell the truth.

"Harry Edward Styles, you have been my fucking crush for 4 years, and I haven't dated anyone because I had hope you'll fall for me. I loved you then, and I still do. Now, I know you think I'm psychotic, so I'll just go-"

"No!" Harry shouts, stopping me by grabbing my wrist.

"Juliette.. That's why you haven't had your first kiss? Because you wanted me?" Harry reworded and I feel hit tears slip down my cheeks.

"Yes. But it was worth it.. Because I got what I wanted."

Harry smiles and pulls my in for a hug, my stomach against his, my legs tangled with his, and my heart against his.

I pull away from the hug, smiling wide as he cups my cheek.

Is he gonna kiss me? A real kiss this time?

He leans my head in and our lips connect, moving perfectly in sync. He smiles in between the kiss as we hear cheers.

We pull away and laugh, looking at the people cheering, hearing a few chants saying, "Congrats!" and one common one saying, "That was hot!".

Harry and I started to crack up and he looks deep into my eyes.

"I think I love you, Juliette Birkin."

"I know I love you, Harry Styles."

He smirks and hug me tight. This has to be the start of something beautiful, right?

Harry gets a text and he tells me to read it too.

Wow! You guys put on an amazing show at Nandos. Paparazzi knew you guys were hanging out there and got a few snaps in. That was very believable. You don't even need to go to the park anymore, you guys are free for the rest of the night.

"Amazing show." I repeat and Harry smirks.

"If only she knew that wasn't a show." I smile and he hold my hand as we walk out.

"Where to? We're free people." Harry asks and I shrug, thinking of suggestions.

"Your house?" I ask and he pauses,

"The boys are there, and when the boys are there-"

"Things get heated." We say at the same time, looking at each other.

"You read fanfics, huh?" Harry asks and my cheeks get heated as I nod. He laughs and opens the door for me, like a gentleman. I give a soft thank you as I get in. He jogs as he runs to the other side, sliding into the car.

"Be cautious, the boys will be attracted to you." He says, looking me deep in the eyes as I nod.

They won't impress me, as long as Harry Styles loves me back, I don't need anyone else.


Sorry it took me a few days to update, between school shopping and my 1D concert coming up, things are hard right now. So I'll update tomorrow.

Hope you like this story!

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