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1. One

I'm no ordinary girl. No, I'm not what you think. I'm a little different...I'm one of a kind. I have a certain type of look. A special kind of gift, and you'd be freaked out if you knew. Knew what I am, what I'll always be. No you don't want to see, see the back of me. Because I'm a fallen star, a piece out of the sky. To you I'm a stranger, I'm an angel.

It's true. I'm a real life angel. Think I'm lying? I'm not. I have wings and I came from the sky. My wings are small, at the moment, and I go up every 4 years to see how I'm doing down on Earth. If I don't go back, they get sent my wings and it means I've died. I have fellow angels that I know. Angela; she's got her full wings that fit into her back. Ashley; She's 19 and has her full wings too. Harley; He's Angela's brother who has his full wings. Adelaide; She's only a baby, 16 months old, she got small wings - smaller than mine. I don't live with them, they're not my real family. They're family, because most angels are, but not blood related and just like me they have bright blue eyes. My real parents died when they got kidnapped by some people and their wings were discovered and cut off. The people thought that they would be able to keep the wings, sell them, but once you cut an angels wings off the angel dies and the wings go up. Some angels like to live in big houses with loads of friends and  lots of money and a great job. Whereas I keep myself to myself, I live in a small two bed house alone and work night shifts at a video store. I don't have any friends, I only have Ace, my German Sheppard. I stay in most of the day, or in the garden. I listen to music or watch TV or tidy or anything. I'm just keeping a low profile, trying not to attract much attention. I'm Lori, Lori Matthews. I have long brown hair, bright blue eyes, tan skin, I'm only 5ft 4'' and I'm 18 years old. I get my full wings on my 19th Birthday which is in a couple of months.


Hey guys! This is my new Fanfic and its my first 5SOS one. Hope you like it and please like and favorite it. Sorry in advance if I'm slow at updating and posting but hopefully i shouldn't. So yeah, enjoy it! And please don't get majorly annoyed if I'm slow or anything. <3 xxx

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