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6. Six

Lori's pov

Everyone has gone and left, I think Ashton and Ashley both went back to Ashley's which is a good sign. Michael is in my bedroom and I'm in my kitchen making popcorn. I watch it in the microwave as it pops and jumps about. I tap my fingers on the side and hum randomly.

"Boo!" Michael says from behind me, he puts his hands on my waist and I giggle.

"No!!!" I yell as he tickles me, I squirm and shout until he stops. "That wasn't cool." I say when he stops.

"It was." He says. I take the popcorn bag out the microwave and empty it into a bowl. I turn around and face him with the bowl in my hands.

"No. It was not." I say looking in his eyes. I go up to my room and put the bowl on my bedside table then plop down on my bed. Michael comes up and jumps on the bed, almost landing on me.

"What shall we watch?" He asks sitting up next to me.

"Anything. How about this?" I ask holding up my We're The Millers DVD.

"How about yeah." He says snatching it out my hand and putting in the player on my TV, once he's put the DVD on I play it and turn off the light. We both sit on the bed with our legs stretched out, his much longer than mine. I put my head on his shoulder until he puts his arm around me and my head falls on to the space just above his chest. The movie starts and it just feels great.

Ashley's pov

Me and the others just left Lori's, all of us except Michael as he's staying the night. We're all stood outside on the path wondering what we should do.

"I-I think we need to go home." Calum says, we all nod.

"Okay, I'll see you guys later..." I say and they get in their car while I walk down the road towards. Ashton beeps goodbye and I wave, I walk to the door to the block I live in and go up the stairs. I open my door to my flat and go through to my bedroom. I lay on my belly, on my bed and scroll through Facebook. The usual boring status' from the usual people. People are so two faced nowadays, on second they're all happy and on top of the world and the next they're all depressed and low. It's like sort you're damn emotions out!

I'm scrolling through my Facebook and get a phone call.

"Hello." I say answering the Unknown call.

"Hey," The caller replies, extending the Y. "Ashley. Its Ashton."

"Oh! Hey. What's up?" I ask casually. I like Ashton, he's super cool and a great guy to be with. He's friendly, talented and DO NOT get me started on his God like looks.

"Well just wondered, if you would wanna like...hang out with me?" He asks, I giggle at the way he put it.

"Like a date?" I ask, trying to contain my excitement and be cool about it.

"Yeah, a date." Ashton repeats in a 'trying-to-be-casual' voice.

"I'd love to. What time?" I ask smiling like crazy to myself as I sat up on my bed.

"In about an hour or so, I'll pick you up." He says,

"Great. I'll see you then." I say,

"OH, don't dress too fancy." He says before we say bye to each other and I run and get in my shower across the hall. I live a decent sized apartment with one bedroom, a kitchen that looks into the living room and a bathroom.It's pretty standard but its homely and I only moved in because I couldn't stand another hour with my Mum not understanding who I am.

-                     -                     -                     -                     -                     -                     -                     -                     -                     -

I get out the shower and race to my room with only a towel on. I quickly dry myself and put my underwear on, then dry my hair and put it up while I get ready. It's still pretty light outside so I get out a pair of light pink shorts, a singlet with a rounded frill neckline and a light floral over top. I sit in front of my mirror and do my make up and then I blow dry my blonde/brown hair. I look at my outfit in the mirror and am pleased.

Ashton should be here in a little bit because it took my almost an hour to get out the shower and ready. I put on my floral Dr Martins then take my phone and go down on to the street. Its still hot and bright out, I wait for a couple of minutes until I notice that Ashton's car is driving towards me. It stops next to me and Ashton get out.

"Hey.." I smile as he walks around the car to me.

"Hi. You look wonderful." He compliments me opening the door for me to get in.

"Thank you, you too. And even opening the door, what a gentleman." I say as I get in and put my belt on, he gets in the other side once he shut my door. "Where are we going?" I ask him as we drive away from my flat. He said not to dress fancy so I didn't but he's wearing dark wash skinny jeans with a rip on the knee, all black converse sneakers and a black 'Weekend warriors' tank top.

"It's a surprise." He says smirking at me then turning back to the road. I giggle and we turn out on to Macdonald Street, take the first right and he stops at the entrance to Flora and Knight Reserve. I look at him confused. He gets out the car and opens my door for me, I climb out and thank him.

"What's happening?" I say quietly. Ashton walks beside me and laces our hands together, I look down at them abruptly and then look up at him.

"Is this okay?" He asks, his amazing brown eyes looking concerned. I smile and nod which makes him smile. He leads me down a path and into the middle of the park where there's a blanket and picnic. Awww, cutie. I think as we both sit down on the blanket.

Tonight will be special. I'll never forget.

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