Hi I'm Alex! I'm 18 and still In a foster home. Crazy I know. {what happens when someone adopts Alex or will her past and her habits get In the way} Will she find love?


9. 9

i wipe the tears that have fallen and run to the bathroom. If i cant be with Keaton i dont want to be here. I lock the door and text keaton.

'Keaton I love you, please dont take this the wrong way but i can't do long distance relationship, im being held a prisioner in my own home, Im sorry, Hopefully if i make it my parents will understand how much you mean to me, Tell wes i love him too, im sorry but for now goodbye' I hit send. 

i grabbed my razor and sketched Keaton into my arm. it will be there forever just like he will always be in my heart. My phone dinged. I looked at the text. Keaton. 

'What do you mean? WHATS GOING ON' 

'Bye Keaton' 

'Im calling your dad'

He's too late.

My eyes start to get heavy as everything turns black. 

I love you keaton.


beep.Beep,beep. Am i alive?  I roll over. You'll never guess who i found sitting there. MY KEATON. Wes was sitting by keaton. 

"keaton'' i whispered. 

"BABE are you ok?" He asked coming over to my bed to crawl in bed with me.

"Your here thats all it matters" i whisper kissing him.

"Can we have a minute?" Keaton asks.

"shes not my daughter or anything" liam snorts and stands up and leaves. Wes was walking out i grabbed his hand.

"Thank you" i whimpered.

"anything for you" he said giving me a hug.

He walked out and it was only me and keaton. 

"why did you do this" He asks looking at my arm that now said keaton.

"Because hopefully my dad will realise how much you mean to me and i put your name on my arm so now it will be there forever just like you'll be in my heart forever. I smile looking up and kissing keaton.

'I cant live with out you" I look up at keaton.

"I wont let you leave" keaton says kissing my temple. 

"why dont you come live with me and wes" keaton asks.

'Id love to but my dad" i whisper,

"We will get him to say yes".


Dad soon came in. and glared at keaton which i was still sitting in his lap.

"Daddy?" i ask.

"What babe?" he asks. 

"Can i move to LA with Keaton and wes?" I ask.

"Babe i dont know" dad says. 

'Please ill call you ill visit you all the time just please you know what happens when im away from Keaton. I cant do it." 

"Ok babe" dad says kissing me on the head.

Dad shakes keatons hand. 

"You better take care of her" dad says.

'With my whole life" keaton responds.

Wes came in. 


"What?"  he asks.

'Im moving out to LA with you guys" i smile and hug wes. Harry walks in.


"Yes thats what she wants i got to make her happy"  liam says.

I kiss keaton.

"I love you" i mumble against his lips/

"I love you too" 

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