Hi I'm Alex! I'm 18 and still In a foster home. Crazy I know. {what happens when someone adopts Alex or will her past and her habits get In the way} Will she find love?


1. Alex

Hi I'm Alex. I am suicidal! I'm living in an orphanage. I have been to like 6 homes through my entire time and those didn't work out so well! I love one direction, 5 seconds of summer,little mix, DEMI lovato. And so many more! Here's how I got adopted!

I wake up to the sun on my face. I groaned and got up and shut the blinds. I lay back down in my soft warm bed and then I heard a knock on my door. I sighed. I got up and unlocked it. It was the mother of the foster home Jamie.

"Alex hunny some people are coming to adopt today" she says.

"I don't want to go down" I groan.

"Please hun I know you've had a rough time" she says sadly.

I nod my head. She turns around and walks off. I get out a shirt that's black with an infinity sign in it and some black skinny jeans. I grab a black leather jacket to cover my arms/scars. Even though it's the middle of summer. I go down and sit in the corner. I really don't have any friends. And I'm bullied. I sit down and get on my phone. Soon I heard screams. I look up and see one direction. All the girls ran over to them. Yeah I love them but I don't want them to see me. I go up in my room and play on my phone some more and start singing softly.

Diana let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life but baby I don't think you even realize you've been saving mine.

Tears start of fall. I run to the bathroom and grab my only friend I cut once twice 5times and it turns into 10 cuts on each wrist. I just keep doing it over and over. until I heard a knock on my door. I don't even bother.

"Honey some people want to see you" Jamie cooed. Who?

"Leave me alone" I yell. I sob harder and harder. "ALEX YOU BETTER NOT BE DOING IT AGAIN" Jamie yelled. Yeah she knows I cut.

"Nobody cares" I scream I slash down my arm.

"Nobody would miss me" I scream again.

"ALEX I KNOW WHERE THE KEY IS" Jamie screams.i heard Jamie telling someone where the key was I heard more than just Jamie banging on the door. I grab the pills. I pull the top off. I heard the door start jiggling. They're to late. I dump the pills in my hand and the next thing I know they are on the floor. Someone hit them out of my hand.

"NO I WANT TO DIE" I scream. Someone sat behind me and pulled me onto the floor in their arms. I don't know who it was but he was strong. I fought him nothing worked. Tears spilled down so fast I couldn't make out who the others were. Jamie bent down and started picking up the pills. Another boy just stared at the razors and my wrists. Another just was frozen. I wiggled and wiggled. Nothing worked.

"PLEASE LET ME GO" I scream.

"Not until you calm down" he whispered. He sounded british. I looked down to see a tattoo of arrows on his arm. Liam Payne. I started to tell who everyone is One Direction + Jamie just saw me try to commit suicide. I start breathing really fast. I started to hiperventalate.

"We will take her" Liam said to Jamie. Jamie nodded and had brought the papers up and had Liam sign the papers.


M-E" I try and scream.

"Honey your going to pass out" Jamie said.

"Take deep breaths" I do as she said.

"Jamie why doesn't she want us to take her" Harry asks.

"She's had bad experiences, she will tell you when she's ready" Harry nods. Jamie started cleaning up my cuts. I fall asleep in liams arms. He picks me up and takes me downstairs. I soon wake up in a room that's decorated like Paris.i look out the window to see all the kids run and play.

Little girl. 18 years old

A little too used to being alone

Another new mom and dad

Another school, another house that'll never be a home

When people ask her how she likes this place

She looks up and says with a smile upon her face

"This is my temporary home, it's not where I belong

Windows and rooms that I'm passing through

This is just a stop on the way to where I'm going

I'm not afraid because I know this is my temporary home"

"But this is where you belong" I heard Liam say. I jumped and look behind me and smiled. Liam came up to me I hugged him he was a little startled.

"I love you dad"

He looked shocked.

"I love you too baby girl" he whispered

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