About Stormy


7. Favourites

Video Games: Portal, LittleBigPlanet, RPG Horror, Minecraft, and CoD

Music: EDM, Glitch Hop, and Electro

Books: Action, Adventure, Comedy, and Animals

Color: Blue (Obviously lol)

Food: Nutella (Cat Nutella, obviously :P)

Quotes: "Livin life for the next drop!" -Monstercat "The window through which we perceive life is what defines our experience of it. We are only aware of a small fraction of what our senses pick up. We can all choose how we see the world." -\T/ (Tristam)

Gaming Platform: Playstation and PC

Time of Day: Sunset

Holiday: Christmas (Special Christmas art will be started after this movella!)

Minecraft Mob: Ender Dragon (Its su amzin @.@)

CoD Map: Nuketown

CoD Zombies Map: Nacht Der Untoten or whatever it is


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