About Stormy


2. Forms

Stormy has 4 forms. (More forms may come in the furture)

Angel Stormy:

Normal looking, execpt she has wings and a crystal, given to her by Soul. Her eyes are normaly glowing and blurred.


Evil Stormy:

Just inverted colors from normal Stormy


Party Stormy:

(Imma have to explain everything lol)

Eyes: Inverted Stormy blue

Ears: Stormy Blue

Tail: Inverted normal tail pattern

Hair: Outlined in Inverted Stormy Blue, and a single Stormy Blue stripe coming from the inside of the fur thing

Legs: Single Stormy Dark Blue stripe on each leg. 

Acessories: Headphones, lime green with a new pattern each time. The pattern uses Stormy Blue and Inverted Stormy Blue

Paws: Stormy Blue

Nose: Inverted Stormy Light Blue

Base fur color: Stormy Gray


Normal Stormy:

Look in "Basics"

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