Hi I'm Alex! I'm 18 and still In a foster home. Crazy I know. {what happens when someone adopts Alex or will her past and her habits get In the way} Will she find love?


15. 15

I started to hear a faint beeping noise. I made it didn't I? I could hear people but I couldn't open my eyes. 

"I knew letting her come here was a bad idea" I could hear dad mumble.  No he's going to take me back to England. Fuck why am i so stupid. I felt a hand brush through my hair. Keats. I heard a few sniffles around the room.  

"Its all my fault" I heard my brother mumble. 

ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. I tried screaming nothing was working. Why. 

"Some parents you got there" I hear harry snigger at Drew. How dare him that isn't Drew's fault. 

"What are we going to do?" I hear wes mutter and i felt someone lean down and hug me.  His tight embrace soon faded. i tried with all my might to open my eyes. I heard some muttering then I heard someone punch another. Why! why me. I cried. Keaton's hand never left my hair. He leaned down and kissed my forehead. I soon felt a drop of water on my eye lash. Hes crying this is all my fault. What am i going to say when I wake up. I tried blinking the tear drop off my eyelash before i knew it my eyes were open and i was looking at white walls. 

I looked over to keaton. 

"ALEX" he cried. 

"Im so sorry" I whimpered.

"Im so stupid this is all my fault" I looked around to see Wes and Harry with a black eye.

"My family is accusing my family and oh my i ca.." I trailed off.

"Its ok we will work it out" Keaton cried and hugged me. 

"When you get released from the hospital you are going back to England" Dad said leaning down and hugging me. 

"No" I cried looking up at him like hes insane. 

"You don't have a choice anymore you cant go anywhere with out trying to commit suicide and these idiots dont know how to watch a suicidal" Harry said butting in.


"If your going to call anyone an Idiot call me and idiot" 

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