Hi I'm Alex! I'm 18 and still In a foster home. Crazy I know. {what happens when someone adopts Alex or will her past and her habits get In the way} Will she find love?


13. 13

Its been a week since Keaton asked me to marry him. This summer we are going to a beach house that keaton and wes's parents have. So Keaton, Wes, Drew and I are going to Stay in this house together. 

We pull up to the house and walk inside. Its like right on the beach. ITS HUGE. 

"Your parents own this?" i ask astonished.

"Yep" Keaton and Wes nodded.

"And Were staying here all summer?" I ask.


"Perfect". i smile. 

"im going to go surf you can join me but bye" I smile and run up to my room and change into a pink aztec bikini. I wear bracelets to cover my scars. I grabbed a towel and run outside and grab a surfboard with my name on it and run to the ocean. This is going to be the best summer. I float out on some waves and i see a huge one coming at me so i stand up and ride the wave all the way back to the shore. I see keaton, Wes and Drew watching me astonished.

"You are good!" Wes said. 

i smirked. You may be wondering how i know how to surf. I used to come here with my parents before they you know.

"thanks" I smiled and giggled.

"So what do you want to do?" I ask.

"Lets walk along the shore" Keaton smiled grabbing my hand. 

"Ok" Wes and Drew agreed. I Put my arm around Keaton and the other around Wes. Drew stood by Wes. Girls walked by staring at me.

"Whats their problem?" I ask.

"Well they are just jealous" Wes said being honest. I nodded my head. We continued to walk down the beach.

"Alex?" I hear a familiar female call.

I turned around.

"Jamie?" I ask. She nodded her head. I let go of Keat and Wes and ran over to Jamie and hugged her. 

"Oh my gosh ive missed you" I smiled. Keaton, Wes, and Drew slowly made their way over.

"Who is this?" Keaton asked.

"This is Jamie. she ran the foster home Alex was at" Drew said. Keaton and Wes had suprised looks on their face.Yea i didnt tell them about my past yet.

"Drew?" I ask suprised. He realised what he said. His eyes widen. I looked at jamie she looked like she was hiding something.

"Drew be honest how did you know that?" I ask tears forming. I looked at Jamie.

"Uhh" drew looked the other way.

"Hun Your name is Alex Lee Chadwick"  Jamie said.

"So drew is m-y-y Bro-ot-th-her" I stutter tears running down my face. 


"Well ... I dont know im sorry Alex" Jamie said coming over to try and hug me. I pushed her away and walked over to Drew.

"So is this the real reason you kicked me out of your guy's house that night?" I ask Drew.
"Yea" Drew whispered. Keaton came up behind me pulling me back before i did something stupid. 

"I can't believe you " I whispered and ran to the house. I ran up the stairs and into my room. I locked the door. I curled up on my bed and laid there and thought of everything that just happened. I soon heard 4 people start stomping up the stairs. 

"alex please dont do something you'll regret" Keaton called. 

"Wes go get the key" i heard Keaton cry. Someone ran down the stairs and ran back up. The door knob started to turn. I laid on the bed and rolled up in a ball.  Soon the door flew open and all of them came running in and checking the bathroom to only realise i was in the bed. Keaton grabbed me and pulled me in his lap.

"Baby im so sorry" Keaton said and hugged me tighter. 

"I want to talk to Drew alone" I sniffled.

"Are you sure?" Wes asked, I nodded.

Everyone filed out the door but Drew.

"Why?" I ask.

"I would of told you but your life was going so well i didnt want to ruin it" Drew said and shrugged.

"You had the perfect family" he said and teared up.

"You dont know the hell i have been through, I have been raped beat and dumped out on the streets and you wouldnt know that would you?" I ask/

"When I was 7 and you were 3 Our parents gave you up,we were so close they took you to england thinking that you would never find them" He said sadly and ignored my question.

"I tried to find you, But my parents told me if i ever saw you to not let you know this and then well jamie told you" He said and walked over to me and hugged me.

"Ive missed you little sister" He cried and hugged me.

"I missed you too" I cry. 

"i want to meet them" i say.

"are you sure" he asked. I nodded. 

"we will do this together" He said and smiled. I grabbed his hand and we walked out together. We walked down to find Keaton and Wes sitting on the couch.

"why didnt you tell me?" Keaton asked.

"I didnt want my past to effect us" They were ease dropping.

"Drew and I are going to go meet my real parents"  I say.

"Were going with you" Wes and Keaton say standing up together.

"Ok lets go" I huff. 

We all pile in Wes's car. We soon arrived at a huge house. 

"Lets do this" I grab Drews hand and walked out and into the house.

"Mom Dad" Drew yells.

"Yes hun?" Our moms voice rings through out the house. 

"Im here with a few friends" Drew said as we walked up the stairs.

"Hi keaton hi Wes" His mom said.

"Mom theres someone else i want you to meet?" Drew said.

"Who hun its only you three" his mo- I mean our mom said. Keaton and Wes moved to reveal me.

"Mom?" i ask standing foward.  

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