Hi I'm Alex! I'm 18 and still In a foster home. Crazy I know. {what happens when someone adopts Alex or will her past and her habits get In the way} Will she find love?


2. 2

We pull out of the hug.

"You wanna go meet the rest of the band" Liam asked.

I nod. He grabs my hand and guides me down the stairs. We walk into the living room to see Harry Louis Zayn.

"Where's niall?" Liam asked.

"Eating food" zayn says looking up from his phone. He sees me and smiles.

"Looks like our princess awoken" he smiles. All the boys look up. Liam guides us to the couch. We sit.

"How about playing 20 questions" louis piped up. I nod. God I hope they don't ask about my past.

"Question 1- do you sing" niall asked walking back in the room.

"Yeah but I'm not that good" I say.

"You are amazing" Liam says. I blush.

"Question 2- who are your favorite artists" Harry asked.

"You guys, 5 seconds of summer, little mix and DEMI LOVATO" I scream the last part. Soon after everyone burst out laughing. When we finally stop laughing they asked favorite color and all that kinda stuff. Soon came the last question.

"What made you become suicidal" zayn asks. Oh, Fuck!

"Um" I looked up they had pleading eyes wanting me to continue.

"It's ok love you don't have tell us" Liam says hugging me.

"No you guys have a right to know" I huff.

"When I was 5 my dad left my mom, my mom became and alcoholic my mom died. Then I was put in a foster home, the first mom who adopted me would have one night stands. Then she got tired of me and sent me back, then I was adopted my another man and woman they both beat me, he died, she had a boyfriend when I was 17 (now I'm 18) he rapped me a lot the mom didn't care finally I escaped and went back to the foster home no one believed me" I sighed. I pulled up the back of my shirt and turned around so they could see the big huge scar down my back from the boyfriend. They whimpered. It's still heeling. "Then you guys showed up" I sighed.

"We're so sorry" Liam said hugging me and wiping my tears away.

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