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3. Three

A/N: So the past chapter has been past tense, leading up to the concert and all. But the next chapters will be present tense, as its happening and stuff because otherwise I'll get mixed up. I'm one of those people called 'weird' so yeah. ENJOY IT THO!! x

Lori's pov

Today is the day! TODAY IS THE DAY! As soon as I wake up I am out of bed and in the shower. Its 7am, early for me but this was important.I wash myself quickly but well in the shower then get out and dry my body. I dry my hair with my towel wrapped around my body still then put it up in a messy bun. I put my underwear on and then get my black ripped shorts from my drawers and my new 5sos tank top from my wardrobe. I ut the clothing on and then put on some socks and my black converse high top sneakers with silver studs. I brush out my hair and leave it down.

My phone rings and I answer it.

"WOO!!!!!!" Ashley screams down the phone.

"I KNOW!!!" I yell back, its freaking 8:30am and were screaming? What is happening to me? Oh well!

"Are you ready?" She asks excitedly.

"Yep. You?" I reply.

"Almost, I gotta do my make up then put my things in my bag." She reminds me I need to do my bag too.

"Crap. Same." I say and she laughs. "Shut up." I tell her. I grab my new backpack and some sweatpants and a jumper from my wardrobe and drawers and pack them in it.

"Awww, you're not using that stupid bag are you." She disapproves of my backpack.

"Yes...and oww. The bag is offended." I complain. She doesn't like my bag because it has mu little ponies on it but I think its cute. I put my purse in it and then get my laptop bag and take my laptop out, I put in my Ipod and my phone then zip it up. Still on the phone to her.

"Are you coming to mine?" I ask her.

"Yeah. Make sure you got the tickets out." She says, right on que as I get them out my drawer and put them in my bag.

"Have." I say. "What food are we taking?" I ask as I put a book and notepad and pen in my bag.

"I'm taking chips, candy and Mom gave me sandwiches..." She says distantly. I chuckle at her sandwiches and go down stairs with my bags. I look in my cupboards and put some candy and other snacky things in a plastic lunchbox then put the box in my bag. I zip my bag up and sit on my sofa.

"Okay...I'm done." I say.

"I'll be there soon. Bye." She says and hangs up before I can reply. I've dropped Ace at the kennels he goes to normally when I go out. My battery is 100% and my charger is 100%. Its 8:55am. I get up with my bags and go outside, locking my front door, I wait at the end of my driveway for the cab.

At 9am a speedy Ash appears and runs to me. Panting and red she breathes a hello. Two seconds later a cab appears, we pile our things into the trunk and Ashley tells the driver the venue. We both get in the back seats and do our belts up. I'm too excited for this!!!

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

We get to the arena and pay the cab fair. I grab our bags from the trunk and we run to get in the line. There's already loads of people but we could be worse off. I Put our bags down at the end of the line, it was obvious that the line of girls wasn't going to move now. Most were sat on the floor so I joined them, I got my beanie type hat I packed out and put it on. It was pretty hot but a beanie hat looks good. I felt weird wearing a tank top, I know that nobody see's my wings unless I want/allow them to but I usually wear baggy clothes incase. Plus people would probably think I was wearing kids wings, right?

Ash sat down opposite me and leant back leaning on her arms.

"What if we don't get a good spot?" I ask worried.

"We will. Look, there's only about 100 or less people here now. Not all of them would have the same tickets as us and plus. We'll get a good spot. Believe me." She reassures me.

"Imagine if we see them go in. And they say hi." I say allowed by accident.

"It would b the best time of my life." She says and I get my phone out incase they do so I can get a picture with them.

We sit here in the same spot for ages, loads more girls come and when they do we watch them cry. It funny how that would be me but its not...yeah.

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

Hours have passed. Six to be precise. Ashley and I are still not standing, only one or two peaks at what's going on. Which is nothing. No sign of the boys, no sign of their car, nothing. I've fallen asleep and woken up once. Girls are everywhere, I can only just see the end of the line but its forever extending. I'm bored I get out my book. Hunger Games:Mocking Jay. There's four more hours to live through...four!

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

*3 hours 30 minutes later*

Everyone is now standing, and have been for an hour now. There was only 30 minutes left until we started going in and now it seems like we are closer to the entrance than before but it's probably only because the line is almost 12 times longer. It's so loud, busy and it doesn't matter how or where you stand you still get shoved in someway. People have posters, banners, everything! It's insane. Ash and I are just talking.

"Hey. Who's your favourite?" I ask, we'd never actually talked about our favorites and that.

"I love all of them but I really love Ashton. Like his face is so cutie patootie and dem arms." She says then grunts. "DAMN!!" She yells. It doesn't faze anyone as its loud already. I just laugh.

"Well good because if you even thought about loving Michael then I would take your ass and whoop it so far you'd be in England. Got it?" I warn her. She nods pretending to be scared.

"Well, I think you suit Mikey. He's cute. But Ashton is cuter to me." She says, saving herself when I give her the death glare. I smile and we move up when the line does.

The line goes pretty fast and we go in quick. After about 20 minutes we're at the front of the gate with our tickets ready. We give them to the person at the front then get them back and follow the signs to our area. We get into the side where we were sent and there are loads of people there already. But not so many that the front is full up. Ashley and I get a really good spot of the entire stage and stand there, I put my backpack on the floor in front of my feet, as does Ash, and then get out my camera.

"I'm so excited!" I say loudly. There are some many people coming in now, from all different directions. There's loads of people where we are and its so great because I've always wanted to come to a concert that has people who are all different with one thing in common. Its going to be FAB!

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

The lights have all gone out but everyone is still loud as hell. It looks amazing from down here, to see all the camera flashes, torches or whatever. Beautiful!

"Oh! Hey." I yell in Ash's ear. She looks at me, I fumble about in my back pack and pull out the makeup bag I put the glowsticks in. I get them out and give a bunch of them to her. We both put on all the glowing bracelets we got, I put a necklace one on and Ash puts one on as a headband thing. She looks super weird. We have the bigger glow sticks on as necklace and waving sticks.

Suddenly the stage lights come on and everyone screams, including Ashley and I. Then they all come out, Ashton, Luke, Calum and...Michael. I watch him as he goes to his mic. His hair is so amazing is want to touch it. Ashley is screaming as they start to sing. I take pictures of the all, then just Michael for a while. The band went straight into the songs and played Eighteen. I have their album and Ashley and I were singing along to it all.

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

After they play Lost Boy, Calum began talking. Ashley thinks this is a good time to throw the Llama on stage. We are at the front of the main stage, Michael is near us and I'm staring. Ash throws it and it lands by Michael foot, he looks over at us and smiles but then gives me a weird look. I concentrate more and he looks confused. I make a heart with my hands and he winks at me. I think I'm dieing right now.

"Ohmyf*ck*ngGOD!" I yell at Ashley, Calum finishes talking and Michael shouts out.

"LLAMAS UP!" The whole place laughs and cheers as he shouts and holds the llama we threw. He puts it down on Ashtons drum stand and then they start playing Amnesia. After Amnesia they play;beside you and then Ashtons story time, disconnected, Luke speaks, heartbreak girl, teenage dream, Michael spoke and questions, good girls, slsp and then what i like about you and the last band chat.

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

*End of the concert*

Try Hard has just finished and the crowd go wild. All the boys are stood at the front of the stage, Ash has come down off his drums and they just look perfect.

"Well, sorry but this had to come to an end...we love you!" Luke says.

"Its been awesome and we loved every single second." Calum adds.

"We love every person in this room, right here, right now." Ashton says.

"Hi. Thank you, all of you, for being there for us. Getting us to this!" Michael shouts throwing his hands in the air.

I love them, the concert was brilliant and I have so many pictures of it. On my camera and my phone.

"Omg! That was awesome." Ashley says, I nod but can't concentrate as there's a huge guard coming our way I'm praying he's gonna keep walking....nope!

"Excuse me girls. You're gonna have to come with me." He says, Ashley and I look at each other with terror. What have we done?! We put our bags over the barrier between the standing and the stage then both climb over. We get our bags and follow the guard. I see a few people giving us dirty looks but try to ignore it. I'm honestly scared now.

"Sit in there." The man tells us, Ashley and I go in and sit on the blue couch in the plain room. It only has two couches, a coffee table and a wall mirror. Ashley and I sit side by side on the couch.

"what's going on?" I whisper.

"I don't know. I'm worried." She whispers back. I nod in agreement. We both sit there in silence worried and confused. Its about 10 minutes before we hear a voice from the door and it opens. And when it does...

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

A/N: CLIFFHANGER!!! Hope you guys liked the chapter. sorry bout all the skips and that but it was easier. and i don't know the setlist, i got it off the internet. I <3 Google!

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