Hi I'm Alex! I'm 18 and still In a foster home. Crazy I know. {what happens when someone adopts Alex or will her past and her habits get In the way} Will she find love?


12. 12

Ok so Keaton may have caught me singing last night so now he wants to right a song together. So today Emblem 3 and I are going to the studio to write a song. I walk in the door holding Keatons hand.

"Are you guys ready?" Wes asked as we sat down on some stools.

"Yea" i smile.

"So do you guys have any ideas" Drew asked.

"what if the song was like about love being there when nothing else works out" I smile looking up at keaton.

"That would be perfect actually" Drew said scratching some stuff down in a notebook.

So by the end of the day we wrote a song called 'Love will be there'.  Were going to sing it at E3 next concert. Which is tomorrow.


(Later that day)

We all went home and were just chilling around the house. 

"Do you guys want to watch a movie?" Wes asked.

"Sure what movie" I ask.

"Mhm.. Lets watch Toy story 3" Drew said. Everyone agreed. Lets see how this goes because toy story 3 was my dads favorite movie. As the movie starts i lay across the boys. my head in Keatons lap and my legs over Wes and Drew. We watch the movie and when it gets to dads favorite part i start to tear up. Its only been like 3 days. I wipe my tears before any of them noticed. I soon fell asleep laying like that. I soon was woken by wes shaking me. 

"What" i Ask.

"You have to get up our concert is in like 4 hours" he said.

"WES WHY DIDNT YOU GET ME UP EARLIER"i scream and shoot up. 

"i dont have anything to wear" I panic.

'Blame keaton he told me to let you sleep." Wes said throwing his hands up in surrender.

"Ill be back" I scream running out of the door headed to the mall. I pull up to the mall i head into Debs. i find a cute white sparkly dress that fades into Black. I buy some black pumps. I get in my car and head home. I run in to find Drew, Keaton and Wes sitting on the couch. I run into me and keatons room I go in and put on the tight fitting dress and a black leather jacket to hide all my scars. I put on my shoes and started to straighten my hair.There was a knock on the door.

"Hey Alex are you almost ready?" Keatons voice rung through the door. 

"Yea" I call. I finish putting on some eyeliner and head out to the living room.

"You look amazing " Keaton smiled kissing me.

"You look great" Wes and Drew smiled. 

"Ready to go?" Keaton asked.

"Lets go" i smile. 

The stromberg boys look at eachother and smile. Ok what are they smiling about. I shook it off and headed outside to the car. Drew drove. We arrove and Keaton helped me out and we went in the back door. 

"So we will let you know when its time to come out" Wes smiled.

"Ok" i smiled and hugged each boy and wished them good luck. 

I sat back stage and watched the concert on a moniter they had in the back. Soon Keaton started to talk about me. That's my que. I walked on stage. and Keaton came and walked me up on the stage. We all sat on the stage and sang Love will be there. Keaton disappeared towards the middle of the song. I was confused. He ran off and came back. Holding a little box. Wes grabbed my hand i Stood up with him while everyone clapped for us. Keaton came and stood infront of me. 

"Alex we have rode a roller coaster together" Keaton started.

"You mean more to me then anything in the world" He smiled.

"Alex Payne will you do me the honor by calling you my wife?" 

"Will you marry me?" 

"Oh my keaton" I started shaking a tears started to fall. All i could do was shake my head.

Keaton stood up and slid the ring on my finger and hugged and kissed me.

"One more suprise" Drew said.

"No more suprises Keaton" I smiled at him.

"Actually this was Wes and Drews idea" Keaton said laughing.

I look over at the 2 boys as they disappear and then come back with some one following them.

"DAD" I screamed and ran and jumped on him. 

"You guys really did this?" i ask. starting to cry.

Drew and Wes nodded their head.

"Anything for our sister" They smiled and hugged me.


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