Hi I'm Alex! I'm 18 and still In a foster home. Crazy I know. {what happens when someone adopts Alex or will her past and her habits get In the way} Will she find love?


18. 18

I looked over to see Keaton. I smiled. I ran to keaton and hugged him. 

"I love you" He smiled looking down at me. 

"I love you too" I whispered. 

"now lets go before dad finds m-"

"ALEX" i froze in my spot. They are here.

I looked back to see 5 oh so familiar people. I huffed and grabbed keatons hand. We started running to his car. 

"GET BACK HERE" Harry screamed. All heads turned to see what was going on. I picked up the speed and before i knew it i was in keatons car driving away. 

"thanks" i leaned over and kissed keaton and grabbed his hand.

"Anything for you" He smirked and squeezed my hand. We rolled up to our house and walked in finding Wes and Drew sleeping. It is 8 am. I looked over to keaton to see if he was thinking the same thing i was. I looked to his hands to find some shaving cream. 

"Way ahead of you babe" he smirked. I took my brother and keaton took his. I took the cream and put it on Drews hand and put some on his face and then took a feather and rubbed a feather on his nose. He took his hand to rub his nose and all the shaving cream went all over his face.

He shrugged and rolled over. I looked at keaton and we grabbed hands and went upstairs. We will know when they wake up. 


"KEATONNNNN" Wes screamed. 

"Shut up" Drew groaned.

Keaton walked down all innocent. He burst out laughing as he hit the bottom step and their faces came into view. 

"Why did you do this" Drew whined as he seen it was in his hair. 

"I didnt do it" Keaton said truthfully. 

"well i did wes but not you"

"What who else......" Wesley and drew looked at eachother...

"ALEX" they screamed. Keaton smirked.

"where is she?" They said holding in their excitment. I took that as my que and walked down the stairs. 

"Heyyy" I smiled. They came over and hugged me. Things couldnt be better.

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