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4. Four

Lori's pov

"I don't know. I'm worried." Ashley whispers back. I nod in agreement. We both sit there in silence worried and confused. Its about 10 minutes before we hear a voice from the door and it opens. And when it does Ashley and I look towards it, no way! In the doorway stands the perfect looking, though sweaty, Michael Clifford. He stands there so perfectly, it feels weird.

"Hi..." Ashley says waving slightly.

"Hey." He smiles, walking over to us. He is soon followed by Luke, Calum and Ashton but my eyes stay on him.

"Hi, I'm Ashley...Landers." She says, extending a hand for Michael to shake. He does and smiles at me while Ashley shakes the other boys' hands.

"Oh...Lori. My names Lori. Hi." I tell them, snapping out my trance and letting my eyes slip from Michaels face. They smile at me, its awkwardly silent until Ashton says something.

"So, did you enjoy the concert?"

"Yeah! It was brilliant. Like, THE best." Ashley says, they smile at her. "Lori?!" She says hitting my arm.

"Yeah." I say. "It was great. I loved it!" I add nervously and a little embarrassed. I look at the other boys rather than gazing just at Michael whose sat opposite me but I still see him watching me out the corner of my eye.

"Where are you both from?" Luke asks.

"Here. Sydney, Newtown actually." I speak up. He nods at me.

"Yeah. Lor lives with her dog and I live a street away from her alone." Ashley says, I give her a what the hell? look. Who tells them where they live?

"Cool. What time do you need to be home?" Calum asks.

"Anytime. Whatever time." I burst out. I look back to Michael and smile nervously.

"Would you guys excuse us for just a minute?" Ash says getting up and pulling me with her.

"Oh, okay. Sure." Ashton says. We go out the room and she shuts the door then turns to me.

"What is wrong with you?" She asks, worried. I think.

"Nothing...I'm nervous. Michael is watching me and the others are. Y'know...there 5sos. I'm gonna be nervous!" I say, she nods.

"Just, relax a little. Imagine them...well not naked but, with a bag on their heads so you don't know who they are." She says, I giggle at the thought of them nude. She opens the door and pushes me in first, we sit down and talk again.

"So, how young are you two?" Michael asks, I think I just died. My heart and feelings melt at his voice and his question.

"I'm 19..." Ashley says, waiting for my answer.

"And I'm 18, almost 19 though." I say. I look at Michael and we make eye contact for a while.

"Girls, do you want a picture?" Ashton asks, we both nod.

"I'll go get some one." He says and goes out. He comes back to seconds later with some backstage worker with a crew top on. "Come over here then." He laughs and Ashley and I go over to there sofa after handing the lady our phones. Luke and Ashton go behind the sofa and I sit next to Michael who shifts closer to me. Ashley sits next to Calum and asks Ashton to kiss her cheek from where he was behind her. He does and the lady take the picture on Ashley's phone and then takes one on my phone.

"Thanks!" Ashley exclaims as the lady hands our phones back, the lady laughs and gives me my phone.

"Cheers." I say, she nods and leaves the room. We all return to our original seats and continue talking.

"So why are we backstage?" I ask accidentally. Michael smirks.

"I got the llama toy you threw." He says. I blush a little. "It's cool I'm keeping it though." He smiles.

"So just because of the Llama?" Ashley asks, Ashton shakes his head.

"No, its because our wanted to talk to you Ashley about something." Ashton says, she nods and her, him, Calum and Luke all get up.

"I'll wait here...with Lori." Michael says, I watch Ashley as she leaves and then smile at Michael.

Ashley's pov

"No, its because our wanted to talk to you Ashley about something." Ashton says, I nods and him then Ashton, Cal, Luke and I all get up and head towards the door.

"I'll wait here...with Lori." Michael says and Lori watches me as I give her a smile and leave. Luke and Calum go off to the left and I follow Ashton to the right.

He's so perfect and that moment when I asked him to kiss my cheek for the picture and he did really stunned me because I didn't think he would. And now its just me and him and I love him some much. I just want to scream.

"So, Ashton..." I say walking beside him, he looks at me and his face is so amazing. Like cute but manly at the same time. "W-what do they want to talk to me about?" I ask him.

"Oh, they found a phone they think its yours." He says smiling at me, his accent so perfectly simialr to mine.

"Okay. How are you by the way?" I ask.

"I'm good thanks. Why'd you ask?"

"I just thought, you probably don't get asked it very often because you're...Ashton Irwin and that." I ramble on. He laughs lightly and turns left as we walk to a door he opens it for me and we go in.

"Oh, its you. We found this..." A large man says walking over to me and Ashton who is behind me. "We think its yours, it has a picture of you on it." He says, showing me the selfie Lori and I took in the line waiting.I laugh awkwardly and a little embarrassed.

"Yeah, thats mine. Thanks." I say, he hands it to me and smiles.

"No problem love." I smile and nod and leave with Ashton. We walk back to the other room in awkward silence and just before we go in I speak to him and stop him from opening the door.

"Wait!" I say a little abruptly. Oh damn! Now I have to say something. "Ashton, I just wondered. Y'know, I really like you and its not because you're famous or because you're insanely cute...basically, would you like to get coffee some time? With me?" I ask in one go. Then I instantly think, Oh no! That was too quick, we've only just met and I asked him out, called him insanely cute and said I really like him. What is he gonna say. Its going to be no. I just can feel it. Gods sake Ashley! WHY!?!

"Yeah. Sure, I'd like that." He smiles and I feel a weight drop off my shoulders as I exhale deeply. "i'll give you my number later." He says smiling and opening the door. We both go in and I see Lori and Michael now on the same couch, very close to each other.

Lori's pov

"Hi..." I say, awkward and low pitched after they'd all gone.

"Hi, I-I gotta ask you something. Its a bit weird but um-um I saw something." He says. I think I'm dieing, if he asks me what I think, I'm a dead angel for sure.

"What? What is it?" I ask worried. He scratches his face.

"Well, I saw, while I was on stage, that you have like fairy wings." He says, my first reaction is to correct him and say "Angel wings, they're angel wings." But I don't.

"Oh...f*ck." I whisper as I bury my face in my hands. I look up at him and he's staring at me worryingly. "Look, Michael. I can explain but well...its hard and weird and you wouldn't understand..."I begin, he gets up and walks over to me. He sits next to me and takes my hand. I look at him in shock.

"I do understand. I know what you are." He tells me, my eyes are watching his green ones as I speak.

"What?" I ask.

"Her name was Amberly. Amberly Jones." He says. "She was one of my best friends growing up as a kid but she died...she died from being shot."

"Oh, I'm so sorry." I say, forgetting the fact he was saying he knew what I was.

"Before she died she told me to look on her back so I rolled her over and saw two white wings. They were part of her back...she was an angel." He says. I close my eyes and let go of his hand.

"No..." I whisper rubbing me hands over my face.

"I know what you are. You have the same eyes, just like she said...You're an angel, aren't you?" He says. I nod as I let my guard down and reveal my wings to him. He looks at them and strokes one with his left hand. I stop myself from crying as I look up at him.

" shouldn't see them. They're-" I say but he cuts me off.

"Beautiful. Just like you." He slowly leans in and presses his soft pink lips against mine. I can't help but put my hands on the side of his face and kiss back. Its magical...

"I've been waiting so long to do that..." I say once I pull away, my hands come off his face and he smiles at me.

"Do you want to hang out?" He asks suddenly, by the looks on his face he didn't mean to say it out loud.

"Yes, Michael...I'd love to." I breath as I chuckle lightly. He looks into my eyes and as he's about to say something we're interrupted by Ashton and Ashley. I suddenly put my guard back up and Michael laughs at me.

"Hey. What did they want?" I ask Ashley as if nothing happened.

"Oh, apparently I dropped my Dads phone during the concert and it had a selfie of us on it. I got it now though." She smiles shaking her Dads phone. Her and Ashton sit on the opposite sofa to Michael and I.

"Good. You're Dad would have killed you." I tell her, she nods in agreement.

"Where's Cal and Luke?" Michael asks.

"Getting changed." Ash(ton) says, Michael nods.

"What shall we do?" I ask.

"Do you girls wanna stay for food. We're getting pizza?" Ashton offers.

"Yasss!" I say a little excited, the whole 'thing' with Michael really made me relax a bit more. They all laugh and I frown.

"Well, what music do you like?" Michael asks.

"Acept yours...Ed Sheeran, Blink 182, The 1975, Rihanna, P!nk and One Direction." Ashley answers while I get my second pack of Twizzlers out my bag. I try to do it quietly as I don't want to share them but get caught.

"Are they Twizzlers? Have you got Twizzlers?" Ashton asks quickly as I put one in my mouth. I shake my head but its to late because he takes my packet.

"No!" I yell, he pulls one out the packet and passes it to Ashley. "You dare, girl. Get you're own." I warn her, she hands the packet back to me and I pull out another one.

"Hey. I want one." Michael whines, I roll my eyes and hand him one. "Thanks." He says smiling.

"And I like Avril Lavigne and 'the 1975." I say answering Ashton's question.

"Good taste, good taste." Ashton says.

"How are we gonna work this? Ash and Ash?" I ask, they look at each other then at me.

"I don't know." They say at the same time.

"Okay. Confusion for you two then." I say. They shrug it off and I eat another Twizzler. Luke and Calum then walk in and sit down. "What time is it?" I ask.

"Its twelve." Calum says.

"PIZZA TIME!" Michael and Ashton yell jumping up, I zip up my bag and take one last Twizzler.

"Lets go." Ashton says and Ashley and I get out bags before following them out the room.

-                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -

Ashley and I follow them out to the street and we all begin to walk down to the Pizza Hut on Dawn Fraser Avenue, its only 10 minutes or so away so we walk. I walk nearer the back just thinking about what Michael said. His friend, Amberly, she was an angel. Like me. And then the kiss, why? What did it mean? Like, sure yeah, I liked it and it was amazing...but what was it for?

"Lori!" Ashley shout whispers as she waves a hand in in my face, I tare away from my thoughts and look at her. "What's wrong?" She asks walking next to me. She was walking with Ashton and Calum but was now with me.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just trying to take it all in." I say trying to convince her it was true. She smiles and shakes her head.

"Live in the'll be fine." She reasures me. "We're staying at yours anyway so it doesn't matter what time we get back." She finishes then drags me forward by the arm.

"Come on guys!" She shouts, still dragging me to the front of the group. I laugh at her confidence.

"Right, I'll race you there!" Calum yells and we all start running. Since Ashley and I are at the front we are first but since I'm major lazy I'm not at the front for long. Luke and Calum soon overtake me. Luke, Ashley and Calum are all at the front, Ashley is beating Calum but not Luke. I'm still running, Michael is in front of me and Ashton in front of him. I give up after about 5 minutes when I can see the sign for Pizza Hut. I stop and catch my breath, bending back a little and resting my hand on my belly. I run my hands through my hair as I walk again. I look forward to see Michael waiting for me, I smile and walk to him. We're only about 5 meters away from the Hut now and The others are in there already.

"You 'kay?" I ask him as we walk together.

"Yep. You?" He replies.

"No..." I laugh. "Running is so not my thing." I tell him, he laughs at me.

"Yeah, shame." He says and starts running slowly away from me but facing me smiling. I shake my head at him and chuckle.

"Go ahead. I'm not running." I shout but he runs at me, he grabs me and throws me over his shoulder and I suddenly become thankful that I wore shorts. I hit his back with one hand as he laughs and runs to Pizza Hut and with my other hand I hold my boobs still. I know weird but girls...understand??? Maybe not.

He plops me down at the door to Pizza Hut and I frown at him as I walk in, he laughs walking in after me.

"You liked it really..." He says as we walk to the table. I sit next to Ashley and Luke on the circular table they were on. Around the table it goes Me, Luke, Calum, Michael, Ashton and Ashley. Everyone is just talking and I'm scrolling through my Twitter feed on my phone.

"What'cha doin'?" Luke asks me suddenly. I look up at him in shook, clearly more concentrated on Twitter than I think.

"Oh! Uh-nothing." I mumble as I go back to the home menu on my phone, he laughs.

"Chill. I'm only messing..." He says, I smile up at him. "Hey. What's up with you and Mikey?" He asks.

"Michael an-and I? Nothing." I stutter, he smirks down at me.

"Is that why you stuttered then?" He asks before leaning down and whispering in my ear, "Is that why he's looking at you now?" I look across the table and see Luke is telling the truth. Michael is looking at me, I turn and look back up at Luke.

"Shut up." I tell him playfully and turn away. A waitress comes by with our drinks the others ordered before Michael and I got in, Ashley got me a Cola and the boys got Michael his.

I take as sip of my drink while looking back on my phone. Its half twelve. Great! - note the sarcasm? Luke snatches my phone out my hand without warning, I try my hardest to get it back but have no luck as he stands up. He's much much taller than me and I have no chance.

"Calm down. I'm not going to do anything." He says and we both sit back down. He's such a douche.

"Better not." I tell him, I watch as he goes on my camera and looks through my photo's of the concert. Most of them being of Mikey, Luke smirks at me and I blush. He goes back on to back camera and I wonder what he's doing.

"Michael!" He says across the table, Michael looks up from his drink and smiles. And Luke takes a picture and I snatch my phone off him. He laughs at me and I frown.

"What pizza's can I get you guys?" The same lady as earlier asks.

"Well, I'd like Pepperoni but what about you guys?" I say, the lady writes it down and looks at the others.

"STUFFED CRUST!" Ashton yells and we all laugh as him and Ashley high five.

"Margarita stuffed crust and a hawaiian to please." Michael says. The lady nods and walks off.

"What have you guys planned for tomorrow?" Ashley asks, I look at her wide eyed and in shock. You can't ask someone you just met that. Not these people!

"We actually have a few interviews tomorrow." Ashton says, Ashley looks at him in a daze so I kick her leg under the table.

"Yeah. But we're doing nothing in the evening." Michael perks up and says. They all nod and our pizza's come over. We all take a plate and some slices of pizza, I take a Pepperoni slice and then go to take a hawaiian slice but my hand collides with Michaels as we reach for the same piece. I let him take it and take the slice next to it, he smiles at me thanking me politely. As we start to eat our pizza the table goes quiet.

-                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -

We'd left Pizza Hut and were now walking back up to the arena, Ashton and Calum insisted on paying for the pizza even though me and Ashley were telling them we'd pay for ourselves.

"Hey..." Michael says walking up behind me, we were a little to the left from the others. They are all too busy talking anyways.

"Hi." I smile pushing a piece of hair behind my ear.

"I have to ask you something." He begins. "I wondered if I could get your number?" I smile at him.

"Yes, you can get my number...if you get Ashton to give Ashley his." I smirk, I know she likes him. I have a feeling he likes her but Michael would be able to find out.

"Okay..." He chuckles, with that adorable smile of his.

"Did that hurt by the way?..." I ask, mirroring on my eye brown where his piercing is. "The um piercing."

"Err, not really. It did a bit...but I'm a MAN so I couldn't feel the pain." He says jokingly, I laugh at his weirdness.

"Yeah. I bet you couldn't feel the pain. You liar.." I laugh.

"Y' are so similar. Its weird." He says under his breath looking at me. I laugh lightly and run off to the others. He chases after me and I walk with Ashley while he walks with Ashton.

-                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -

"Hey, guys. We should go now, its late..." I say looking at Ashley and them. We're outside the arena just talking while sitting on a bench.

"Yeah. We got a busy day tomorrow." Ashton says, the bench is semi circular and we didn't all fit on so Luke was sat on the arm bar on the end I was on and all the rest of us squidged on. Ash and I stand up and smile at them, I look at Michael as he whispers something in Ashtons ear.

"Yeah. Well, I'll see ya..on the internet." She laughs, they smile and chuckle lightly.

"We should-um, get your numbers. If y'know, you wanna hang tomorrow..." Ashton says standing.

"Oh, yeah-yeah totally." Ashley says pulling out a note book from her bag, she gets her pen and writes her name and number then gives it to me and I write mine.

"Here." I say handing it to Ashton, the others have stood up now and we're all in a circle.

"I really enjoyed hanging out tonight..." Ashley says going to shake Calum's hand but he hugs her instead.

"Yeah. Me too, thanks for the pizza." I say and hug Ashton, he hugs me back and it feels funny. Just because...I'm hugging a band member!

I let go and hug Luke as Ashley hugs Michael, then I hug Calum and Ashley hugs Ashton.

I walk to Michael and he smiles at me as we hug.

"I'm keeping that number..." He whispers.

"Good." I says back and chuckle.

"I'll text you tonight." He says and lets me go, I pull away and Ashley calls a taxi.

"Thanks for was really special." I say to them all glancing at Michael.

"No problem, you're fun girls." Calum says. Ashley comes up behind me and pats my shoulder.

"It'll be here any minute." She says, I nod and we sit on the bench.

"Bye!" Ashton says as they walk away. We wave back and I exhale heavily.


"Ohmygosh..." I say quietly, I wipe my hands over my face.

"I know." Ashley says. Then I hear fast footsteps and see Michael running towards us. I stand up and he stops in front of us.

"Ashley...Ashton..wants to speak to you." He says pointing in the direction he came from, she stands up with a look of confusion before walking in that direction.

"Hey." I say confused while I rub my head and tip it to the side.

"Lori..." Michael say looking to check Ashley had gone. He turns back to me and I put my head up straight. "I have to tell you, your secret is super safe with me. I may be weird, an idiot and famous but I kept Ambers secret for eight years." He says taking my hand in his. I look at the together.

"Michael...what-what did that kiss mean?" I ask by accident. "I-I just wondered. You were talking about your friend and my...thing and then kissed me." I say letting his hand go. He looks at me, I can't tell what he thinks or his emotion.

"Lori, y'know...I've never met someone quite like you. Not just because you're an angel just have something and its hard to say what it is..." He tells me. I look in his eyes and he looks at mine and I didn't realise we were inching closer to each other until our lips met and my eyes shut. I ran my hands to the back of his neck and his were on the sides of my face. It was just a perfect moment, so precious and special. I pull away and look up at his beautiful green eyes.

"Michael...?" I say, he nods. "Make sure you text me." I laugh, he takes his hands off my face and laughs at me.

"I will." He says and I see Ashley coming back from behind him.

"Bye." I say, he pulls e in for a hug and I wrap my arms around his torso and put my face in his chest. His sweater is so soft I don't want to let go. I hear the taxi pull up beside us and let go. Ashley's closer now so I take Michael's hand and he looks down confused. I take one of his bracelets off and grab my bags. Then run to the taxi and put my things in there.

"There's one more person." I tell the driver, he nods. I get in and shut the door while Ashley comes over to the taxi. Michael stands there watching us leave, the taxi pulls away once Ash's got in and I wave good bye.

I rest my head against the window and put Michael's bracelet on my wrist. I close my eyes and think but nothing else is on my mind except; Michael.

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