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8. Eight

(September 20th - 2 weeks later) sorry, big time gap I know.

Lori's pov

I run into the warehouse, its huge and grey. I don't know why I'm here, I'm just running from the people. People are after at me, I don't know why but they are. I run in and before I get to the middle I notice there's two others here. Silent, in the middle, sat up in chairs and tide to them. I start walking closer and see the people clearer, I know them. But they're not moving, covered in blood. Dead.

"HEY!" A voice yells. My head shoots up to the entrance of the building, a group of people stand there with huge metal blades and cloth bags.

"What have you done?!" I scream at them. A chuckle rises from behind me, not close, but not far.

"We know what you are. What they were." She says. I turn to her, she stands with her hands on the back of the chairs. I shudder at the look of her. Blonde hair, pale skin, tall, slim. A blue blazer, white shirt, black skirt.

"Do you not remember?" I say. "You can't keep them. They go."

"Well, its not the wings we want. We don't want any of you. The world doesn't need any of you." She says. Someone grabs me from behind and I scream before they cover my mouth of tape it shut. The women laughs. "You see, your kind are pathetic. Your nothing, your a normal human being but the smallest bit more evolved. All of you should die. Will die. You, your parents, Ashley, her family...and all the other ones." She says walking around the back of me, I hear her take something I can sense its big. "Just go to sleep. You wont wake up again..." She says and takes her first dig.

I wake up, hot sweaty and screaming. I run my hands through my hair screaming.

"I need a shower." I say calming down and getting off the bed. My parents death is one thing but the nightmares it left me are another. I go to my bathroom and get in the shower, taking as much time as I want because I have nothing to do today.


After about half an hour a decide I now have to get out the shower and call Michael. I talked to him yesterday but he always Skypes me in the morning and calls me at night after his show.

I go to my room and I dry my body and put on some underwear and socks before going over to my wardrobe and getting out black jeans and a printed top, I slide on my black Vans and dry my hair.

I open up my laptop and turn it on, while I wait for it to load I quickly go down and get a drink. Then get back up to my room and open Skype, I sit on my bed with my laptop in front of me and call Michael. His hair is a red faded colour now, he changes it so often. But I love it.


"Hey, Baby!" He says popping up on my screen. I smile and wave,

"Hi, how are you?" I ask.

"I'm good. I miss you but I should be coming back for two days next week."

"Yay! I've missed you to death...but what are you guys up to now?"

"Well, we're going for sound check later and then tonight we have a show...Luke!"

"Yeah?" Luke says from off camera.

"Come 'ere you lil' bean." I shout. I hear him laugh and he appears on screen.

"First it was Lukey boy now its bean?" He says.

"Lil' bean." I state. Michael and Luke laugh.

"See ya." He says and leaves. I laugh and start talking with Michael again.

"So what you doing today?" He asks.

"Going around to Ashley's and then I have this thing I have to go to." I tell him, he nods at me and smiles.

"Hang on let me get something..." He says and walks away. I sit and wait for him to come back but Luke sits in front of the camera instead.

"Hi again." He smiles.

"Hi. Where's Michael gone?" I ask, he shrugs.

"Don't know." He says blankly.

"Okay...hey what do you think Michael would say if I got a piercing?" I ask, I've been think of getting my lip done but couldn't decide.

"I think he'd like it. DO you want one?" He asks.

"No, I just thought I'd ask thats all." I say sarcastically. "...Yes. I want one."

"Cool! Where?"

"Ma lip.." I say pulling out my bottom lip. He laughs and I smile.

"Well, see ya!" He says getting up. I shout bye at him before Michael sits back down.

"What did he want?" Michael asks, he doesn't seem very happy or like he was before.

"Nothing, just saying hi and stuff." I smile.

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

Michael and I finished with our Skype call 10 minutes ago and I've been thinking about how he acted and why Luke went so quick, I don't know why. I stop thinking and get my bag to go to Ashley's, I grab my keys and jacket on the way out the door and walk down to Ashley's.

"Hey, Ashley. It's Lori. Let me up." I say into the system, she buzzes me in and I go up to her flat. I know on the door to her flat and she lets me in.

"Hi..." She groans as I step in through the door, I laugh at how she hasn't even got changed yet and how her flat is such a mess.

"What is wrong with you?" I ask as I walk through to the living room. She falls on the couch next to me and I look at her.

"Nothing. I'm fine." She says. I knew she was lying, it wasn't hard to tell.

"No you're not. Its past 11am and you aren't dressed, you haven't got any make up on and you look miserable to be honest." I tell her, she looks down at her hands and I see a tear fall from her eyes.

"It's Ashton..." She says bursting into tears. "I get we haven't talked about what we are and haven't been anything for that long but I miss him." She balls.

"Hey. Look. I don't know if he's keeping it a surprise but next week they're coming back for a few days." I tell her taking her hand. "Now, we are going out because I'm getting my lip piercing and you are getting one anywhere too. Agreed?" I say pulling her up with me to stand.

"Agreed." She mumbles.

"I said...AGREED?!" I yell shaking her shoulders.

"AGREED!!!" She yells back and I twist her around and push her to her bedroom. I hear her get in the shower and five minutes later the shower stops.


Ashley walks out her room wearing daisy shorts, beige flats and a printed crop top showing off her flat stomach. I wolf whistle at her and she giggles.

"You ready?" I ask, she walks to me and links our arms together.

"Yep!" She says popping the "p" and we both walk out. We walk down the stairs and make our way to the main road of shops.

"So you thought about what you getting yet?" I ask her.

"I can't decide whether to go belly, lip or tongue. Think I'm gonna get belly because I read you can't eat solid foods for a few weeks of you get your tongue done." She says. I nod.

"Good choice. I'm getting my bottom lip done." I say.

"Oooo, left or right?" She asks looking at me.

"My right. Your left." I say, I've wanted to get it for a while but never got round to it.

~ In the shop ~

"Hi, how can I help guys?" A girl who has two lip piercings, a tongue and eyebrow piercing and brown hair with green highlights asks.

"Hi. I'd like my lip pierced and Ash wants her belly done." I say.

"Cool. I'm Tilly. Have you girls got any ID on you?" She asks.

"Yeah." Ash says and pulls hers out her purse, Tilly checks it and nods.

"I have my discount card for where I work?" I say showing her, she and Ashley laugh but she nods and sends us through. We go into a small room with a lounger seat like the one you get in the dentist, loads of printed tattoo's on the walls and on one wall there's piercing designs. I look at all the lip piercings and choose simple spider bites. (Google them if you don't know) Ashley comes up behind me and puts her hands on my shoulder.

"Are you going first or shall I?"

"I will. I don't want to chicken out of it." I say feeling determined. She giggles.

"Okay..." She says in a high pitched tone. We turn around and a tall hunky guys walks in. I feel us both jump but Ash smiles and walks forward.

"You girls want piercings?" He asks, sounding tough.

"Yeah...this one?" I ask holding up the image from the wall. He nods and takes the picture.

"Take a seat." He tells me, I slowly walk to the chair and sit down. Ashley sits in on a spare chair in the room and the man gets the equipment. I literally can't believe I'm doing this. I hope it goes well, and right.

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

We both leave the room, our piercings done. My lip would probably really kill now but its numb and I can't feel it so I have no idea. I think it looks pretty awesome and Ashleys belly looks A-MA-ZING. We come out the back room and Tilly, the girl on the entrance thing, says to us.

"You're Michael and Ashtons girlfriends." We both look at each other and then at Tilly.

"Yeah." I say smiling a little.

"Can I get a picture?" She asks.

"Sure!" Ashley says.

"Hang on!" I say and quickly take a snap of my lip. I send it to Michael and Luke and post it on Twitter with the caption: Just got it. Spider bite <3

"Ready?" Ashley asks and I nod. We get in Tilly's picture and she takes it. She thanks us and we leave.

"What time is it?" I ask.


"We're gonna be late." I say and we run back to Ashley's real quick. Today is the day its been four years and we're going up together as we're so close. We both get to hers and drop our stuff on the floor, we run upstairs to her room and hold hands tightly. As we go I just hear my phone ring with Michael's solo in Don't Stop. That was him, oh dear.

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

"Well, that was weird." Ashley says when we get back, I ignore her and go straight to my phone. I call Michael back right away and he answers.

"Are you okay?" He asks straight away.

"Yes, I am fine."

"Good. I saw the picture by the way. Looks very inviting...good I'm coming home soon." He says.

"Well, maybe it'll be gone by then."


"Kidding, it won't be gone. I love it." I laugh, he chuckles.

"Good. What are you doing now?"

"Nothing, just hanging out with Ashley. I have work tomorrow." I say.

"Awww, well I have to go. I'll speak to you later."

"Bye. Love you."

"Love you too, baby." He says and I hang up. I turn back to Ashley and drop my phone on the sofa with my following it.

"Yeah. It was interesting." I answer her comment.

"What do you think it will be?" She asks.

"I have no clue. I'm so tired. Seriously, I can not be asked to go to work tomorrow." I complain.

"I can't blame you, people know you're with Michael. Imagine how busy you'll be." She says and I groan.

"Actually...talking about being with them. Have you have any hate yet?" I ask. She nods and opens her phone.

"A few. Twitter and Facebook, its so pathetic though. Its little things like: you're fat. He doesn't love you. You ugly." She says, I look at her phone. She was right, it is just stupid younger fans that are jealous.

"Have you said that L word yet?" I ask, she shakes her head.

"No, I don't know wether I should go first or wait. I don't want to seem to keen or like I'm expecting one of those stereotypical things." She says.

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

Ashley and I have spent the entire day together. Its been really nice to be honest. Just to hang out with her and have some us time. I'm staying the night at hers and we're watching movies and tv all night. That's our plan, plus eating our way through her cupboards and fridge.

-                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -                    -

SORRY AGAIN. I'm struggling with times to update and school and work and family and everything. ideas are hard to find. plus im a little ocd ish with everything, it has to make sense to me with the times and months and days and all that and places. yeah im really weird but please keep reading I WILL find a way it works.

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