Theres a girl named Kylie and she's married to Niall Horan, her best friend is Harry, but there is something different about Kylie she's a wizard. She makes a mistake and has to live with all the one direction boys and the five seconds of summer boys. She falls in love with many of them but there are two that don't like her so much.


2. Morning

Kylie's pov

BUZZ My alarm went off I checked the time it was 8:17, I hit snooze and went back to bed.

I woke up again at 9:18, I got up and kissed niall's cheek and got up to get my clothes and went in the shower, after I was done with my shower I got dressed in a white tee and a flannel over it with tights and went to my vanity and did my makeup with was concealer, light shimmery pink eyeshadow with winged black eyeliner and mascara and finished it off with light pink lip balm after I was done I combed through my hair and left it down.

I went down stairs to start breakfast but I forgot to ask everybody what they wanted so I had to ask everybody all nine of them, I rolled my eyes and went up stairs and went to the room me and Niall share and asked Niall what he wanted for breakfast after that I went to all the others and went downstairs, I was about to cook but I remembered that I'm a wizard and with just one snap of my finger all the breakfast was done, I sat down on the table and went on my phone until luke and Harry came downstairs "good morning " luke smiled "morning" Harry said with his morning voice I smiled and said " morning" until they both sat down by them all of the nine boys came down, Niall came and pecked my lips and sat down, we all ate in silence until everyone was done after that we all went down to the couch and turned on the tv

A/N :

Hey guys long time no see but I came back sorry about not updating when I decided to make this fanfic it was a day before I traveled so I couldn't really update bcs I was busy anyway I'm back now and I'm gonna start updating again :3 ok bye for now

🌸~ Lexi

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