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2. Two

I woke up to the sound of my dog barking out in the back yard, so I got up out my big warm bed and put my slippers on. I walked downstairs and unwillingly out into the garden to find Ace barking at next doors dog through the fence. They have a tiny little Chihuahua which personally is the dog breed I don't like. I pulled him away and stood on the box against the fence.

"He could eat you for breakfast!" I shouted at the dog over the fence, it ran off into the house and I got off the box. "You lil' sh*t" I said under my breath. Ace and I walked into the house and into the kitchen. I refilled his food and water bowl and put some toast in for myself, the toast popped up two minutes later and I put Vegemite on it. I'm an all round Aussie, what Aussie doesn't like vegemite? I got a plate a put my toast on it then went to my living room and watched the Today Show. Ace sat on the floor in front of me as I stroked his head. My life was pretty simple and boring, especially today as it was a Saturday and I don't work on weekends. I finished my breakfast and went upstairs to get changed. I put on black skinny jeans, a grey tee with voltage written across it thats a little too big and white Chuck Taylors with small gold studs on them. I put my hair up and got my phone off my bedside table, I ran down stairs and got Ace's lead, I needed to take him out for a walk.

"Ace!" I shouted and whistled. I heard a thud and him coming down the stairs. I ran up to me and waited for me to put his lead on before dragging me to the front door. I grabbed my blue denim jacket and put it on quickly then headed out. I walked down my street, it was a short road and lead on to the main road with many shops and cafes on. I used to take Ace in the park when he was a puppy but now he's too big and we can't play ball in it. I walked across the road and along the the cafe I go to, I wrapped Ace's lead around a street post outside and went in.

I ordered myself a latte to go then paid and went back out to Ace, I difficulty held my coffee as I undid Ace from the poll then continued walk Ace down the street. It wasn't very busy in the sense of people walking but there was a fare few drivers going wherever.

My life is so normal, it's weird.

Once I'd taken the usual route home I unlocked the door and let Ace off the leash and in side. I hung his leash up on the hook and went into the living room. I opened up my laptop and logged into Tumblr. I love it on there! My username is 'AussieAngel' because that is what I am. I scroll through my feed of 5sos gifs, angel fantasies and cute DIY things. Reblogging things and commenting on them too.

-              -              -              -              -              -              -              -              -              -              -              -              -              -              -

I closed my computer after about two hours and decided to go out to the shops. I left Ace in the house because he's fine there and got in my car. I drove to the supermarket and went around buying food for me and food for Ace. My monthly shop done I paid, went out to my car with the shopping cart and put the bags in my car. I returned the cart and drove home.

I opened the door and saw an envelop. What? I never get mail. Especially not in the middle of the day. I picked it up and looked at it. It was addressed here, so I opened it. I pull out the two pieces of thick paper and look at them. A picture of 5 seconds of summer was plastered across them and the name of their tour. a small silver stamp is on the flip side and this tells me one thing. I had 5sos tickets! 5SOS CONCERT TICKETS! But how?! I didn't buy them. I couldn't afford them. Oh well! I had them and I was going. I looked at the date. September 5th, Sydney. This is fab, I got my phone and dialled Ashley's number. She was a fan, she'd like to come and plus we got on. Just because I was an angel, didn't mean I always acted like one. This wasn't a devilish thing anyway, they were addressed here and I live here.

"Hey, Lori?" Ash said from the other end.

"Yeah. Ash, I um, I have a surprise. For you and I just found it." I told her, I didn't know what else to say.

"What? Wh-what is it?" She asked.

"Its...I just got concert tickets through my door. September 5th, 5sos concert, how 'bout it?!" I said, she squealed down the phone at me.

"YES!!! Yes! How?!" She asked excitedly. I laughed and told her that they just came through my door. "I'm coming round." She said.

"W-what? Now?" I stammered, she said yes. She hung up and I quickly went around the house tidying up because it was a trash can and she only lives 5 minutes away but she'd run and shes fast.

I just want to say a few things; 1) My wings do allow me to fly, not very high as my body mass to the strength of my wings is odd. 2) Its not because I'm fat and heavy I can't fly very high. And 3) I mostly choose to walk and not fly because I want to be a normal human being.

After about 10 minutes there was a knocking at my front door. Answered it to see a grinning Ashley, literally dying on the spot.

"Heya!" I said, she replied with a high pitched hey and a mahoosive hug. I laughed and stumbled back.

"Sorry...I'm just-I can't like-" She stuttered after she'd let go and I'd shut the door. We went into my front room and sat on the sofa.

"Yeah. I get it."  I said. "And look." I continued, showing her the tickets.

"OhmyGod!" She screamed. Ace ran in and jumped at her, worried she was hurt. I told him down once she'd started spluttering at him licking her face.

"Okay, chill chill. Its only next week." I told her, she beamed with excitement.

"OhmyGod! What seats are we?" She asked, I shrugged. She glanced at the ticket and her eyes widened. "Front row!!! STANDING" She yelled whilst jumping up and down. I snatched the ticket from her, don't judge me. I'm allowed to be excited.

"Freaking hell!" I shouted I looked at the tickets, we were jumping about fangirling while Ace was stood there looking at us confused.

Once we'd calmed down we sat on the sofa and worked out how we were going to get there and what time and what we were going to wear.

"How-how about we get a cab there and back so we don't have to drive." I said, she nodded. I figured if one of us drove we wouldn't be able to fangirl about the concert and we wouldn't be able to sleep. Plus its bad driving.

"Okay, so we get the cab at 9am. It give us 10 and a half hours to get there and wait in the que." She said, I gave her my best 'are-you-serious' look and she ''what's?'' me.

"That early?"

"Yes. The place you get in the standing area is on a first in first served way." She reasoned. "And we want to be at the front." I nodded. I'm short, I want to be able to see them on stage.

"Okay. So cab at ten...we have to take enough food and stuff to do with us because we would be bored out of our minds." I told her. She nodded.

"And we need to take other things accept our phones to take pictures, tweet and film. Cameras? Ipods?" She asked, I agreed. I have a charging case that charges while its cases but it probably won't last the whole concert.

"My Ipod and camera...." I wondered allowed.

"And my Ipod, I could take my Dads phone...i think we'd get through it." She said back.

"Hey. If I take my laptop bag we could put them in it so none are stolen or broken." I said, there might only be fans at the concert but you don't know people. "I'm gonna take a change of clothes." I said, I planned on wearing shorts and a tank top with my flip flops but taking a pair of sweats and a jumper. It was all planned out.

"Really?" She said,


"Okay...! I'll take a rucksack, you take a rucksack and your laptop bag and we'll be all good." She exclaimed. I squealed with excitement. I actually couldn't wait for this. Only one week and a bit! 8 DAYS! In 8 days I would see my favourite band of almost all time and I'd hopefully be at the front! I wanted to cry and scream and smile and sob and fangirl and cry in my feels. All my fangirl emotions came at once and I just sat on my sofa next to Ashley smiling like an idiot.

"I can't wait..." I whispered.

"Me neither..." She said back, I blinked out of my zone and paid attention.

"We need to go shopping before we go. Glow sticks, merch and a llama teddy we can throw on stage with a note on or a banana." Ashley said, I'm so glad I chose her to go with. If I'd gone with anyone else it wouldn't have been as much fun as this.

"OhmyGod yes!" I said, Ace had gone off and it was just me and her talking non stop.

"It could be like 'Llamas up!' and have our phone number or Twitter on it." She exclaimed.

"Omg! This is going to be the bestest thing ever!" I hollered.

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

She'd gone home after 10 minutes of us talking about the concert. It was around 6pm and I was so tired, hungry and bored. It was getting dark out, I went up stairs and changed into my jamas. I placed the tickets in my drawer of my bedside table, I got into bed and whistled Ace over. He was on the rug on the floor and then came over to my bed. I patted the side where my legs weren't and he jumped up and led down. I wriggled down and put my head on my pillow. An early night but I was tired and bored. All that was on my mind, and would be until the day, was the concert. Seeing them in flesh. Maybe even being to get a picture with them. Smell their cologne. I just hoped it went quicker than it was.

-                  -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -

A/N: By the way, I changed the date on the concert because I did, the real date is June 20th 2015 but yeah, I changed it. So...sorry not sorry x jks. :P  Hope you like it tho! More to come. xxx - Chloe

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