Hi I'm Alex! I'm 18 and still In a foster home. Crazy I know. {what happens when someone adopts Alex or will her past and her habits get In the way} Will she find love?


10. 10

"Are you ready?" Keaton asks.

"I think so" i smiled. I went over to dad and hugged him.

"I'll be fine daddy" i smile. 

"I love you baby"

"I love you too" i smiled. 

"Give me your hand" i tell dad. He puts his hand out. I take a piece of folded paper that was in my pocket and put it in his hand.

I walked over to mom and hugged her. Soon i had hugged ll the boys but harry.

I went over to harry and hugged him.

"You'll be fine without me i promise that you will find a girl im sorry i wasnt her" i smiled up at him. 

"Its ok" he smiled as tears started to slip out of his eyes. He kissed me on the head. I then walked back to keaton and wes.

"Lets do this" i smiled. I stood in the middle and put my arm around both of the boys and we walked out and into my future.



There goes my baby girl. I unfold the paper that was put in my hand and start to read the letter.

Dear Dad, 

I know this was hard for you but it was hard for me to leave the only person who gave me a chance in this world. Im grateful. All of you boys did a really great thing by giving me a future. And my future is now. I need to do this. I need to be with Keaton and Wes. You all will be in my hearts forever. Ill see you when your in LA. Love you daddy.

Love Alex xx

Tears streamed down my face.


Alex's POV. 

Keaton, Wes and I had finally reached the air port. I smiled at the boys and walked on to the plane. This was the first step into my future. We walked on the plane and we found our seats. I sat by the window then keaton sat beside me then wes beside keaton. I put in my music and shuffled my music 'Indigo' came on and i smiled. I laid my head on Keatons shoulder. I was soon waked to someone shaking me gently. 

"Babe wake up" Keaton called.

"Were here" Keaton smiled. 

I smiled up at my boyfriend and took my head phones out. I stood up and walked out of the plane with the boys. We were walking out of the airport when a little girl  6 or 7 years old came up to Keaton and Wes. 

 "Can I get a picture with you guys" She asked. She was so sweet. 

"Sure" Keaton said letting go of my hand and bending down with wes to take a picture with the girl.

"Whats your name?" Wes asked.

"Ali" she responded shyly.

"Thats a cute name Ali" Keaton smiled.

The little girl gave me a camera to take the picture. I didnt mind. I stood and took the picture of K and W with the little girl. Ali walked over to me. 

"Alex?" she said.

"Yes hun?" i asked bending down.

"Can i get a picture with you?" she asked. She wanted a picture with me. No ones asked me before.

"Sure love" i said while my british accent showed. 

I took a picture with her and gave her back her camera.

"You and Keaton are adorable together, You belong together" She whispered in my ear.

"Awe thanks" i Say as i look up at keaton and smiled. I hugged the girl and kissed her on the cheek. She blushed and ran off to find her mom. 

"Your fans are so sweet" I giggled. 

"yea they are arent they?" Wes smiled. We stopped and got my bags and headed outside to find Wes's car. We hopped in and drove to their house. 




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