Love, Hate and The Janoskians

This story is a fanfiction about The Janoskians.

It revolves around Megan, a 16 year old girl who had to emigrate to Australia from her home country of England. Little does she know, that she has moved in next door to The Janoskians. She becomes strong friends with them all, but develops feelings for one of them. Which one is it? And what will happen? Read on to find out... This story is far from dramaless.


1. Emigration

Megan's POV

Here goes the boring introduction...

Hi, I'm Megan Barnes. I'm 16, I now live in Melbourne, Australia, after I emigrated there from London, England. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, but I only live with 2 of them. So here's my story on how I came to know The Janoskians!



The hot air hit me in the face as I stepped off the large plane into the Australian sun. I had just got off a 24 hour flight from England to Australia. My new home. I sighed and slung my bag on my shoulder. I looked around me, taking in the sights of my new home country. Yeah, it was nice, but not the same as England. 

I turned round and shone a convincing smile to my parents. My younger brother Mason and my older sister Kelsey followed behind them, holding their bags. 

'Come on, we need to go and collect our suitcases from inside.' My Mum smiled at us all, and walked off towards the airport. I sighed again and walked after my Mum. 

My phone bleeped in my hand, signalling I had just received a text. I looked at the screen.

'Lauren - Megan! I miss you so much, I can't believe you're now going to be living in England :( I can't wait to come and visit you soon though. I LOVE YOU!xxx' 

I smiled at the message. Lauren was one of my best friends who lives in England. I've known her for 7 years, and we have always had good memories together. She means the world to me, but now I had to live on the other side of the world to her.

I replied to her saying how much I'm going to miss her, and went into my email inbox, deleting all the emails. I started laughing at one I had received yesterday, and went into my own world, not paying attention to what I was doing. 

Suddenly, I was dragged out of it because I hit something. I looked up and saw a body in front of me. I opened my mouth to apologize, but I couldn't find the words. The body belonged to a boy of a taller height than me, soft, brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes and tanned skin. He was wearing boots with a cowboy-type shirt and baggy jeans. 

I smiled kindly at it, making direct eye contact and finally found my voice.

'I am so sorry, I wasn't paying attention. I'm sorry.' 

He flashed an attractive smile at me. 'It's fine honestly.'

I felt like fainting. His voice was so hot, and his giggle at the end was adorable. 

'I'm Luke by the way. And you are?' He introduced himself to me, leaning out to shake my hand. 

'I'm Megan.' I shyly replied, taking his hand in mine, shaking it gently. 

'Listen, I have to go. My brothers and friends are waiting for me, but can I have your number?' He looked me in the eye, and flashed his gorgeous smile again.

'Uh, yeah. Of course.'

We exchanged numbers, flashed him one last smile and waved him goodbye. I ran after my family, smiling to myself, my heart thumping against my chest...



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