Your Angel | 5sos

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5. Five (sos) : )

Lori's pov

I wake up, its a Saturday morning and the first thing I notice is I'm backwards on my bed, and Ashley? Well, she's lead across my legs, her hair all over the place. I slowly slide my legs out from under her body, which may not look it but is heavier than expected, and grab my phone off the floor.

*One new message*

I unlock it and go to my messages.


'Hi its michael.'

I smile and message back.

'Hey michael.'

I get up off my bed and go on Twitter, then I get another text.

'We're just doin our last interview. wanna meet us 4 lunch?'

I look at the time in the corner of the screen. 11:30?! I run back to my room from the bathroom and jump on the bed, right next to Ashley.

"Wake up!!" I yell as I jump on the bed.

"Go away." She groans, I stop jumping and she sits up on my bed. I jump off my bed and stand on the floor and she gives me the evils.

"Get ready." I tell her. "Michael texted me. We're meeting for lunch." I tell her then message Michael back.

'Yeah! Sure. what time?'

'1. chose where, our bus is still at the arena. : )' - michael

"Hey where d'you wanna go? For lunch." I ask Ashley who's about to go to the bathroom.

"I don't know..." She says running her hand through her hair and getting it stuck. "How bout Cafe Martini? Its not long away." She says and goes. I message back Michael,

'okay, well there's a lil cafe called Cafe Martini. where's ur'e interview?'

'Its on the bus. yeah send the adres an we'll be there at 1.' - michael.

I send him through the address and tell him they could park at mine. Then I get my towels out and bang on the door for Ashley to get out the shower, it unlocks and she walks out wrapped in a towel.

"We're meeting here at one." I tell her and get in the shower after locking the bathroom door. I run the hot water and wash my body and hair. I'm just trying to get hold of the fact that I have Michael Cliffords number, Ashley and I are friends with 5sos and all of us are going out to lunch together. Michael knowing what I am doesn't bother me anymore, it did when I first told him, but now it makes me more relaxed.


I get out the shower and go into my room. Ashley's down stairs, I can hear her. I go to my wardrobe and pull out a checked flannel and a grey tank top. Then go to my drawers and get out a pair of shorts and under wear. I put on my clothes and blow dry my hair. Then I sit on my bed and pull out a pair of my black boots, I put them on and then get my phone. Its 12:45 so I get my bag and put my keys and and a beanie in it. I do my make up, simple but effective ( ; ) ) I go downstairs and see Ashley sat on my kitchen side eating a bowl of cereal.

"Really?" I ask, rhetorically. I look at what she's wearing, she always she dresses to impress.

"What?" She asks.

"Heels. Well I'm going out for lunch to a cafe, you're dressed to impress." I laugh, she frowns at me.

"I'm sorry if Ashton hasn't already fallen in love with me..." She says rolling her head back, she gets off the side and puts her bowl in the sink.

"And what is that suggesting?" I say, she laughs. It may sound like we're arguing, we are but friendly disagreeing is what I call it. She sits back in her place and I'm leant against the opposite counter.

"Nothing...what time is it?" She says changing the subject. I shake my head and check my phone.

"Its one. They'll be here in a bit." I say, I run back up to my room and grab my purse which has my cards and money in. I put it in my bag and then jump back down stairs three steps at a time.

There's a knock at the door as I get to the bottom so i walk straight forward to the door and open it.

"Hey!" All four boys say at once, Luke and Ashton are at the front and Calum and Michael are behind them.

"Hi!" I smile and Ashley comes through.

"Ready?" She says, they all nod so Ashley and I leave my house and I lock the door behind me. Ashley and Ashton are at the front walking side by side talking, Luke and Calum are messing about as they walk and I'm walking with Michael.

"So how was your interview?" I ask.

"Ahhh, it went pretty well. Fan question, album questions, rumor questions." He says. I laugh.

"So whats your favourite colour? who wrote the most songs on the album? And it true you've been seeing Camila Cabello?" I joke, he laughs and I laugh.

"Yeah like that., no idea and nope its not true." He says, I giggle.

"Haha, cool." I laugh.

"You look cool by the way." He tells me, I smile and blush slightly.

"Are you hitting on me Clifford?" I say sarcastically shocked.

"I think we're past that stage don't you think?" He says, I laugh.

"Maybe..." I reply. I look forward as we get to the end of the street and turn right on to the end of Union street. "Hey, can I do something?" I ask.

"Sure. Anything." He says looking down at me. I look down at our two hands and slide mine into his, folding my fingers over. He folds his and I look up at him. We then take a right on to Kings Street before crossing the road. We all cluster together now, me and Michael still holding hands but everyone's much closer. I assume not wanting loads of fans attacking us. Ashley leads us up the street and into Cafe Martini. It's empty until we get there, we sit at three tables each made for two people but we push them together and Ashley, Me and Michael sit on the sofa side while Ashton, Luke and Cal sit on the other side. We look at our menu's and a young man comes over to us.

"Hello. What drinks can I get you?" He asks politely.

"I'll have a cola please." I say,

"Make that two." Calum adds.

"I'll have a soda thanks." Ashley says, I smile at Ashton who's staring at her until he sees me watching and then he awkwardly looks away and anywhere but me and Ashley. I laugh to myself.

"I'll have a cola too please mate." Luke says,

"And me thanks." Michael adds.

"Can I have a chocolate milkshake please?" Ashton asks, the lad nods and walks off to get our drinks. Ashley looks at me and we smirk at each other and giggle. "What?" Ashton asks.

"Its a chocolate milk party." say under my breath before looking up and smiling. "Nothing." Ashley bursts out laughing.

"Its nothing. Seriously." She says. "Anyways what's everyone having to eat?" She asks looking down the table, we all discuss what we're having and then the boy comes over with our drinks.

"Have you decided on what you're eating today? If you are." We all tell him what we want, mine being a full breakfast with no mushrooms, no tomatoes.

"Hey, why don't we sit in the courtyard?" Cal suggests,, we all agree and then get up with our drinks and go outside. Luke tells the waiter we're outside and then joins the rest of us as we sit at the big table outside. I sit next to Michael then it goes Cal, Ashley, Luke and Ashton. I get my phone out and open Instagram. I scroll through and see pictures of Youtubers, celebrities and old friends.

"Hey! Lori!" Luke says loudly across the table, I look up and l put my phone away.

"Yes?" I say.

"Where's your dog?" He asks.

"At the kennels. Why?" I ask,

"We wanted to meet her." He says.

"Him." I tell him. "Its a dude." Everyone laughs lightly at Luke thinking Ace was a girl then our food arrives.

-                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -                   -

We finish our food and chat for a bit more until Ashley peeps up.

"Hey, what are you guys doing next?"

"Nothing. We're not busy 'til tomorrow." Cal replies.

"Do you wanna come back to ours?" Ashley asks and before anyone can reply I butt in.

"And by ours she means mine." Ashley squints her eyes at me and pulls a face while shaking her head.

"Sure! If you good with that." Ashton says. I nod. We all get up and I rush to pay before anyone can say they'll pay.


"I'll pay for ours." Michael says as I put my card in the machine.

"Too late." I giggle and put in my pin. I take my card out and put in back in my purse and we all leave. We walk across the road and back the way we came, I unlock my door once we get there and I turn to look at them.

"Okay, the bathrooms the first door when you go up stairs and don't forget to put the seat down or clean it if you spill." I tell the boys eyeing all of them. They laugh at me and we all go in and I lead them to the sitting room. Everyone crashes on the two small sofas and I sit myself down on the floor, I like the floor.

"Lets play a game." Luke says.

"Spin the bottle?" I say, we all agree and I go and get a bottle from the kitchen. I go back to the others with the glass bottle and they're now sitting on the floor. I sit between Ashley and Luke, making Ashley and Ashton sit next to each other.

"Who's first?" I ask, everyone looks at each other. "Okay, I'm thinking of a number between zero and twenty. Whoever gets closest goes first." I say. Luke starts.


"Four." Michael says.

"Twenty." Calum says after.

Then Ashton picks, "Twenty three."

"Twenty one." Ashley says last, I smile.

"The number waaaas...ten!" I smile at Luke.

"Thanks." He says and spins the bottle. I spins and lands on Ashton, we all laugh accept them two.

"Wait!" Ashley shouts before Luke leans across. "We get to chose where you kiss him...cheek, lips, hand, forehead or ear."

"I pick cheek." I say. Michael says forehead, Calum says cheek and Ashley says cheek. Luke then leans forward and laughs right next to Ashton's cheek before quickly pressing his lips together and ''kissing'' Ashton on the cheek. He sits back and Ashton spins the bottle.

"Sh*t." I say when it lands on me. I give Ashley the you dare look and she giggles.

"Forehead." She says, thank god!

"Lips." Luke teases, I give him the evils.

"Cheek." Michael says.

"Cheek." Cal agrees. I look at Ashton cringed about him leaning forward to me. As he kisses me on the cheek quickly I crunch my face up, shoulders together and cringe about it. Michael chuckles and I frown at him before spinning. It lands on Ashley, luckily.




"Cheek." Everyone says, so I look at Ashley and wink then kiss her cheek as a friend. Ash spins the bottle and it lands on Ashton. I laugh and she gives me the same look I gave her.

"Lips." I giggle, everyone boo's me for being ''mean'' but I shrug it off.

"Hand." Luke says.

"Cheek." Cal says and Michael votes lips like me. I wink at him and he nods.

"Go on Ashton! Give her a kiss." I tease, they both glare at me and I giggle. Ashton then proceeds to lean forward to Ashley and kiss her lips. It isn't a quick one, its a smooth one, cute.

Ashley's pov

I am going to kill Lori for voting lips! I like Ashton, but its weird being kissed in front of everyone. Ashton leans forward to me face, looking in my eyes before he pushes his lips against mine. It felt good. More than good. Amazing! When he pulls away it was awkward, did it last too long? I don't care now because for the split second, which feels like a million days, after he pulls away I look into his beautiful brown eyes and blush. Now I'm not as mad at Lori as I was.

"Okay! My turn." I say louder than I should've. I spin the bottle and it lands on Calum, I laugh at him.

We play a few more rounds before everyone gets bored and starts talking to each other.

Lori's pov

Everyone is just talking so I get up off the floor and go up to my room, I pull my phone out and play my music. I maybe I seeming a little rude and unsociable but I just need a moment to myself, away from everyone and thing. I sit on my bed then shuffle back so I'm resting against the wall. I close my eyes and just sit here for a minute.

"Check yes Juliet

Are you with me?

Rain is falling down,

on the sidewalk.

I won't go until,

you come outside..." I sing quietly along to We The Kings, I love this song, its the acoustic version and I just simply love it.

"Check yes Juliet,

Kill the limbo.

I'll keeping tossing rocks,

At your window.

There's no turning back

for us tonight." I open my eyes when I hear the door close I stare straight at Michael who's watching me.

"Oh crap." I mumble, he clearly heard me singing.

"I like that song." He says and sits on my bed, I smile.

"Me too." I reply, the song still playing.

"Run baby run,

don't ever look back." He sings, I look at him and he gives me the your turn look.

"They'll tear us apart,

if you give them the chance." I sing, blushing. I move forward and stop the song before turning to look at Michael. He smiles at me, he's so cute. Punk rock, but cute. He slowly leans in and holds me face in one hand. "What?" I ask as he stares at me.

"Way to ruin the moment!" He jokes moving away and standing up. He offers me his hand, I take it and he pulls me up and into him. "Wanna go out tonight?" He asks, I look up at him and put my arms around his lower torso.

"Sure, what time are you leaving for Brisbane?" I ask, he looks at me like I'm weird.

"How did you know?"

"Its called Twitter." I say sassily, he tickles my sides and I squeal and wriggle.

"Monday." He says, one day? Thats too bad, I guess it could be worse.

"'Kay, lets go." I say but my phone rings, We The Kings - *. I grab it off my table and answer it.


"Lori. I need your help."

"Jamie? What is it?" I ask, Michael looks at me worried.

"It's Adelaide...she's screaming. I can't get through to Mom or Dad. They're in America." He tells me in panick.

"I'm on my way!" I say and hang up. "I'll be back soon." I tell Michael, kissing his cheek before running downstairs. I grab Ashley from the floor and yank her up.

"We have to go." I tell her sternly as I begin to drag her to the door.

"What? Why?" She asks, we stop at the front door and I turn to the boys who've followed us.

"Don't trash the place. Don't go in my room and tidy up after yourselves." I say then get my car keys and pull Ashley out to the car. We both get in and I turn it over and then drive off, in the direction of Angela's house. Jamie is Angela's nephew, he stays at hers while he's got time off from University.

"Where are we going?" Ashley asks me, I shift gear and pull away from the stop lights before explaining.

"Angie's.Jamie's taking care of Ade and she won't stop crying."


"And, she's turning 2 in a few months." I tell her, her mouth forms an 'O' and I nod. I speed ahead and make it to the house in time. We both get out and rush in through the front door. I can hear her in the living room. I go in and she's sat on the floor, red, screaming, with a top on.

"I don't know what it is." Jamie says, I shake my head.

"She's two in a few months, don't worry." I say and go over to Adelaide. "Shhhh. Sh sh sh shhh. Its okay." I say holding her hand and taking her t-shirt off. Her wings show but they're splitting her back. "I'll see you in a bit." I tell Jamie and Ashley, I hold Ade in my arms and concentrate on above. Some angels have powers, mind reading, emotion reading and things like that. I have the ability to teleport or "orb" places. I'm teleporting to Above, that's wear babies go when it they're first change.

"Omar!" I yell once I'm here, its weird up here. "Omar! Its Lori." I yell again. Suddenly he's in front of me.

"Oh my." He says taking Adelaide.

"I know. You need to call Angela Hedris. She needs to be here, she's the Mother." I tell him.

"Okay. How old is this girl?" He asks.

"Adelaide. She's turning two years old in four months. She was born early, full angel but only one parent. Dad died last year." I say, he nods and I orb back out. Jamie and Ashley are pacing the room and stop when they see me. "Omar has her. He's calling Angie." I tell them, I go over to Jamie and put my hands on his shoulders. He's shaking. "Calm down. You did nothing wrong, there's nothing to worry about. Come with us." I tell him. We go out and get in my car and I drive us back to mine.


"We're back!" Ashley yells walking through my front door. There's a shout from the kitchen and two from the sitting room. Ashley and Jamie go to the living room and I go up to my room. I open the door and see Michael sat on my bed.

"Thought I said stay out of my room?" I ask, I'd raise an eyebrow but I can't.

"Yeah...but I'm punk rock." He says, I laugh and sit on my bed next to him. I lean up against the headboard, like him, and look up at him.

"Course you are Mikey. You and your blonde hair are super punk rock." I laugh fluffing his hair, its so weirdly textured, soft which I didn't expect.

"Shut up." He says looking down.

"Where we goin' tonight then?" I ask.

"Where do you wanna go?"

"Nowhere." I say.

"Then night here it is." He smiles, I kiss his nose and giggle. "I'll have to go get some clothes from the bus though." He says.

"No you don't." I tell him and get off my bed. He gives me a confused look but I walk over to my closet and look right in the back then pull out mens sweatpants and a mans t-shirt. He chuckles at me and I throw it at him.

"Who's is this?" He asks looking at it and lifting it up. It looks huge.

"Mine." I say plopping myself back down where I was. "I wear it on my lazy days." I say, he laughs at me and I hit his arm. He looks down at me and kisses me, I kiss back, our eyes closed, and he puts his hands on my cheeks. I slide my hands around his neck and he pulls me on to his lap, he deepens the kiss and pulls me closer to him. He runs his tongue along my bottom lip and I allow, our tongues browse each others mouths and he lays me back, down on the bed, breaking the kiss.

I press my hand against his chest, with a slight smirk.

"Michael..." I say slowly, he shushes me and pulls me back up. I sit on his lap, side ways, and lean my body against his torso. My head on his chest, I can hear his heartbeat and it sounds wonderful. He kisses my head softly and wraps his arms around me. This feels like a perfect moment. I play with the bracelets on my wrist and close my eyes.

"Lori?" Michael asks me, I look up at him, moving my head off his chest. "Why do you live on your own?" He asks.

"My Parents, they died a few years ago." I say, I'm not closed up about my Parents death. It was sad and I was upset, still am, but I can't see the point of spending so much time being upset and mourning or getting quiet when someone asks about it because nothing can bring them back. I just get on with life, take everyday as it comes and if it doesn't go perfect I don't mind much. Not everything is going to go how I want it.

"Oh, sorry." He apologizes.

"No. Don't worry." I say shaking my head a little. "I'm not bothered talking about it." I say, he smiles at me. He puts his arms back around me and I kiss him softly. I get up off his lap and he groans at me. "Lets go back down with the others." I say and he gets up off my bed. We walk down to the sitting room and see the others watching TV, Luke and Cal are sat on one sofa, Ashley and Ashton on the other. I sit on the floor next to the sofa Calum is on and Michael sits down beside me.

"What were you two doing upstairs? Eh?" Luke asks winking at us, I laugh at him.

"Nothing, we were talking."

"Yeah? Is that what you call it?" He jokes.

"We were. Talking, Luke, nothing else. You just have a dirty mind." I sass at him. He pokes his tongue out at me and goes back to watching TV. I look at Michael and he kisses me, I smile as I put my hand in his and close my fingers in. We all just sit here watching TV, Michael is so perfect to me. I think I love him.


So its a little delaid but I hope you like it and i haven't been on in a while so soz. Hope you all are good and happy. If anyones got any tips or pointers with my writing put it in the comments, feedback is fab! School work gets in the way sometimes so yeah i'll try my best! xxxxxx - chlo x

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